Sponsored: Whole Note Baking Company Feature & Giveaway


When Whole Note reached out to me about their baking mixes I was so excited to try some new gluten-free breakfast foods. I have to say that I was a … [Read more...]

Summer Fun Ideas: Glutino Gluten-Free Ice Cream Bar & Giveaway!


Now that is ice cream! Creamy, cold vanilla ice cream topped with Glutino gluten-free animal cookies, chocolate sandwich cookies, salted caramel … [Read more...]

Hilary’s Eat Well & Coconut Bliss Feature and Giveaway!!


Can you tell that my boys LOVED the Coconut Bliss dark chocolate bars? Our puppy was trying to get her share of the treat as well...it was too cute! … [Read more...]

Easy Raspberry Frosted Gluten-Free Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes


I have been working hard this summer to do fun activities with my little ones. I can hardly believe that my oldest will be heading off to full day … [Read more...]

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I have always been a fan of NoGii bars. Years ago when I tried my first bar, I was won over. The taste is excellent and really does taste more like a … [Read more...]

These are a few of my favorite GLUTEN-FREE things: Bob’s Red Mill Giveaway & Everyday Gluten-Free Cookbook Review


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These are a few of my favorite GLUTEN-FREE things: Red Apple Lipstick GIVEAWAY & Summer Sale!


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The Gluten Free Cheat Sheet Book Review & Giveaway

Gluten Free recipe 2

As you know, we think April Peveteaux is just a doll! In fact, we featured her a few years back. Check out that post HERE. Well, she is bringing … [Read more...]

These are a few of my favorite GLUTEN-FREE things: Wellesse Supplements!

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Wellesse has been featured on our site over 5 times and that is because they are fantastic products! For those who are like me and don’t like vitamin … [Read more...]

Gluten-Free Crab Cakes (Whole30 approved!)


Since starting Whole30 (one week ago), I feel fantastic! I love the fresh approach to eating that it provides. Since the plan doesn't include grains, … [Read more...]