Our Valentines 2010 & Ideas…


Valentines Day is always big in my house because I am the ultimate girlee girl who absolutely loves a holiday that is about pink and red hearts, … [Read more...]

Sample Valentines Menu


Have you been thinking, "What can I make for Valentines dinner that is gluten-free and delicious but won't break the bank?" Well I have created a … [Read more...]

Celebrate Valentines Day…with hearts!


My little sweetheart has a Birthday near Valentines. He is a little boy so I thought I had better take advantage of a Valentines heart themed birthday … [Read more...]

Belgian Waffles with Homemade Whipped Cream & Berries


Belgian Waffles 2 large free-range, organic eggs, separated 1-1/2 c. Pamela's Baking & Pancake Mix 3/4 c. milk 2 Tbls. coconut … [Read more...]

Ultimate Valentines songs, 14 Days of Valentines…Day 11


Day 11: "Make a CD with your songs" Show your love one that you remember all the special songs that remind you of them. It's a fun reminder to include … [Read more...]

14 Days of Valentines…Day 10


**DON'T FORGET TO ENTER THE SLANKET AND GF XOCIA CHOCOLATE GIVEAWAY THAT ENDS SUNDAY 2/15!!!**Day 10: "Love note(s) in the car" Leave your sweetheart … [Read more...]

14 Days of Valentines…Day 9


Sorry it is so late! :(Day 9: "Wash the car" This is just a simple gesture to show your sweetheart that you were thinking of them today, or tomorrow … [Read more...]

14 Days of Valentines…Day 8

Day 8: "Dinner in Bed" How fun is it to receive a dinner in bed? So fun! Surprise your sweetie with this cute little gesture of love! … [Read more...]

14 Days of Valentines…Day 7


Day 7: "Sweethearts game" This can be as simple as buying one of those cute, innocent spin the bottle games from Target with "hug me" and "Kiss me on … [Read more...]

14 Days of Valentines…Day 6


Day 6: "Kisses in the Car" Since it is the time of year that isn't too hot, it works perfectly to do this one. Buy Hershey's kisses and spread them … [Read more...]