May-Celiac Awareness Month Gluten-Free Activities in Arizona


Purchase your discounted group tickets to the 2014 Celiac and Gluten Free Awareness Night with the Arizona Diamondbacks hosted by Gluten Free Calendar … [Read more...]

Gluten-Free 101


I was so blessed to have my mom diagnosed with celiac disease at the same time I was. Once diagnosed, my husband also became on of my biggest … [Read more...]

NYC Celebrate Celiac™ Community Gluten Free Event and Celiac Awareness Night with the Yankees!!


This is going to be a great event!! I am looking forward to meeting all my gluten free friends in NYC and Philly area and catching up with wonderful … [Read more...]

Food Allergy Bullying, it is real and it hurts…


Recently I have been so tenderhearted about the subject of food allergy bullying, especially to kids. This is just not acceptable in todays world. We … [Read more...]

1st Annual Unity Dinner Arizona


As I travel nationwide promoting the Gluten Free Calendar slogan, Unity in the Gluten Free Community™ I soon realized that it was something that must … [Read more...]

Allergy Pride Parade Video-Too Funny!!!

This is a vision into the kind of sense of humor I have...this is too funny!! My favorite part is when Fred says that in 20-30 years from now, he can … [Read more...]

Fox Files: Celiac Disease & Jennifer Esposito’s Story

What a great job Fox Files did on this feature. Thank you to Ms. Jennifer Esposito and Dr. Fasano for promoting celiac awareness. … [Read more...]

Kettle Cuisine Get One, Give One program!


Kettle Cuisine has launched another exciting facebook promotion. Their lofty goal is to donate 10,000 cups of soup to people in need so any assistance … [Read more...]

Gluten free at a community event, so exciting!!!


Tonight at my church's Relief Society meeting I was pleasantly surprised to see this on the dessert table. I had totally planned on not being able to … [Read more...]