Bees Knees Dairy-Free Chocolate Chip Apple “Cookies”


My boys absolutely love when we make these "cookies". They enjoy helping to make them almost as much as they like eating them. I love making them too … [Read more...]

New Year, New You Healthy Recipe: Baked Apples from GFF Contributor, Brittney


I grew up having these for breakfast and snacks. The aroma is out of this world and immediately makes me think of home and fall!! This has turned into … [Read more...]

Fruity Beef Brisket

1 red onion choppedLean cut beef brisket seasoned w/ Real Salt2 tsp . coriander2 tsp. cumin1/2 tsp. cinnamon1/2 tsp. Real Garlic Saltpinch of freshly … [Read more...]

Grilled Fruit with Minty Yogurt Sauce

1 1/2 c. organic, plain yogurt1/4 c. real honey1 tsp. mintPlumsPineapple (cut in rings or strips)Peaches*Combine first three ingredients. Chill while … [Read more...]