Slanket and Xocia gluten-free chocolate GIVEAWAY!!!


Are you always trying to get comfy with your blankets on the couch but just can't seem to get covered perfectly from neck to toes? If you are anything … [Read more...]

Friday Follow

Here's how YOU can join the celebration: … [Read more...]

Ultimate Valentines songs, 14 Days of Valentines…Day 11


Day 11: "Make a CD with your songs" Show your love one that you remember all the special songs that remind you of them. It's a fun reminder to include … [Read more...]

14 Days of Valentines…Day 10


**DON'T FORGET TO ENTER THE SLANKET AND GF XOCIA CHOCOLATE GIVEAWAY THAT ENDS SUNDAY 2/15!!!**Day 10: "Love note(s) in the car" Leave your sweetheart … [Read more...]

14 Days of Valentines…Day 9


Sorry it is so late! :(Day 9: "Wash the car" This is just a simple gesture to show your sweetheart that you were thinking of them today, or tomorrow … [Read more...]

14 Days of Valentines…Day 8

Day 8: "Dinner in Bed" How fun is it to receive a dinner in bed? So fun! Surprise your sweetie with this cute little gesture of love! … [Read more...]

14 Days of Valentines…Day 7


Day 7: "Sweethearts game" This can be as simple as buying one of those cute, innocent spin the bottle games from Target with "hug me" and "Kiss me on … [Read more...]

14 Days of Valentines…Day 6


Day 6: "Kisses in the Car" Since it is the time of year that isn't too hot, it works perfectly to do this one. Buy Hershey's kisses and spread them … [Read more...]

14 Days of Valentines…Day 5


Day 5: Impromtu anything. Jump in the car and take your sweethert to get icecream or surprise him with take out for dinner. Make a picnic in the … [Read more...]

14 Days of Valentines…Day 4


Day 4: Turn down service with a little chocolate goodness. Who doesn't love chocolate? Right before getting snuggled into bed makes it even better! … [Read more...]