14 Days of Valentines…Day 8

Day 8: "Dinner in Bed" How fun is it to receive a dinner in bed? So fun! Surprise your sweetie with this cute little gesture of love! … [Read more...]

14 Days of Valentines…Day 7


Day 7: "Sweethearts game" This can be as simple as buying one of those cute, innocent spin the bottle games from Target with "hug me" and "Kiss me on … [Read more...]

14 Days of Valentines…Day 6


Day 6: "Kisses in the Car" Since it is the time of year that isn't too hot, it works perfectly to do this one. Buy Hershey's kisses and spread them … [Read more...]

14 Days of Valentines…Day 5


Day 5: Impromtu anything. Jump in the car and take your sweethert to get icecream or surprise him with take out for dinner. Make a picnic in the … [Read more...]

14 Days of Valentines…Day 4


Day 4: Turn down service with a little chocolate goodness. Who doesn't love chocolate? Right before getting snuggled into bed makes it even better! … [Read more...]

Shop till you drop!!!

I just wanted to let all of you know that I have added all my favorites to the Amazon store here on the homepage, upper left hand corner. The main … [Read more...]

Bread vendor arrested for selling gluten containing bread as gluten-free…

Paul Seelig, of Great specialty Products was arrested yesterday after he was caught and charged with fraud for selling gluten-containing bread as … [Read more...]

14 Days of Valentines…Day 3


Day 3: "All your favorites, because your my favorite!" This was actually a few years ago but I did exactly that. I went to the store and bought all my … [Read more...]

WINNER of Xagave!!!

Cheryl you are our winner of the Xagave prize pack!!! Congratulations! Please e-mail me at glutenfreefrenzy@gmail.com within 48 hrs. to claim your … [Read more...]

14 Days of Valentines…Day 2


Day 2: "10 reasons I love you" Cut out little hearts using red or pink paper. Then write little reasons why you love your sweetheart and tape them all … [Read more...]