Gluten Free Frenzy featured in this months issue of Women’s World!!!


I just had to tell you great fans that we were featured (very tiny) for our opinion on our favorite gluten free soup in this months (January 24, 2011, … [Read more...]

Gluten Free Chocolate Fondue Bridal Shower Tea Party


I just wanted to share this fun party idea with all of you. My friend recently got married so we threw her this adorable fondue, tea party themed … [Read more...]

TTT- Tuesday’s Tasty Tip with Chef David Hall

Please Pass the Salt We’ve all seen it happen. Someone will ask to have the salt passed to them without even tasting the food. This is not … [Read more...]

Update on Marshmallow Pebbles…

I am so glad you guys are on top of your game on checking on stuff for me. I did want to let you know that the link I provided previously links you … [Read more...]

25 Days of GF Christmas Giveaways Winners!!!

So here is the deal, we have had a real issue lately with people e-mailing us claiming they won a prize from one of our wonderful giveaways when they … [Read more...]

Full list of GF Progresso soups! Yum!!!


Here is a full list of the gluten free soups that Progresso offers. There are so many I didn't know about! Can you tell I'm in the "have the pantry … [Read more...]

Other NEW items that are gluten free…


I know these are a treat and have sugar and other things in them that aren't ideal for every day intake but let's just share the excitement of these … [Read more...]

Subway restaurant announces gluten free rolls and brownie test marketing!!!


How exciting is this?! Read all about it here at … [Read more...]

Fruity and Cocoa Pebbles going certified gluten free!!


Beginning in January, Post Fruity and Cocoa Pebbles cereals will have a lower sugar content of 9 grams per serving. In addition to lowered sugar … [Read more...]

TTT- Tuesday’s Tasty Tip with Chef David Hall

Pepping Things Up with Pepper The most common ingredients used to flavor food are salt and pepper, with black pepper being the world’s most traded … [Read more...]