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Sponsored: Happy Family Feature and Giveaway!!

Oh my goodness, if you haven’t tried these new gluten-free toddler cookies from Happy Family then you are in for a real treat! I was amazed with the taste and texture of these chocolate pumpkin cookies and the honey buckwheat flavor that they also just released. I started eating them and and literally could not stop. My little guys opened a bag and ate the entire thing in one sitting saying, “These are yummy!” as they ate them.

In addition to these delicious new cookies, Happy Family offers a variety of products. There are age friendly products from birth until adult. Here are some Happy Family products available to you.

Baby: Happy yogis and creamies, happy bellies brown rice cereal, happy munchies rice cakes and cheese and grain puffs, happy puffs, and meal and fruits and veggie pouches.

Toddler: Toddler bars, cookies and coconut milk squeezes

Kids and Grown Ups: Happy squeezes and coconut milk squeezes and happy times snack chews

There are so many great things about Happy Family products but the thing I love most is that each product is filled with quality ingredients. In 2006 the company was founded by mom, Shazi Vizrum after seeing a friend struggle to find healthy baby food options that didn’t require labor intensive time of making them from scratch at home. The company has since grown on a massive scale and is now a brand many families and moms trust to provide nutrients for their little ones precious bodies. For me, these products are always one of the first things I reach for when my kids ask for a snack. I know I am provide them with a nutritious option but also one that they find delicious.

Recently I featured Happy Family products on my TV segment where we discussed gluten-free travel. These delicious products make it so easy to travel gluten-free with little ones. They can enjoy tasty and safe snacks anytime from resealable packages or easy screw on lid pouches that make clean up a breeze.

So are you ready to win the Happiest Baby prize all for yourself?! Enter below…

 a Rafflecopter giveaway

*This is a sponsored post in which product and monetary compensated was provided. This however does not affect our opinions of the products. We carefully screen the companies we do sponsored posts for and felt this would be a great fit.


  1. katy katy

    These snacks look so good! I have a one year old daughter that inherited my sweet tooth, I would love to try these out.

  2. shauna price shauna price

    chocolate pumpkin

  3. I love that these are also organic! the chocolate pumpkin sounds delicious!

  4. Renata Renata

    The veggie pouches would all be wonderful to get those healthy vegetables in!

  5. Ray S Ray S

    Definitely the Chocolate Pumpkin combo would be tasty. Thanks!

  6. Meredith Rector Meredith Rector

    thank you these are yummy

  7. Diana G Diana G

    chocolate pumpkin.
    Also, something is wrong with your link of Happy Family facebook page to like

  8. julie julie

    I like the banana happy baby puffs

  9. Michelle Michelle

    The Honey Buckwheat Cookies sound tasty!

  10. Georgiana Georgiana

    Honey Buckwheat cookies would be yummy!

  11. Mandy Lynn Ryan Mandy Lynn Ryan

    The chocolate/ pumpkin cookies look awesome!

  12. lollorosso lollorosso

    I’m most interested in the Happy Puffs, especially the “Greens” flavor. I definitely need to eat more greens, and this would be great way.

  13. Matchmom Matchmom

    We just started food so stage 1 veggies all the way 😉

  14. Emily Emily

    I’d love to try the coconut milk squeezes

  15. Stefanie Stefanie

    I’d love the Pumpkin Chocolate toddler cookies.

  16. Maryann D. Maryann D.

    The Toddler Cookies Chocolate Pumpkin would be great to try! I would enjoy it myself.

  17. Kristen Varner Kristen Varner

    My son loves the happy puffs sweet potato!


    the happy time snack chews sound really good! my niece would love them!!

  19. maxine maxine

    Hey there,
    There buckwheat honey cookies smell delicious and my little one loves it. I notice these are gluten free, and there is wheat / buckwheat in ingredients. I’m dying to know if they are indeed wheat free and how is this possible, and if they are i would love to be able to buy extras for myself as they smell simply too delicious to pass up. (I can’t have gluten and hoping for good news on these) 🙂

  20. maxine maxine

    if anyone could answer my question above it would be much appreciated.

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