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Gluten-Free on a budget…we’ve got you covered!

The number one thing I get asked is, “How can you live gluten-free on a budget?!” I recently did my 3TV Your Life A to Z segment on this exact topic and want to give you guys just a few of the tips I shared because living gluten-free on a budget can be rewarding and taste delicious!

Eat gluten-free naturally! This is the best advice I can give. It will save you the most money while also helping your body to be at it’s best from all of the natural, unprocessed vitamins, minerals and nutrients it will be receiving. Remember, brown rice, sweet potatoes, quinoa, nuts and seeds, meat and dairy in their pure form, fruits and vegetables are all great options for creating delicious meals.

Buy in bulk: I always stock up BIG on organic brown rice at Costco, my favorite gluten-free flour blends on Amazon and other great products when they are on sale at the grocery store. You will save so much money by doing this, it will amaze you!

Meal prep and plan ahead: Cut lots of fruits and veggies up and store them in containers in the fridge twice a week so that you always have a healthy snack or side to your meals ready to go. This will help keep you from reaching for the junk food. Meal prep is great because you will have nutritious lunches on the go rather than feeling like you have to stop and buy your meals. This alone will save you big on your grocery/eating out monthly bill. I love to prepare a big batch of gluten-free pancakes or breakfast burritos and freeze them for quick breakfasts where I can pull out one or two and go.

Use your crockpot: As I mentioned in the segment, you can make any cut of meat a fabulous creation in the crockpot. It is like a magic cooking tool! Stephanie O’Dea has great crockpot cookbooks that I just adore. She is a real mom who tested her recipes out on her real family and I love that. This is also great because you can throw dry beans or leftovers in and come back 8 hours later to a mouthwatering dinner.

Meatless Monday: Or Tuesday, just choose one day a week and go meatless from breakfast to dinner. This is a great way to give your intestines a little break from heavy digestion as well as cut some money on your next grocery trip. I think this once a week detox from meat actually feels great and encourages you to get creative in the kitchen and try new veggies. I have found some great vegan blogs from doing this.

Make your own gluten-free goodies: We all know we need them so why not make them yourself. Find a gluten-free cup for cup flour blend that you love and make a big batch of cookie dough. Make a few and freeze the rest for another day. Baked goods are some of the most expensive gluten-free things you will find on your grocery receipt so shake it up a but and become an expert baker. Your wallet will thank you. 😉


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