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Younique Gluten-Free Makeup Feature & Giveaway!!

IMG_2808I recently had the opportunity of reviewing some gluten-free skincare and makeup products from Younique. You guys, they have completely changed the way I do my makeup!! Thanks to these fabulous products (and an amazingly talented sister who is the queen of makeup) I now know how to properly contour my face and do my makeup to highlight my best facial features. So let’s talk a bit about what I received and how I use it.

3D Lashes- These are great for adding some more sash and length to your lashes without having to take time to go get eyelash extensions. They really do greatly extend your lashes and make them look fuller. My only complaint is that if the fibers get in your eye, it doesn’t feel great so just be careful when applying them.

Face Brush Set PLUS Concealer, Powder Puff and Blusher Brushes- I LOVE these brushes! Brushes make all the difference when applying makeup. You really do need a good, tight powder brush for blush, a loose and full brush for applying finishing powder, an angled brush for contouring, a wide eyeshadow base brush and a thinner eyeshadow brush for the crease of the eye. If you are going to be filling in your eyebrows, a straight and tight brush for that is very helpful as well.

BB Cream (light)- This is the cream I use for highlighting my upper cheekbones, line straight down the nose and on my forehead just above my nose and eyebrows as well as just above my jaw bone. I purposefully chose the lightest shade so it could be used for highlighting.

Stunning Blusher- This blush is so perfect for creating those beautiful, feminine pinkish cheeks. It is really a must!

Fresh Concealer- This is the finishing powder I use. I got it in the most translucent color possible for the purpose of it being a finishing powder. This absolutely completes my makeup ensemble every day.

Luxe Lipstick- This lipstick is fun and flirty as well as glossy. It is great size for travel and makes for a quick sprucing up piece when needed.

Glorious Face and Eye Primer- I have had some fun with this on my eyes. I forget to use it everyday but I have noticed that when I do use it, my eye makeup stays on longer and doesn’t smear as much.

Refreshed Rose Water- This is the product I use the least but I sure do enjoy it when I remember to give myself a spritz or two every now and then. It definitely refreshes my skin and gives me a dewy glow.

This picture on the left shows my very round face before I knew how to contour and use great products like these to highlight my best facial features. The picture on the right is after I have learned how to properly apply makeup. I have been given many compliments since learning the right way to do my makeup! 😉


Be sure to check out Younique and see what great gluten-free makeup products they have to offer you. Are you ready to win some Younique gluten-free makeup and skincare products all for yourself?! Enter below…

**Younique is a proud sponsor of Gluten Free Frenzy!**

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SOCIAL MEDIA FLYER 2*I was provided with product for review. These are my opinions and my opinions alone. I was not required to write a positive feature.


  1. Cindy W. Cindy W.

    I would love any shade of pink lipstick. Thanks for the giveaway.

  2. Marie Marie

    I think the Lucrative Lip Gloss looks wonderful! It’s bright, sexy, confident, & fun. Plus it’s gluten-free so no worries about gluten contamination. I also want to try the Glorious Face Primer. I’ve tried others in the past & they always felt heavy & suffocating. Hoping this on is different.

    Thanks Chandice for introducing me to all of these great gluten-free products!

  3. I liked the Luxe and the Livid colors of lip gloss…I didn’t see lip stick. I thought the pigments were pretty too. The curious is really pretty. I love light colors on my eyes!! 🙂


    I like the lucrative lip gloss! (:


    Pink lip glods



  7. Jessica Jessica


  8. shauna shauna

    Hi! Every time I try to type in the box where it says what product you like best, it takes me to the younique flyer. It won’t let me type my response. This hasn’t happened before. Any idea how to fix?

  9. I have searched all over the corporate website and do not see any where that says the products are gluten free. I checked the ingredient list on the Lip Gloss and do not see ‘Gluten Free’. How do we really know they are truly gluten free? I cannot recommend them on my gluten free blog unless I know for sure. I’ve been gluten/wheat free for six years and highly sensitive to certain ingredients especially in lip gloss.
    Thank you,

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