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Expo West Goes Gluten-Free! Part 1

First of all, I am so excited to share that my top 10 Expo West picks article has been selected as one of the featured posts on the flash landing for This is so exciting because it allows even more people to see the article and hopefully realize how many wonderful gluten-free products and companies there are out there. View the full article HERE.


I discussed in the article my top 10 picks for NEW gluten-free products at Expo West this year. Here, I will be elaborating and covering ALL my favorite products from this years fabulous conference! As an official member of the press, I had the exceptional opportunity of seeing all of the Best of the West products before the rest of the conference attendees. Of course, I had to take this opportunity to blast them all over my social media pages knowing that you awesome GFF fans would be as giddy as I was about so many new (and fabulous!) gluten-free products. Boy was I right! Immediately the comments, likes and praises for the new products came in to our pages. Unless you live gluten-free you just can’t appreciate that first bite of a soft, salted pretzel that melts in your mouth AND proudly has the “made in a dedicated gluten-free facility” stamp on the packaging. It’s truly a heartwarming experience. In the press room, we were so kindly presented with an overflowing bag of the Best of West products. In addition to that generosity, Expo West also provided a beautiful press room where we could catch up on our social media throughout the event, socialize with other members of the press and just relax and recharge in a comfy couch after 6 hrs of non-stop walking and talking to hundreds of vendors. This experience was truly the greatest I have had at any conference. Expo West went above and beyond to create an absolutely fabulous event and take detailed care of their press members.

So, let’s get on to those fabulous products right?! Here were my top pics for Day 1 of the expo.

IMG_2292Starting from top left: Tonya’s Gluten Free Kitchen soft pretzels, Follow Your Heart original vegenaise now in a convenient squirt bottle, Phoney Baloney coconut bacon, Lunch Bundle pizza dippers, Wholesome Sweeteners organic coconut palm sugar, Amy’s pad thai, Oatmega Bar in chocolate mint (like a Girl Scout thin mint cookie!), Cosmos Creations coconut crunch and Cappello’s AWESOME paleo chocolate chip cookie dough!!


Yes, those are truly decadent gluten-free graham crackers and the cutest stinking apron by Natural Decadence! They also have phenomenal shortbread including lavender which was so relaxing to eat. I really enjoyed their pies as well…yum!


Yes, Lotus Foods NEW Rice Ramen rocked my world!

All of these products totally blew me away and kicked off the event just right! Here are some more products that really impressed me.

IMG_2169NadaMoo! coconut milk icecream, Birch Benders gluten-free pancake mix where you just add water shake and pour, Pamela’s Products NEW figgies and jammies (SO good!), Udi’s broccoli and kale lasagna, Color Garden natural food dyes, One Degree vegan brown-rice cocoa krispies, Sneakz Organic chocolate milk, Halo Top Creamery lemon cake icecream and Happy Tot buckwheat and honey best friends toddler cookies which were so delicious!

IMG_2210And who could not be excited by this new addition to the delicious line of Udi’s gluten-free cookies? Coconut peanut butter…yes please! Learn more about Udi’s NEW products from our VIP interview below…

IMG_2243Meeting Iron Chef and award-winning chef Cat Cora was a true highlight to my day. She is so incredibly talented and was a true sweetheart in person!

IMG_2297Another highlight to my first day on the showroom floor was meeting my absolute favorite Kombucha company, LIVE Soda Kombucha. They are so fantastic and truly have one of the greatest products!

IMG_2264Meeting my FIRST favorite gluten-free company’s Founder, Pamela of Pamela’s Products was amazing. She is so sweet and full of life and spunk! Check out our interview below…

As you can see, my first day on the Expo West showroom floor was absolutely amazing! I had such a great time meeting up and coming companies and hearing their passionate stories. I am so thankful that so many are doing it right for those of us with celiac disease.

Which of these new products are you most excited about?!

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