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Products I LOVE: LIVE Soda Kombucha Feature & GIVEAWAY!!


Ok you guys, I have a new addiction and it is the BEST kind of addiction…one that is healthy!! I heard about LIVE Soda Kombucha about a year ago from Real Foods Market in UT and after just one sip (yes, only one sip) I was in love with this amazing drink. Heck, I even turned it into a Valentine because I love it so much!! My favorite thing is that only real, healthful ingredients are used.


LIVE Soda Kombucha is a cultured drink that is full of living probiotics, enzymes, b-vitamins, electrolytes, antioxidants, organic acids and amazing flavor. LIVE Soda is truly unlike any kombucha out there. It gives you the best of both worlds, the numerous benefits of kombucha with the delicious taste of your favorite sodas. If you aren’t familiar with what kombucha is, it is a cultured drink or fermented tea that is made from a symbiotic colony of healthy bacteria and beneficial yeast (SCOBY). The Chinese called it the “immortal health elixar”. Some of the health benefits that they and many worldwide have experienced from raw kombucha include detoxification, joint care, immune boosting, energy assistance and digestive aide to name a few.

LIVE Soda Kombucha is a small business with it’s brewing headquarters in Austin, TX. I have had the chance to visit with and ask many “kombucha questions” that I have to it’s staff members and they are very knowledgable, friendly and most of all, passionate about the benefits of kombucha and the wonderful product that is LIVE Soda Kombucha. So you may be asking yourself a few questions like I did. Here are two that I thought important enough to share along with the answer given to me by the lovely Alicia over at headquarters.

Me: Is it safe to drink kombucha while you are pregnant?

Alicia: Pregnancy and Kombucha – we always have to say to speak to your doctor 1st. That being said – I have 3 very close friends who drank it every day while pregnant and breastfeeding, they all have beautiful healthy babies. It depends on you and your body – some pregnant woman drink coffee, some drink wine, some eat lots of cheese some none. I always tell our fans about my friends experiences. If I had children or could attest to it I would. I actually have a friend who drank 4 a day pregnant – her daughter is perfect and quite advanced – walking at 8-months etc. I attribute it to the LIVE Soda! 

Me: Can you please explain to me in more detail about the sugar content in your soda and what it means? It isn’t comparable to eating table sugar is it?

Alicia: Kombucha is fermented tea – the process includes brewing tea. Placing the tea into a container with the kombucha “Mother” or SCOBY. Then we add Organic, Fair Trade and NON GMO cane sugar. The culture will feed on the sugar, making it a necessary part of the fermentation process. It is not comparable to eating table sugar – at all, you are correct! The living beverage feeds of the sugar – it is how it keeps the living elements alive – the probiotics, enzymes etc. all feed off of it. We only use the best teas from farmers we know. The teas are all organic, fair trade and non-gmo. The fermentation process is just with the SCOBY – the large pad of cellulose that is a bi-product of fermentation. This SCOBY creates a seal on the container and causes it to ferment. However, our product does not become alcoholic – we control it by not letting it ferment long and then by keeping the product cold.

So now you know how wonderful this product is as well as how much I LOVE it, so are you ready to win a mega prize pack of LIVE Soda Kombucha all for yourself?! Enter below…

*LIVE Soda Kombucha is a proud Platinum Sponsor of Gluten Free Frenzy*

*I was provided these products for review purposes. These are my opinions and my opinions alone.

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