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Gluten-Free Chuck-E-Cheese ROCKS!

My little guys absolutely LOVE Chuck-E-Cheese! They always ask to go and since they have those cool rewards charts to encourage kids to practice good behavior in exchange for FREE tokens, I don’t mind taking them once a month. Now both my guys have been tested for celiac disease and both came back with negative results. The older one also doesn’t have any symptoms from eating gluten with his daddy (bc we eat gluten-free in our home [since I have celiac disease] except for a small designated area where my hubs has his bread and one or two snacks). Our younger one however, gets really agitated and aggressive when he eats gluten. Putting him on a high gluten diet to get his tests were the hardest time for little man. He was just always so angry. 🙁 For this reason, we keep in on a gluten-free diet as much as possible and assume it’s a gluten-sensitivity since the celiac test was negative and we see positive results when he is gluten-free. I just want to note that for me with celiac disease, eating gluten-free is every moment of everyday NEVER cheating. You just can’t when you have celiac disease. Ok, now on to Chuck-E-Cheese. 😉 We love that they are doing gluten-free right. As you can see, when you order a gluten-free pizza it comes out in it’s own bag with a fresh cutter also in it’s own bag. I feel very assured that all of these steps ensure mine and my son’s safety. Our pizza never even leaves this bag until WE open it at our table. I love that!
IMG_9513In addition to being safe, it tastes fantastic! Conte’s is the company who provides Chuck-E-Cheese with the gluten-free pizza. They have a flavorful sauce with just enough sauce and cheese as well as a soft, tasty crust. You can see from the photo below that little man loves it. He is trying to smile and eat it at the same time. 🙂

IMG_9515Well I am sure you are jumping for joy just to know that Chuck-E-Cheese offers SAFE, gluten-free pizza but now I want to make you really jump for joy…they also offer a SAFE gluten-free chocolate cupcake! Yes, they really do and it is also great. Fabe’s All-Natural Bakery provides these also already individually packaged so there is not risk of cross-contamination. These cupcakes are naturally sweetened and really do taste yummy.

IMG_9514We are so grateful to Chuck-E-Cheese for keeping us safe and want as many people to support this as possible so they will keep doing it for years to come. I encourage you to reach out to the location closest to you and see if they are doing the same things then support them if they are. I do have to say that we really love the Ahwatukkee location here in AZ as the manager takes specific time to greet us every time and is so kind. It is a clean and pleasant location that invites us to return again soon.

*These were our experiences however, not all locations are the same. Please always dine out gluten-free at your own discretion and take the time to speak to the manager and understand how they are doing things at that location. We are not responsible for anyone else’s’ dining experiences.

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