25 Days of Gluten-Free Giveaways™ BONUS Giveaway: Brazi Bites

IMG_7620We were so excited to try out Brazi Bites since my husband Josh lived in Rio de Janeiro for two years and we as a couple have been able to travel back over there. It was amazing for me with celiac disease because the country’s main bread, pao de queijo, is naturally gluten-free! I literally ate all I could and was so sad to not have it so readily available here in the US. We have tried many homemade recipes and pao de queijo mixes with only so-so feelings on the out come. So when Brazi Bites were delivered to the door, we immediately had to give them a try. The verdict? They were absolutely amazing!! They were spot on with the traditional pao de queijo texture and flavor. I especially loved that they come in super easy frozen drops that go right on the baking sheet and bake. They couldn’t be easier to make. They came in three flavors:

Original- These were nostalgic of my long, sunshine & joy filled days in Rio de Janeiro. I loved the mild cheese flavor and thought they were an excellent addition to really any meal. They also make awesome little sliders.

Bacon- Oh wow, these were just amazing! I loved the bold bacon flavor. These paired very well with anything cheddar. Cheddar soup, mini ham cheese sandwiches or made into BLT sliders for party appetizers or a light lunch.

Fire Roasted Jalapeños- I was the one in my family who most enjoyed these because they were a bit more spicy than my three guys like prefer. I personally really enjoyed the nice little kick and thought they were great on their own or with a little meat and veggies in the center.


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*These are my opinions and my opinions alone. I was provided with product for review but I wasn’t required to write a positive feature.


  1. I would enjoy these with tomato soup or a saucy dish to soak up all the yummy sauce!!

  2. Sharalyn Anderson says:

    I would enjoy these tasty little breads with my veggies & meat or just use them as an extra carb on my plate on a special occasion where everyone else has rolls.

  3. I would just eat them straight. I love rolls and haven’t eaten any good ones since finding out I’m gluten intolerant!

  4. Toasted in the oven with a slice of cheese!

  5. I love Brazi Bites! Would love to try the cheese and bacon flavor!

  6. I would eat them with a touch of butter melted in!

  7. The would go good with an antipasta platter!

  8. Probably just eat them as a afternoon snack

  9. Appetizers for a dinner party

  10. I would enjoy these tasty treats all on their own! I’m so excited to try these cheese bread snacks.

  11. I would enjoy these just plain.

  12. these would be great with a bowl of soup or chili

  13. I would toast these up warm and eat them!

  14. I would use the fire roasted jalapeno to dip in a steaming hot bowl of chili!

  15. I would love these with some delicious homemade soup or as mini turkey sliders or just on their own. I am very excited to try these cheese bread snacks!

  16. i would bring them to christmas to serve with our meal

  17. i would just heat and eat!!!! They sound so yummy

  18. I had no idea that something like this exists. I will have to try it someday!

  19. I’d set the bacon ones out with some cheese dip for an easy app!

  20. Elizabeth McCarty says:

    I’m trying to get these at our local grocery store! the originals are great with Tomato and mini cheese ravioli soup.

  21. Deb Gowlland says:

    These sound yummy!

  22. I have a feeling I would just eat them out of the bag! Yum!

  23. I would eat them with my 13 bean chili~ a regular at our house in the winter :)

  24. With pasta!

  25. my family would love an on the go snack.

  26. Joanne Harp says:

    Iam so excited to try these if they are like the rolls at Deseo!

  27. I finally had real the other day (at a Brazilian restaurant) and was hooked. I miss having “bread” with my soups and stews. I think these would work great.

  28. I love the plain ones but would love to see how the bacon ones taste!

  29. I’d have them with a dip of some sort.

  30. Oh I would love to have them with my meals, or salads!

  31. They would work great with any meal!

  32. Erin from Long Island says:

    These would be perfect with my veggie soups I make all winter!

  33. I’d love to snack on them

  34. would love these with a side of Chili

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