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25 Days of Gluten-Free Giveaways™ #1 Bob’s Red Mill

Grand Prize

Bob’s Red Mill is one of the most publicly recognized companies producing great, gluten-free products. Famous chefs around the globe use them to create their gluten-free meals and desserts. BabyCakes Founder Erin McKenna discusses in her cookbooks how she loves their products and uses the gluten-free products to whip up her delicious bakery treats. Bob’s Red Mill gluten-free products have also been featured in the renowned, Babycakes cookbook. It is great because now you can make these yummy treats in the safety of your own home. They make you see why Bob’s Red Mill can be so delicious! :) We were lucky enough to feature their Chocolate Chip cookie recipe during our 25 Days of Christmas Cookies event a few years back. If you missed it, here is the link.

For those looking for even more fiber, Bob’s Red Mill garbanzo based flours provide just that. I have personally used Bob’s Red Mill in many of my recipes and have enjoyed it very much. I think their gluten-free vanilla cake mix is the absolute best around. Check out some of my Bob’s Red Mill creations below.

Bob’s Red Mill Candycane Shortbread. 

Strawberries and Cream Cookie Sandwiches

Pecan Cookie Melts (or Mexican Wedding Cookies)

*Do remember that this mix includes garbanzo bean flour, so you aren’t going to want to eat the raw cookie dough. It tastes a little different until baked, then it is very good! :)

Famous Fried Chicken

Last year we even made treat boxes for our neighbors and of course they had to be gluten-free (because I am stubborn and want to show people how delicious it can be) so we included some Bob’s Red Mill chocolate chip cookies plus other delicious goodies. You know what? The neighbors loved them!

You can read the entire story of Bob’s Red Mill and their gluten-free journey HERE. They are always coming out with new products like the ones up for grabs below…a piecrust! Check it out for your next family gathering or event where you want to serve a delicious pie.

Bob’s Red Mill is a proud sponsor of Gluten Free Frenzy

**So are you ready to win some Bob’s Red Mill products?! Enter below…**

 a Rafflecopter giveaway

*These are my opinions and my opinions alone. I was not required to write a positive feature.


  1. I would love to make a chocolate pie!

  2. Nicole Nicole

    I would love to make an apple pie just as good as my mom’s (but a g-free version)!

  3. Joy Joy

    I love making rolls with Bob’s Red Mill All Purpose Flour!

  4. Mary Molina Mary Molina

    I use Bob’s Red Mill GF flours for everything! My pumpkin bread was a Thanksgiving success! Thank you for your reliable and varied GF baking staples!!

  5. Cindy W. Cindy W.

    I would love to try their new pie crust and make a Toll House cookie pie for Christmas Eve.

  6. Denise Fedor Denise Fedor

    I would make pie with the Gluten Free Pie Crust Mix. Any pie!

  7. Susan W. Susan W.

    Everything I make gluten free is with Bob’s Red Mill. It’s the most available where I live and so easy to work with. I use the different flours to make my own all purpose flour blend.

  8. Michelle Michelle

    My all time favorite cookie is chocolate chip, and for Christmas I add in Andes Candies – so yummy! This year I am making them with the almond meal!

  9. Margot C Margot C

    I want to make an apple/pear tart

  10. Courtney Courtney

    I’d like to use the shortbread cookie mix to try to make some GF Pecan Sandies. They’re so delicious!

    • Chandice Chandice

      I love pecan sandies…yum!

  11. Mackenzie Mackenzie

    I absolutely love the whole train pizza crust mix! It’s delicious and turns out every time, so I would make a tasty chicken and red pepper pizza 🙂

  12. Kim L Kim L

    i would make steel cut oats for breakfast and add walnuts and cranberries…..maybe vanilla protein powder too!

  13. melissa melissa

    a cake!

  14. Mark Mark

    A wondeful GF recreation of recipemfrom my grandma’s baking book

  15. cassie cassie

    i’d love to make biscuits and sausage gravy with their gf biscuit mix

  16. Sheila M Sheila M

    Would love to try a pie, my Mother (80) is also gluten free and she has been craving pie!

  17. Jessie C. Jessie C.

    I would make dark chocolate brownie bites with GF brownie mix

  18. Jessica To Jessica To

    I would like to try their gluten free coconut flour in a cake mix.

  19. Julie Julie

    The cornbread mix looks good

  20. Carol F. Carol F.

    I am craving a Pizza!

  21. julie julie

    I would love to make some sugar cookies or an apple pie

  22. LOVE their polenta and cornbread mix. Eager to try their pie crust mix……

  23. Vik Vik

    Chocolate chip cookies.

  24. Gillian Gillian

    Would love to make a gf pumpkin pie for the family this Xmas!!!

  25. Stefanie Stefanie

    I would love to make a gluten free chocolate pie for the holidays.

  26. Jade Jade

    I would love to create a apple pie or pecan pie! I have not found a pie crust mix that I like…. For Thanksgiving, I made pumpkin pie without pie crust since I don’t have a great pie crust mix.

  27. M. Borer M. Borer

    I would love to have cornbread again!

  28. Emily Emily

    I’d love to make a classic pumpkin pie with the pie crust mix!

  29. Shauna Shauna

    I would love to make a vegan chocolate cream pie

  30. Amy Lynn Amy Lynn

    I would love to make some GF Brownies! Or an apple pie with this gift basket! Thanks for all you do Chandice~ YOU are the BEST in building GF/Celiac awareness!

  31. Dede Dede

    Would like to make creamed chicken over biscuit with the biscuit mix!

  32. Brownies with caramel and nuts and maybe some fudge sauce.

  33. Amanda Yoder Amanda Yoder

    I’d like to try their brownie mix to make cream cheese swirl GF brownies. We also like their pizza mix to make creative pizzas like cheeseburger pizza!

  34. Claire Mullanix Claire Mullanix

    Would love to try out the Candy Cane Shortbread!

  35. Jonikas Jonikas

    I would LOVE to try all of the products! Living in a small northern town there really isn’t that much of a selection of GF items. 😛

  36. Diana Cote Diana Cote

    I would love to create a Choc pie for Christmas, I would also love to make some brownies for the family.

  37. As a southerner, I miss sausage gravy and biscuits. I have the gf sausage and the gf gravy recipe I just haven’t tried making gf biscuits before!

  38. Darlene Rose Darlene Rose

    The Pizza pie crust is the best and makes great garlic knots and calzones too!

  39. Taylor Taylor

    I would use the biscuit dough to make monkey bread! That’s one of my most missed foods since going gluten free.

  40. Kim H Kim H

    I want to try the pie mix – pecan pie!!!

  41. theresa theresa

    bob’s is one of the products I can depend on being at my store. I love his line of GF items. I have to live GF so I appreciate companies that work hard for the consumer and meets our needs

  42. Whitney Bronson Whitney Bronson

    Love the new products and selection

  43. Elizabeth McCarty Elizabeth McCarty

    I love making jalapeno popper pizzas and my boyfriend (not GF) loves them

    • Chandice Chandice

      This sounds amazing, please do share!!

  44. Christopher Sorel Christopher Sorel

    love ot make a pie

  45. Bobs is a favorite in my house!

  46. Laura Spoerl Laura Spoerl

    With Bob’s Red Mill almond meal/flour, I would make caramel coffee cake or peanut butter & chocolate layer bars!

  47. Alexis S Alexis S

    I would love to try this crust with my peach crostata or raspberry crostata recipes.

  48. Susan Spann Susan Spann

    I would want to make a brownie cake with their products.

  49. Barb Barb

    I would make my black cherry pie with the crust and some strawberry rhubarb pie for the holidays

  50. Krista Jiroutek Krista Jiroutek

    My daughter’s favorite pie is apple. It has been a long time since she or I have had a slice of pie. I would use the crust to bake an apple pie!

  51. Karyn Hanson Karyn Hanson

    I want to make a strawberry rhubarb pie and apple pie and………well actually, I just want to make lots of pie!

  52. Beth Beth

    A delicious shortbread cookie!

  53. Dawn Hecke Dawn Hecke

    I’d make banana cream pie!

  54. Tori Boyers Tori Boyers

    More chocolate pecan pies!!

  55. David David

    I would like to make pecan pie

  56. Maria H. Maria H.

    I would love to make a GF Red Velvet Cake! Yum!

  57. Shannon Ward Shannon Ward

    I’d love to try the pizza and pie crusts.

  58. Jill Jill

    Pumpkin Crunch!

  59. Diana R Diana R

    I love to make homemade chicken tenders with the Bob Red Mills GF All Purpose flour mix the garbanzo bean flour give it such a great flavor. It also taste great in gravys.

  60. Ellesha Ellesha

    I would love the pie crust to make a chicken pot pie!

  61. sharon underwood sharon underwood

    Cupcakes that have enough oomph for serious decorating.

  62. Amber Amber

    I would make a lemon meringue pie with the pie crust. I am also interested in trying to make some cinnamon rolls out of the bread mix.

  63. Jen C Jen C

    I would like to make some mini cherry and apple pie pockets!

  64. jan easteood jan easteood

    I want to make gluten free pies for my Cafe.

  65. jharp72 jharp72

    I can’t wait to make an apple pie!

  66. Meredith Meredith

    I love Bob’s Red Mill and hope to win this great prize. Thank you for the opportunities.

  67. Felicity Felicity

    Sugar free, gluten free brownies for the toddler!

  68. Kristy Kristy

    I would like to make gluten-free biscuits and gravy, or pancakes!

  69. Anel Anel

    Chocolate brownies!!

  70. melody melody

    Pie. any type , any kind. New to GF so I am so frustrated trying to find products.

  71. Terry Riley Terry Riley

    I want to make some old fashioned buttermilk biscuits!

  72. Jessica Jessica

    I want to make cookies! Any and all cookies.

  73. Michelle Michelle

    I would love to make some cookies with the almond flour. My mom uses it for all her baking as well.

  74. Paula M. Boney Paula M. Boney

    I would love to make some Almond Buns with Bob’s GF Almond Meal/Flour. Then I would make something CINNAMON 🙂

  75. Terry Terry

    Looking forward to the GF pie crust mix. I have plenty of home-canned peaches and apples that will be wonderful pies!

  76. Pam Pam

    I LOVE using the almond flour for making breaks and cookies!

  77. I would love to just learn to do it all!

  78. Leslie Metta Leslie Metta

    I would really like to try a mixed pear and apple tart and use Bob’s Red Mill Almond Meal to make the crust. Thanks for the opportunity.

  79. connie connie

    I’d hate to pick just one product

  80. Amy Amy

    I’d love to make a blueberry pie

  81. Would like to learn how to make cookies and muffins gluten free.

  82. Kimberly Kimberly

    would love to convert my favorite tart cherry pie to GF

  83. Jeannette Solimine Jeannette Solimine

    I’d like to make pie crusts using the hazelnut flour. Yummy!

  84. Rebecca Rebecca

    I would love to make GF chocolate cookies or cake!

  85. Colleen Gorman Colleen Gorman

    Waffles, waffles and waffles.

  86. Jennifer Cleaver Jennifer Cleaver

    This past Thanksgiving we tried the GF Pie Crust recipe. It was awesome!!!!

  87. Amanda Amanda

    I would make an apple pie!

  88. Lentil Lentil

    I don’t think I’ve ever made my own pie crust! I would love to make a pecan pie using Bob’s Red Mill Pie crust mix!

  89. Donna Donna

    It’s time for Christmas baking. I use this time to introduce my family and neighbors to gluten free goodies. They think anything healthy for you has to taste yucky. Never made them a pie before. Hummmmm

  90. Jennifer Gale Jennifer Gale

    I have a little mini pie maker, and I’m constantly looking for a good GF pie crust.

  91. Lita Lita

    I made the shortbread mix into linzer cookies…yummmm!!!! Oh…and blueberry pie to die for <3

  92. Debra Lee Debra Lee

    Pecan Pie for the hubs!

  93. christi jo crisp christi jo crisp

    I would like to be able to eat bread again. 🙂

  94. Maile Maile

    I would love to create my special deep fried dessert that my family so enjoys.

  95. Carma Carma

    I would like to make quiche.

  96. Gretchen E. Gretchen E.

    I would love to create a gluten-free coconut cream pie for my gf friend…it’s her favorite!

  97. Jenny Jenny

    I’m new to eating gf and would love to try making a gf pie!

  98. Jennifer Daniels Jennifer Daniels

    Would love to try anything as I am newly gluten free. Mostly I’d love to try the pie crust!

  99. Sara Anders Sara Anders

    Looking forward to checking out the pie crust. Haven’t had success with that yet, but I haven’t tried Bob’s Red Mill yet!

  100. carol higgins dyer carol higgins dyer

    Bread sticks from gf pizza dough mix!

  101. Erin Lane Erin Lane

    This is a big one!! Yay!

  102. I can not wait to find and try the Pie Crust & make a Quiche!

  103. Sarah H Sarah H

    I would love to make chickpea flatbread with Bob’s Red Mill garbanzo bean flour!

  104. Erica P. Erica P.

    We use a LOT of Bob’s Redmill flours now to create things but the pie crust looks good (and we’d like to try it).

  105. Jane N Jane N

    Hoping to make waffles with the coconut flour

  106. Erin from Long Island Erin from Long Island

    i’d make a gf version of my mom’s apple and pumpkin pies!

  107. Emily Emily

    I love their brownie mix and I’d like to try their GF All Purpose for some pie crusts.

  108. Dyanne Spease Dyanne Spease

    A pecan pie with a gluten free crust.

  109. Karin A. Karin A.

    Probably would make a delicious pizza with their pizza crust mix

  110. Lance Gallup Lance Gallup

    Love me some steel cut oats. Toss in some fresh fruit, or honey, raisins, almonds, brown sugar and cinnamon… (Or any combination thereof) and it’s a perfect breakfast for a cold winter day and it’ll banish the growlies until lunchtime!

  111. I would make a delicious homemade chocolate pudding pie. Yum!!

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