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25 Days of Gluten-Free Giveaways™ #21 Autographed cookbooks by Tammy Credicott


I have said it before and I will say it again, Tammy Credicott is my absolute favorite cookbook author!! Her books are the ones that I recommend to any foodie whether gluten-free or not. When people say they only want one cookbook right now for this new gluten-free lifestyle, I recommend her first book, The Healthy Gluten-Free Life. It is full of delicious recipes that also use clean, wholesome ingredients to promote healthy living to heal your gut. From that first cookbook, I was hooked on Tammy’s warm, inviting style of writing and the beautiful, clean design of her cookbooks.

When it came time to review her second cookbook, Paleo Indulgences, I was not surprised in the least to find that I too, loved it. I was a little worried only because I am not a big sweets person but Tammy of course delivered in providing not only sweet indulgences but savory ones like Cincinnati chili and BBQ beef as well. Seriously, Tammy rocks!

I was so thrilled to review Tammy’s latest installment to her cookbook genius series, Make Ahead Paleo. Over the years, Tammy has found that a Paleo lifestyle is even more beneficial to her and her family’s bodies. The great thing about her way of sharing Paleo eating is that she makes it appealing and delicious to any foodie. I dove right in and found delectable recipe after recipe that made a busy mom like me excited to cook because they didn’t take hours and still delivered amazing creations. When I saw this recipe, Deviled ham and eggs, I was smitten. I love deviled eggs and ham separately so I thought Tammy’s mash up of the two was genius! I was right, this recipe was SO good! I loved the perfect harmony of spices Thyme and Parsley in the recipe. I wouldn’t typically use these in a deviled egg recipe but they worked very well proving again why Tammy is so talented. The recipe was very easy to follow and put together in limited time. I actually had a leftover ham hock from Thanksgiving so just threw that in the crockpot for a few hours then used the leftover meat that fell off for this recipe since it was going to be chopped (or shredded like I did) anyway. My 2 year old also loved these eggs and kept sneaking them off my plate. I actually heard him say while taking one, “I think I’m going to like another one!”. I love when healthy food is so good that my littles want to eat it as well.


In this book, Tammy provides a slew of great information in the beginning which makes it easy for anyone to understand the Paleo lifestyle. Her writing style again makes it not only easy to understand but interesting. As with the other two cookbooks, I was very impressed with Make Ahead Paleo. I would highly recommend this to any foodie out there. 

So are you ready to win ALL THREE of Tammy’s autographed cookbooks all for yourself?! 

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*I was provided with books for review. I was not required to write a positive feature. These are my opinions and my opinions alone.


  1. Dyanne Spease Dyanne Spease

    I want the Make Ahead Paleo cookbook. It would be so helpful since I am the only one to be eating Paleo. If I could cook my food ahead of time it would save me so much time at meal time. Having to always cook 2 different meals is a pain. I really could use the ideas too. As it is I am sneaking in Paleo and or gluten free meals for my husband if I can get away with it!

  2. Sandra Simkins Sandra Simkins

    Merry Christmas.
    I love this giveaway! Especiallly the Paleo books , I am going to give the Healthy GF LIfe to my newly married daughter who has multiple food allergies!

  3. Jennifer Spector Jennifer Spector

    I LOVE this giveaway! Tammy Credicott has quickly become one of my favorite GF authors! I am fortunate to already know & enjoy her cookbook Make Ahead Paleo and would love to dive into her other two books Paleo Indulgences and The Healthy GF Life. Thank you for this fantastic opportunity to win Tammy Credicott ‘s fabulous cookbooks. Merry Christmas & God Bless!

  4. Samantha V. Samantha V.

    I’d love to win the Plan Ahead Paleo, we just started paleo this week and with 4 kids, planning ahead is something I need to do.

  5. shauna shauna

    Make Ahead Paleo. This is the way I eat most of the time, so I would love some new recipes

  6. I would love to win the GF cookbook!! I am gluten free and trying to eat paleo – could use some more recipes!

  7. Alesha Bloom Alesha Bloom

    I would like to win the make ahead one. As a busy mom of 4 I like to have dinner in the freezer just thaw and cook. It really helps on those busy nights.

  8. Jessica Jessica

    I’d like to try Paleo Indulgences. I’ve always been curious about the Paleo diet and would like to learn more.

  9. Dana Coughlin Dana Coughlin

    I would love the Make Ahead Paleo book. We are just starting to do more paleo type meals because my 22yro daughter feels better eating that way.

  10. Sheila M Sheila M

    Would love to have these, would make life so much easier!

  11. april april

    I would most like to win Make Ahead Paleo because I think it would help me to organize my time and efforts in transitioning my family to paleo.

  12. Sharalyn Anderson Sharalyn Anderson

    The Healthy Gluten Free Life for sure.

  13. Marie Marie

    This giveaway makes me very excited. I’ve only been gluten-free for four months. It’s been a hard road, as I’m also allergic to a lot of other foods as well (those high in certain carbohydrates called FODMAPs). It’s difficult for me to find new recipes to try as it can me cause a lot of anxiety.I am confident that Tammy Creditcott would be a great resource for amazing recipes. I would love to win any of her cookbooks, but am most intrigued in The Healthy Gluten-Free Life, just because I’m still in the gut recovery stages of my gluten-free journey. Thank you for this opportunity to enter this exciting giveaway! Merry Christmas!

  14. Diana Cote Diana Cote

    I would love to have Make Ahead Paleo. Thank you for the chance to win this! 🙂

  15. Diana R Diana R

    Would love to win Paleo Indulgences. I saw it and have it on my wish list.

  16. Stefanie Stefanie

    I would love to win these cookbooks to try some healthy new recipes.

  17. Sara Anders Sara Anders

    I’d really like to try out the healthy gluten free lifestyle. I think sometimes I just get stuck in a rut about what I am making for dinner each night.

  18. Elizabeth McCarty Elizabeth McCarty

    I would like to win the Healthy GF Life cookbook. Our house just isn’t on the verge of giving up dairy quite yet 🙂

  19. Michelle Michelle

    Paleo Indulgences, I love baking with almond flour!

  20. cassie cassie

    i’d love to try make ahead paleo – my husband and i have opposite schedules so it’s really difficult for me to get home to prepare a meal before he leaves for work. we end up with takeout of some sort most of the time and would LOVE to start eating better

  21. Nicole Nicole

    I would most like to read Make Ahead Paleo. I saw it at the store and it has been on my wish list ever since.

  22. Jade Jade

    I would love to have the Heathy Gluten Free Life book. I love getting new books/cookbooks and always enjoy learning new things.

  23. Jacque Jacque

    As a mom to three little ones and multiple jobs, eating well with food allergies is difficult! Love any help we can get. 🙂

  24. Cindy W. Cindy W.

    The Make Ahead Paleo book would be a time saver.

  25. Jeremy Rosen Jeremy Rosen

    Make Ahead Paleo! In so busy so it’d help lots!!

  26. Kim G. Kim G.

    I would be excited for the Healthy Gluten Free Life because I became gluten free earlier this year for my thyroid disease.

  27. Desserts with my allergies are harder than most…so I’d love to find some new great ones in her book!

  28. Dee Fedor Dee Fedor

    The Healthy Gluten Free Life. Because, Too much Christmas goodies!!! Stuffed, need help!

  29. Erin from Long Island Erin from Long Island

    Make Ahead Paleo. This is the way I eat most of the time, so I would love some new recipes

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