25 Days of Gluten-Free Giveaways™ #19 Feel Good Foods

IMG_8187Egg rolls & dumplings can’t be made gluten-free right? Wrong! Feel Good Foods is not only making these favorite take-out dishes gluten-free, they are doing a fantastic job at it! We recently had the opportunity to try some of their products and we were very impressed both in flavor and in presentation.

Pork Dumplings- These dumplings tasted fantastic with perfectly seasoned filling and a dumpling that wasn’t too heavy but was still substantial enough to take the multiple dippings I gave it (I am a sauce girl for sure) into my gluten-free soy sauce. I would recommend using more oil than it calls for in preparing them because these little delicacies will stick to the pan if it isn’t properly greased. My little boys absolutely loved these! We also thought the sauce it comes with was perfectly balanced with sweet and savory. We even used it on the egg rolls too because it was so good!

Chicken and Vegetable Egg Rolls- Wow! These egg rolls were fantastic and full of flavor. I loved the mixture of meat and veggies inside which completely reminded me of the joys of pre-celiac traditional egg rolls I used to eat. I was very impressed with the crispy outside and flavorful, hot center of each roll. Our whole family enjoyed these.

Vegetable Egg Rolls- While I enjoyed the addition of the chicken more, this was also a fantastic roll with the same great flavor profile as the chicken and veggie ones. The roll itself held up perfectly even with my sauce dunking.

Can you even imagine being able to enjoy dumplings and egg rolls again? I couldn’t but was so glad to learn about Feel Good Foods and understand that it was possible. I have met the owners and they are such kind, passionate people. They genuinely care about the community and providing us with safe yet very tasty products. I was extremely touched by the story of the chef husband who decided his wife with celiac deserved the tastiest foods which needed to include old favorites like egg rolls and dumplings. His culinary talent has now won over thousands all of the world in addition to his wife.

With taste and quality as its top priorities, Feel Good Foods offers gluten-free frozen foods created by a chef and approved by a Celiac. Feel Goods Foods products are made with all-natural, non-GMO ingredients and never with preservatives, MSG or artificial flavors. Our current product offerings include the world’s first gluten-free and dairy-free Asian dumplings and egg rolls.

This couldn’t be more true. These rolls are now available at many specialty food stores nationwide so be sure to pick up a box or two soon or just enter to win a big box of product delivered right to your doorstep, below…

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*I was provided with product for review. I was not required to write a positive feature. These are my opinions and my opinions alone.


  1. The Vegetable Egg Rolls sound good to me!

  2. I would share these goodies with my sister, who wold love them as much as I’m sure I will!

  3. what a great concept! My hubby and I were just talking about how great it would be to have chinese takeout but we didn’t because of dietary needs! I would make these for the fam on a busy night and whip up some type of sweet/sour sauce with honey and spices. I’ve learned about so many new companies over the past few weeks from you~ so thanks again!

  4. This would go into our Chinese New Year Feast…I use that as an excuse to make Asian food.

  5. I would love to have friends over and have a great party with this amazing food.

  6. Well it’s too cold for a picnic, so I would have a candle light dinner and feast on these delicious gluten free foods in front of a fire followed by a long winter’s nap! :)

  7. shauna price says:

    I haven’t had an egg roll since I’ve been diagnosed, so I would love to try them.

  8. Friday Family Night “Take Home” Chinese dinner together watching a family movie in our living room! Perfect fun family night!

  9. OMG I would love to win! I haven’t had food like this in years!!!!! I

  10. Deb Gowlland says:

    I would absolutely love to try the egg rolls and the dumplings look amazing as well!

  11. I have had their egg rolls and they are fantastic. I am really excited to find the dumplings. I would host a great party for all my gfree friends and share the new products.

  12. Sharalyn Anderson says:

    I would definitely make a gluten free chicken & fried rice dish to go along with my egg rolls.

  13. Dana Coughlin says:

    My daughter and I would have a wonderful dinner with fried rice, sweet and sour chicken and the egg rolls and dumplings!

  14. Traci Washburn says:


  15. Elizabeth McCarty says:

    I have several GF friends. I would invite them over for a dinner “out” and have a girls get-together and catch up!

  16. I would invite my two other GF friends over for dinner!

  17. I would love to be able to eat Chinese “take-out” with the family again!

  18. ashlee wheeler says:

    I miss egg rolls soo much! I would have a special dinner just for me and not share any of it. :)

  19. I would have a movie night.

  20. I would love to have a dim sum party with my family. We used to go all the time until the diagnosis and I would love to have it again.

  21. I would love to enjoy these with my family. Make some fried rice with my Tamari gluten-free soy sauce, and try to make some of the classic dipping sauces

  22. I would LOVE to try the egg rolls!. I am a huge nut about Asian food and would love to share the love with Gluten Free family :)

  23. I think the pork dumplings sound delish!

  24. Yum!! I’m ready to try all of their dumplings and egg rolls!

  25. I would make it an experience by inviting a special friend over to share my goodies.

  26. I’d use them to set the stage on Chinese New Year!

  27. I’d have a movie night at home with my boyfriend. I miss the idea of getting Chinese take out and having dinner on the couch. With this prize, I’d be able to make it myself.

  28. I would cook these all up and add my own GF version of PF CHang’s chicken lettuce wraps and invite my friends and family and celebrate Gluten Free Asian Night at the Blair house! Would get some paper lanterns and the like and do it up! :)

  29. Vegetable Egg Rolls so good

  30. Chinese New Year celebrations would be in order! Yum! 😛

  31. I would surprise my husband with them since he loves them so much! I haven’t made any yet for him and I know he misses them from his pre-gluten free days!

  32. i would make up two of each of them and have my own at home “pupu platter” I would love to have these in my house!

  33. I wish I could by these in stores near me!

  34. I’d have an Academy Awards party and serve these. We’d all feel like winners!

  35. Deborah Mickel says:

    I’d have chinese take-out night for me and my gluten free friends

  36. I would have friends and family over for a take-in chopstick Chinese dinner!

  37. These egg rolls and dumplings are the BEST!! So good, that when I make them everyone wants to eat them, even though they can have gluten!

  38. Heather Dryer says:

    I’d throw a party for all my celiac friends.

  39. My husband always gets chinese take out without me! I would plan a take out night and get some of these for me so I am not left out

  40. I miss a quick potsticker. These look great!

  41. I would have my mother over for dinner. She doesn’t live in an area that sells these. :)

  42. I would make it a movie night with the Hubby and our son! My son just started to eat Asian foods and I know he would LOVE these!

  43. I would love to use these for a special occasion, like a birthday party, and have friends and family over for a delicious Chinese food night :)

  44. I would set-up a nice delicious Chinese dinner with my wife and have a fun meal and evening together. Thanks!

  45. Dyanne Spease says:

    I’d break out the chopsticks and wine!! It’s been like forever that I have had dumplings or egg rolls. This would most def be a date night IN, lol. So glad I say this post!

  46. I have not had a dumpling in years. I tried making some and failed miserable. I would love to serve these to my family and see the smiling faces of flavors from the past.

  47. I really miss eating dumplings! I think I would just eat the different fillings of dumplings for weeks straight!

  48. EGGROLLS!!!!!

  49. I would host a dinner with friends of gluten free chinese food. I make a KILLER Chicken Fried Rice….and the dumplings and egg rolls would make excellent additions. YUMMY!!!!!

  50. Big dinner with friends!

  51. Mm, Asian cuisine! Delicious!

  52. Sabrina Medina says:

    I would make my own takeout with fried rice.

  53. Susan Martin says:

    Sooooooooo miss this type of food. Tried to find gf eggroll or wonton wrappers to no avail. Ugh. These would be great!

  54. Oh my goodness…Fun Asian Food Night in order!! :-)

  55. Sara Anders says:

    Would love to enjoy “Chinese take out” with my family. Just miss those yummy flavors.

  56. I’m the only gluten free member of my household so honestly I’d keep them for me! Maybe I’d add the egg rolls when we get takeout Chinese — (some GF menu items but alas no egg rolls!) so that I can have as good a meal as everyone else.

  57. Oh I would love to have a take out night ….where I could participate too! :) The rest of the family loves to get takeout but they dont have anything for me having to eat gluten free. I would LOVE to be able to eat right along with them!

  58. i’d create an asian buffet night at home and invite my sister and her daughter :)

  59. I’d invite the whole family for a great tasting….tasting event!

  60. Jennifer Spector says:

    At my house we’ve only tried the chicken dumplings so far (I’ve definitely been meaning to try the other versions and flavor combinations but the chicken dumplings are just so yummy) but I usually pair it with my homemade GF vegetable stir-fry or chicken stir-fry (depending on how many we have at the table). It is always a well loved meal!

  61. I would serve these as a winter picnic in the car! Real Take Out!

  62. Erin from Long Island says:

    I’d invite my friends over for a movie/take-in/wine/beer night!

  63. I would invite my inlaws over, and after making snow men and snow angels outside, we’d cozy up together and enjoy this yummy food!!

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