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25 Days of Gluten-Free Giveaways™ #17 Bakery on Main


There is nothing like a hot bowl of perfectly sweet certified gluten-free oatmeal on a cold winters day. Bakery on Main has blown our minds with their delicious line of hot cereals! They come in a variety of flavors so everyone in your family will be happy. Here is a little more about each and what we thought.

Blueberry Scone- This is my all time favorite instant oatmeal. It is perfectly sweet and has a wonderful blueberry flavor. It isn’t too sweet. This is an amazing flavor for making delectable treats in the kitchen with as well.

Strawberry Shortcake- This is fresh and summery, great for a bright day with lots of sunshine. This flavor make me feel invigorated and ready to get going. It is great on it’s own or topped with more fresh strawberries.

Apple Pie- My husband really loves the bold apple flavor of this oatmeal. It is sweet and very tasty with small pieces of apple and just a touch of cinnamon.

Carrot Cake- My oldest son requests this almost every morning. He loves the “cake” oatmeal. 😉 It has small pieces of carrots and just enough sweetness to give it that carrot cake flavor without the frosting.

Maple Multigrain Muffin- This flavor is great because it combines two delicious breakfasts that we normally cannot eat on a gluten-free diet, regular oatmeal and a multigrain muffin. This is a very comforting flavor that is reminiscent of a warm, gooey muffin while also have the smooth, easy to eat aspect of oatmeal. It is also fantastic with any fresh fruit.

Traditional- I love having this flavor available because it is a blank canvas where I can add my Nutrasumma pea protein, a scoop of peanut butter and some stevia to make a tasty breakfast cereal that is in line with my fitness goals.

In addition to these fabulous instant oatmeals Bakery on Main also has great True Bars that are easy to eat on the go and fiber power granola that is great on granola. I really appreciate not only the great products offered by Bakery on Main but the love that they have for the gluten-free and celiac communities. They genuinely care for the people in it and providing high quality, safe products which I, as a person with celiac disease, greatly appreciate.


Recently I featured Bakery on Main on my holiday gluten-free gift giving guide as a great idea for stocking stuffers. Imagine opening your stocking to each of those flavors mentioned above…yum!!

So are you ready to win some Bakery on Main products all for yourself?!

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  1. shauna price shauna price

    I haven’t tried anything as of yet.

  2. Georgiana Georgiana

    I’ve never tried anything from Bakery on Main and their Blueberry Scone Oatmeal sounds lovely!

  3. Nicole Nicole

    I haven’t tried any of these yet, but can’t wait!! They all sound delicious!

  4. I’ve tried the granola and love it!! I would love to try the carrot cake oatmeal !

  5. Elizabeth McCarty Elizabeth McCarty

    I haven’t tried and of them, but they look great!

  6. Jade Ruiz Jade Ruiz

    I’ve tried the maple multigrain muffin oatmeal! Delicious.

  7. Deb Gowlland Deb Gowlland

    I’ve only been able to find the granola bars-would love to try the oatmeal!

  8. Jessica Jessica

    I absolutely LOVE the coconut cashew bars! They are my favorite!

  9. Merissa Merissa

    I eat their oatmeal all the time, and really love the Strawberry Shortcake flavor

  10. Sharalyn Anderson Sharalyn Anderson

    I haven’t tried any of them yet but I really, really, really want to!!!!

  11. Monisha Monisha

    I haven’t tried any as They are not available in any of the local stores

  12. sharon sharon

    Yes want to try all the flavors…yum..pick me…pick me…eould make me happy happy happy….

  13. Lisa Lisa

    I’ve tried the granola.

  14. Arleen Arleen

    I have had the Cranberry Maple Nut Granola Bars and they are wonderful!

  15. Alexis S Alexis S

    The blueberry scone instant oatmeal is amazing!

  16. jonikas jonikas

    I haven’t seen or tried any of their products before and have my fingers crossed that I’ll win so that I can sample all of their goddies! 😛

  17. Janelle F. Janelle F.

    I haven’t gotten to try any Bakery on Main items but am hoping I will have the chance!

  18. Diana Cote Diana Cote

    I have not tried any before. :/ I would love to though! hehe 🙂

  19. Maria H. Maria H.

    I have not tried any of their products but I would love to try all their oatmeal flavors specially the blueberry scone!

  20. I’ve tried their Cranberry maple granola and love it!

  21. My children have only recently moved to a gluten free diet, so we haven’t tried any yet.

  22. julie julie

    Love their granola-so addictive

  23. Ray S Ray S

    Have not tried these but the blueberry scone flavor would definitely be tasty!

  24. Renata Renata

    I’ve never heard of Bakery on Main and the Strawberry Shortcake and Blueberry Scone would be yummy!

  25. David David

    i wish i could find the blueberry scone one near by, but can’t so I guess I’ll settle for winning the basket haha 🙂

  26. Stefanie Stefanie

    I love the carrot cake flavor cereal.

  27. Cindy W. Cindy W.

    I have not tried their products yet – but would love to!

  28. Diana R Diana R

    I have tried the Nutty Cranberry granola it is great on yogurt. I would love to try carrot cake oatmeal I have never seen that at my local market.

  29. Michelle Michelle

    I use their granola in my yogurt, makes it even tastier!

  30. lisa f lisa f

    I love their granola and would like to try their other products.

  31. Sylvia Sylvia

    The granola is wonderful.

  32. shauna shauna

    I have never tried their products but would like to.

  33. Amanda C Amanda C

    I like the cinnamon oatmeal & granola 🙂

  34. Emily Emily

    I’ve never tried Bakery on Main!

  35. Christine Christine

    All of these sounds incredible!! I need to try every type of oatmeal 🙂

  36. Tara Tara

    I really want to try some strawberry shortcake oatmeal

  37. Dyanne Spease Dyanne Spease

    I have yet to try any of Bakery on Main products. Can’t wait to though!

  38. bitt bitt

    their granola

  39. Sara Anders Sara Anders

    I haven’t seen these products before, but looking at their selection, I will definitely be checking them out!

  40. lorraine r. lorraine r.

    i havent tried anything yet, but plan to!

  41. Vik Vik

    Traditional Oatmeal and a few types of granola.

  42. Laura J Laura J

    I have not tried them before, but the granola looks so yummy!

  43. Erica Erica

    I’ve only recently found this and would like to try the apple pie.

  44. Karin A. Karin A.

    I haven’t tried any of them–

  45. Erin from Long Island Erin from Long Island

    I haven’t tried and of them, but they look great!

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