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25 Days of Gluten-Free Giveaways™ #11 Go Picnic

IMG_8692Go Picnic meals have got to be the best gluten-free on-the-go meal out there! They are nutritious, delicious and so easy. We recently took a trip to Disneyworld and knowing that we would be in airports, hotels & rental cars, I literally packed an entire bag (40 to be exact) worth of gluten-free Go Picnic meals for myself, hubby and two boys. I really wanted us to have yummy food to eat wherever we were and for myself, I needed it to be safe. I also knew that while Disney dining gluten-free rocks, I wanted to ease our food budget with at least one meal a day being a much cheaper (and delicious) Go Picnic box option. I got a voucher when I purchased $40 worth of product for $20 on Groupon then bought meals that were on sale. In total, I ended up paying under $3 per box…lot’s cheaper than a $7-$14 quick service meal at Disneyworld.

We have always loved the turkey stick and crunch meal that comes with bbq Popchips and the turkey pepperoni meal as well. Both are ones that all of us enjoy eating, especially my boys. I also adore the hummus meal as I think the hummus is great on the Crunchmaster crackers and topped with the crunchy edamame. Recently I got to try out some of the new flavors available in the gluten-free line and I was quite impressed! Here are my thoughts.

Edamame Kale Dip with Plantain Chips Meal- I thought this was a fun meal with unique ingredients that you couldn’t normally get in a quick box lunch. I liked that it was a little more sophisticated in flavor and thought the dip and plantain chips went very well together. The fruit strip it came with was SO good! I also really like the little trail mix.

Black Bean Dip with Plantain Chips Meal- I was a big fan of this bean dip. I thought the Caribbean inspired flavors of black beans and plantains was a great idea. I loved the fruit and nut packet as it included one of my favorite things, sweetened banana chips. 😉 I also really enjoyed the little candies and so did my boys. They kept trying to take them from me…

Sunbutter and Crackers Meal- This meal was wonderful for both my boys and myself. It was simple enough for their little tastebuds but also flavorful enough for mine. We loved the fruit leather and thought it’s flavor was the best we’ve had before. The boys also loved that it came with a chocolate chip cookie.

Yep, that’s my bag with cases of Go Picnic goodness on it’s way to the most magical place on Earth.

IMG_8743So are you ready to win a HUGE Go Picnic prize all for yourself?! Enter below…

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  1. Sara Anders Sara Anders

    I loved these before I became Wheat Free. I didn’t realize they had so many GF options. Being in a small town, they don’t carry a lot of them here. Will definitely be buying online.

  2. Carol F. Carol F.

    These look perfect for when I am out and about running around for the day and sadly when I go to family gatherings…they’ve yet to understand the Gluten Free Life.

    • Carol F. Carol F.

      I forgot to add….I’ve never seen these products until now…I want to try them all!!! Well the Gluten Free products.

  3. Cindy W. Cindy W.

    I lhave not tried the black bean dip yet.

  4. Georgiana Georgiana

    I would most like to try the turkey pepperoni and cheese as that sounds like a fabulous combo!
    Thank you so much!

  5. cassie cassie

    i haven’t tried the sunbutter and crackers. looks delicious!

  6. shauna price shauna price

    Sunbutter and crackers would be amazing.

  7. Deb Gowlland Deb Gowlland

    Would love to try these!

  8. Would love to try the kale dip/plantain chips! Sounds interesting!

  9. julie julie

    I would most like to try the black bean dip with plantains. Sounds interesting

  10. I’ve tried a few of the Go Picnic meals but not the Black Bean Dip with Plantain Chips – I would love to try this one!

  11. Danielle Fournier Danielle Fournier

    I have noit tried any, but I would most like to try the Turkey Pepperoni & Cheese 🙂

  12. Elizabeth Elizabeth

    The Turkey Pepperoni and cheese sound wonderful!

  13. Melody Melody

    what a fun giveaway!!

  14. lorraine r. lorraine r.

    I have never tried any of them, so they all looks good, but the turkey pepperoni with almond roca sounfs fab, and my daughter would most likely eat the almond butter one.

  15. Debra Lee Debra Lee

    The black bean dip sounds delicious!

  16. Dede Dede

    Would love to try ALL their products! I have not had a chance to try any of them yet, but would really like to try the black bean dip!!

  17. Karla Karla

    I have never tried these–as a brand new celiac I’m excited!

  18. Merissa Merissa

    I’d be interested to try the kale dip – I haven’t seen that one before!

  19. Maria H. Maria H.

    I would love to try their Gopicknic Turkey Pepperoni & Cheese. It includes Bridgford Turkey Pepperoni, Copper Cowbell Asiago Gourmet Cheese Spread, Sweet Perry Orchards Tangy Tango Cranberries & Pineapple, Crunchmaster Multi-Seed Crackers, Brown & Haley Almond Roca Buttercrunch Toffee — all of those things sound pretty good to me 🙂

  20. Dana Coughlin Dana Coughlin

    I haven’t tried the sunbutter and crackers yet; it sounds good.

  21. Emily Emily

    I’ve never tired go picnic! I’d love the Almond Roca.

  22. Michelle Michelle

    I would love to try the Black Bean Dip with Plantain Chips! I love everything black bean and I have never tried plantain chips before!

  23. Ray S Ray S

    Tuna & Crackers would be a tasty combo as I enjoy tuna for lunch!

  24. Stefanie Stefanie

    I would love to try the Sunbutter and Crackers meal.

  25. Karol Karol

    I would like to try the hummus and crackers. Everything in it sounds delicious.

  26. Jessica Jessica

    Edamame kale dip

  27. lisa f lisa f

    I have not tried any Go Picnic meals, but I have heard they are good. These certainly would making travelling alot easier!

  28. Kim Davis Kim Davis

    Tried these in the airport, they are good.

  29. Melissa Melissa

    I have tried them all, except for the Tuna. I guess there is a first time for everything. The rest of these meals are wonderful and total lifesavers if you have to travel for work. I never had to go hungry at luncheons, dinners or on the plane – I just put Go Picnic in my bag before I left!

  30. Heather Dryer Heather Dryer

    I’d love to try Gold Star Edamame Kale Dip & Plantain Chips

  31. Deanna Deanna

    I’ve never tried any of these but Hummus & Crackers looks really good.

  32. Kelly p Kelly p

    We have not tried the black bean dip one yet

  33. Tammy Tammy

    The hummus one.

  34. I would love to try the Edamame Kale Dip meal. My GF girl, who packs GoPicnic meals quite often, would like to try the turkey pepperoni. Our grocery store doesn’t carry that one.

  35. We haven’t tried any of their products, as we are just now starting an allergen free diet for three kids. The black bean dip and plantain chips would likely suit their needs though.

  36. MamaGames MamaGames

    We love GoPicnic meals! I’d love to try the Edamame Kale Dip.

  37. Erin Erin

    Feeling like my travel worries and stressing out about food is over! These snacks look amazing and would love to try them!!

  38. Cindy F Cindy F

    I would like to try the edamame and Kale. I haven’t been able to find that one.

  39. Janelle Janelle

    I’ve never tried them but being half-Caribbean, I’d love to try the black bean dip with plantain chips!

  40. Jonikas Jonikas

    I’d LOVE to try the sun butter and crackers combo! 😛

  41. Susan Spann Susan Spann

    Haven’t had the edamame and kale one yet because it’s not in local stores yet.

  42. darisssa darisssa

    We love these! We buy them all the time at Target. We take them to work, schools, zoo trips, outings, wherever! So easy! And sooo good. Thanks! I so want this:)

  43. Renata Renata

    Tuna and Crackers would be yummy as I love fish sandwiches! Thank you!

  44. Laura Spoerl Laura Spoerl

    I’ve tried a few of their “flavors”, but I haven’t & would love to try the three-bean dip & rice chips! They meals are amazing & give me a chance to try new gluten-free products I otherwise wouldn’t know about!

  45. Marci H. Marci H.

    Black bean dip. I’ve never seen it before

  46. Erin Lane Erin Lane

    Well, wouldn’t this be an amazing one to get!!! Such a nice amount to truly give it a go. I’d probably get addicted! 🙂

  47. First time learning about these products. Neat eats!

  48. Lentil Lentil

    I haven’t tried Edamame Kale Dip & Plantain Chips yet and I would really like to!

  49. Richelle Richelle

    I would LOVE to try the Edamame Kale Dip & Plantain chips. All of my favorite flavors together!

  50. Dyanne Spease Dyanne Spease

    Black Bean and plantain.

  51. Lisa Lisa

    sunbutter and crackers meal

  52. Emily Emily

    It’s great that there are several vegetarian options! I love the black bean and plantain.

  53. Erin from Long Island Erin from Long Island

    Black Bean Dip with Plantain Chips Meal sounds awesome!

  54. Jade Jade

    turkey pepperoni and cheese

  55. Amber G. Amber G.

    I would love to try the Black Bean Dip with Plantain Chips Meal, but did not even know it existed before now!

  56. shauna shauna

    any of the vegan meals!

  57. Karin A. Karin A.

    I would like to try the Edamame Kale Dip with Plantain Chips Meal.

  58. Dee Fedor Dee Fedor

    I have not tried any of these. I would Love to try them ALL!

  59. meredith meredith

    the edemame and kale dip sounds yummy!

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