25 Days of Gluten-Free Giveaways™ #10 Udi’s Gluten Free

Packaging PuzzleWhen it comes to gluten-free food, Udi’s is a name everybody knows. They have trusted gluten-free products that taste great! Friends and family who don’t live gluten-free can even enjoy them without a compromise in flavor. I have tried nearly every item in their line of delicious products and they really do a great job. recently I reviewed some new items. Here are my thoughts.

Salted Cashew Cookie- I am a HUGE fan of sweet and salty desserts so this was right up my alley. The sweet wasn’t overpowering and was very well balanced on the palate with the touch of sea salt in the cookie. I liked the crunch and thought it would make an excellent base for cookie ice cream sandwiches.

Maple Pecan Chocolate Chip Cookie- This cookie screams fall flavors. It is great because just one bite fills you with the warmth of the season. You can practically hear leaves crunching under your feet. The chocolate chips provide that extra sweet morsel for those out there needing a little more. The maple and pecan marry very well together, creating a well balanced cookie.

Udi’s Ancient Grain Chips- These crunchy chips are bold in flavor and can be enjoyed by adults and children alike. They are great on their own or with your favorite dip. They also come in a variety of flavors that are sure to please any eater.

Pepperoni Pizza- I LOVED this yummy pizza! I thought the flavor was great with it’s nice herbs and great tasting pepperoni. This was easy to find in my local Whole Foods freezer section and was very simple to make. My kids and husband enjoyed it as well.

You can see my thoughts on other great products in my Udi’s Friendsgiving post, Udi’s new fall products or when I featured them in years past during this event. Not only does Udi’s have amazing products but they have created the most wonderful online community for those who live gluten-free. Be sure to check out their awesome Pinterest boards, blog and even their community page.

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So are you ready to win some Udi’s gluten-free all for yourself?! Enter below…

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*These are my opinions and my opinions alone. I was provided with product for review however I was not required to write a positive feature.


  1. I would love to win this giveaway! I used Udi’s multi-grain bread to make stuffing & it was divine! It has made it on to my annual Thanksgiving recipe list. I also just really like their bread period & their pizza (yum)!

  2. I haven’t tried any of Udi’s cookie line yet but I love all their bread, pizza and muffins so I’m sure they will be delicious.

  3. I love their granola!

  4. Sara Anders says:

    Looking forward to trying their muffins. yum.

  5. i’d LOVE to try the cinnamon raisin bread

  6. I love cinnamon raisin bread, so I’d love to try Udi’s!

  7. I used to make my own gluten free bread as the off the shelf bread was not very good – I know buy Udi’s multi-grain bread and use that exclusively. I also like their cinnamon raisin bread.

  8. I would love to try the cookies!!

  9. Love their bread! It allows me to still enjoy grilled cheese!

  10. shauna price says:

    chocolate chip granola bars

  11. I love Udis!!!

  12. Dana Coughlin says:

    I love Udis, especially their soft tortillas, I would love to try cinnamon rolls or cashew cookies.

  13. I would love to try the dark chocolate brownie bites

  14. Elizabeth McCarty says:

    I love their chocolate muffins. I also use the tortillas as pizza crusts, it works really well!

  15. Danielle Fournier says:

    I’d like to try the Cinnamon Racing Bread & the tortillas :)

  16. Danielle Fournier says:


  17. I have not tried their hot dog buns and would love to try them. I have not had a decent hot dog bun since being diagnosed with a wheat intolerance.

  18. Would love to try the cinnamon raisin bread and make french toast

  19. Would love to try their large tortillas!! Miss flour tortillas real bad!

  20. I would really love to try those Harvest Crunch Muffins as it sounds wonderfully nutritious and delicious and I just LOVE muffins for breakfast!

  21. I’d love to try the blueberry muffins :)

  22. I would like to try their pizza crusts!

  23. I would love to try the maple pecan cookies–sounds wonderful!

  24. I would love to try the cinnamon raisin bread!

  25. Jane Nowoselski says:

    Snickerdoodle Cookies sound amazing

  26. Awesome, awesome giveaway! I haven’t tried the pizza crust yet, so I’m looking forward to that. Thank you!

  27. Love to win some for my family!

  28. Love, LOVE Udis products. I eat their breads all the time but would really like to try some cookies (: If is so difficult and expensive to eat GF in college, this would be a huge blessing to win!

  29. I was just diagnosed with celiac a few days ago…people speak so highly of Udi’s. I need to get familiar with their products! Salted cashew cookies? Yes, please!

  30. I want to try their double chocolate muffins! We love their pizza crust and bagels already, I’m sure the muffins would be a great treat!

  31. Loni Demaine says:

    I also want to try their tortillas. I really miss my soft tacos!

  32. French Baguettes!

  33. We have not yet tried the premade pizza. Love the Udi’s pizza crust for a quick meal.

  34. snickerdoodle cookies!

  35. We haven’t tried the pizza crust!

  36. The Blueberry Muffins would be great for breakfast! Thanks!

  37. I’d love to try their cookies and also the French baguettes.

  38. I LOVE Udi’s! Their bread is the best I have found.

  39. Elizabeth Sokacich says:

    I <3 udis! I haven't tried some of the new products as I haven't found them in my area, but would love to!

  40. Udi’s is one of the best Gluten Free Brands out there – would love the opportunity to share this prize pack with a friend who’s daughter was recently diagnosed with Celiac.

  41. I would live to try udis pizza and tortillas

  42. buy udis all the time..love the bagels, pizza and snickerdoodles..would love to win

  43. muffins or cinnamon bread

  44. Martina Fegan says:

    We have tried many of Udi’s products. LOVE the muffins and breads. They are our go-to! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  45. would love to try the cinnamon bread to make french toast

  46. Andrea Nadel says:

    My daughter loves the blueberry and lemon muffins and would love to try the cookies!

  47. I would love to try Udi’s Dark Chocolate Brownie Bites :)

  48. Looking for a good cinnamon raisin bread. Can’t seem to grind any here.

  49. I have had the pizza but I would love to try the muffins. I don’t think I have had muffins since my diagnosis.

  50. I would love to try the cookies. All I have tried is the bread since that is what is available locally so far.

  51. I would love to win this for my 4 year old son who was just diagnosed with Celiac Disease!

  52. I would love to try the cashew cookies!

  53. Deb Gowlland says:

    Would love to win this…Udi’s has so many amazing products!

  54. Maple pecan chocolate chip cookies!

  55. I love Udi’s!!

  56. I would love to try the breakfast treats that I miss so much- cinnamon rolls, muffins, and bagels!

  57. Chris Longfors says:

    Would love to try the muffins !!!

  58. Robin Salsberry says:

    Udi’s rocks! THRILLED that our local pancake house is offering Udi’s now, too, for muffins and bagels!!!

  59. I wanna try the sea salt caramel cashew cookie!

  60. I can’t really afford these products but I buy them anyway because they are gluten free and delicious!

  61. I would love to try the blueberry muffins!

  62. I want to try their muffins

  63. I would love to win this batch! We LOVE Udi’s. I have a 4 year old and 6 year old that are Celiacs as am I. The udi’s brand is very kid friendly! The muffins are great breakfast in te go with a busy family!

  64. Jeanie Wangler says:

    Love, love, love Udi’s!

  65. I want to try the French baguettes or the multi grain dinner rolls!

  66. the muffins are awesome and so large. I cut one in half to put in my kids lunch box. On special occasions I enjoy a full muffin with earth balance gf/df/sf butter on it and sit back and just get whisked away to a magical place where the whole world is gluten free and there no stresses of allergens. bliss.

  67. I would love to try their cashew cookie! :)

  68. Udi’s is hands down the best maker of bread, bagels, and tortillas. The non-GF people in my family are jealous of the GF people’s food!

  69. Love all the udi’s products
    being allergic to gluten and dairy, with a husband allergic to nuts, Udi’s has been a lifesaver!

  70. Sabrina Medina says:

    I want to try the pumpkin muffins.

  71. Their gluten free frozen pepperoni pizza is something I always keep on hand for nights when I don’t feel like cooking.

  72. I would love to try the pizza! I love Udi’s products and I can only bet that the pizza is awesome!

  73. I’d like to try the whole grain bread.

  74. I have tried almost all of the muffins, except the double chocolate! Can’t wait to buy those!

  75. I also love sweet and salty, so I’d love the salted cashew cookie.

  76. I’d love to try most of their products. The selections in the stores here are minimal. :(

  77. Trish Bodine says:

    I have only just discovered Udi’s bread. Our Costco sells it! I would love to try some of the other Udi products!

  78. Christine Burton says:

    Joining my son who’s been gf for a year. Would love to try some new things!

  79. Cindy Bentley Young says:

    Salted Cashew Cookies sound amazing!

  80. All of their breads are amazing, but have yet to try their cookies. I would love to try the caramel cashew cookie.

  81. I love their breads and bagels but I haven’t tried their cookies yet.

  82. Merissa Anadon says:

    All of these sound good but I would most like to try the snickerdoodle cookies! I miss eating those!

  83. phyllis mueller says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Udis!!! My favorite is their white bread, and chocolate muffins!!

  84. Lee Ann McCune says:

    I love to eat and cook with Udis breads all the time. I always have a pizza crust or two on hand to make breakfast, lunch or dinner have never indulged in many of the “sweets”. I would love to try them all! Thanks for all the giveaways!!!!

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  85. We love Udi’s bagels, whole grain bread, tortillas, etc. Would love to try their pizza crust and buns.

  86. I’m heavily into Udi’s white bread, toasted with peanut butter! Would especially (but not limited to! :) like to try blueberry muffins and pecan chocolate chip cookies!!! Fingers crossed,

  87. Rebecca Trotta says:

    Everything! Especially the muffins!

  88. I miss a french baquette…would love to try this!

  89. I would like to try their snickerdoodle cookies.

  90. I enjoy their bread. I would love to try their muffins.

  91. Judith Fuller says:

    I would love to have a GF Blueberry Muffin. I have missed my past favorites since going gluten free!

  92. DeLane Bowman says:

    I would love to win this giveaway. I love Udi’s.

  93. My daughter who is celiac loves the apple streusel muffins, the cinnamon buns, the bread…keep it all up!!!

  94. i would like to try the new muffing flavors.

  95. I would very much like to try the pumpkin muffins.

  96. I haven’t tried their muffins yet!

  97. Colleen Gorman says:

    Oh it all looks so good but the blueberry muffins are calling me.

  98. I would love to try the snickerdoodle cookies.

  99. Would most enjoy trying Udi’s muffins especially the blueberry as I love blueberries!

  100. Love the pizza crusts!

  101. Darissa perry says:

    Love the salted caramel cookie! And so much more.

  102. Darissa perry says:

    My family enjoys the salted caramel cookies. And we like the buns and whole grain bread.

  103. Love Udi’s! We couldn’t live without their pizza crust in my house!

  104. I love the bagels, when I found these I was in heaven!

  105. I would love to win! My son and I are GF and use Udi’s daily. Love their everything they have!

  106. I love Udi’s bagels. My daughter goes nuts for the muffins. I haven’t tried the pizza yet but really want to.

  107. I love Udi’s and all the products I’ve tried so far! Their multi grain bread is delicious and their cinnamon rolls are divine! Would love to try more of their stuff. :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  108. Rachel Lewter says:

    I have several favorites! I have one special, I take the GF Hot Dog buns and make Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches. I steam them and everything. It truly is a special treat!
    Thanks for the contest!!

  109. Those muffin tops look awesome. I would LOVE to try them & I’ve yet to try a cashew cookie. Sounds delicious. I love Udi’s!

  110. Rachel Lewter says:

    Oops, I posted my fav., not what I wanted to try.
    Only a few I haven’t.
    Maple Pecan Chocolate Chip Cookie, looks wonderful!!!
    I’m up for the challenge.

  111. Rebecca Miller says:

    Udi’s products are a staple in our house. My 5 year old loves the Cinnamon rolls and he doesn’t even need to eat GF. I think the pizza sounds amazing.

  112. I would llllooooove to win this!!! These is NO better gluten free company than Udis!!!! :)

  113. So thankful for Udi’s since being diagnosed Celiac! The chocolate chip muffins are our favorite with the white bread grilled with cheese, turkey and tomatoes on the panini. YUMMM! I have never tried the pizza – would love to!


  115. Natascha Feenstra says:

    Whether we are at home in New York or vacationing in Maine, we know that we’ll find Udi’s products that we love! We love your breads and pizza crust but haven’t yet tried any of your muffins or cookies – they look yummy :)

  116. I’d love to use Udi Raisin Bread to make french toast!

  117. Sheryl Rex says:

    Maple cookies sounds SUPER! Haven’t really tried many of these, but sure would LOVE to!

  118. lorraine r. says:

    I am looking forward to trying thier snickerdoodles

  119. I have tried several of Udi’s products and they are addictive. Can’t wait to try the pizza.

  120. donna vickery says:

    Udi’s bread is the best GF bread we have ever had, so I ‘m sure the rest of their products are delicious as well. We look forward to trying them :)

  121. I want to try the cashew cookies… and the snickerdoodles; I’ve seen recipes using them to make a GF pie crust!

  122. Jennifer Spector says:

    I am a HUGE fan of Udi’s products! They make sure people who have to live GF don’t have to sacrifice flavor and that is very much appreciated! I would love to try their Salted Caramel Cookies, Maple Pecan Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Ancient Grain Chips. I have not seen these products in my area and they all sound scrumpscious!!! Thank you for this wonderful opportunity and Happy Holidays :)

  123. I’ve only tried their bread, as my budget doesn’t allow me to splurge in anything other than necessities. I’ll love to try their muffins, haven’t had any in such a long time!

  124. Susan Martin says:

    Muffins I love the muffins!

  125. Blueberry muffins, for sure! I miss muffins!

  126. There is nothing bad that I’ve had from Udi’s. The pizza, bread, rolls, and muffins are amazing!!

  127. I’d love to try any those cookies! I can’t get most of the stuff around here.

  128. We enjoy the new cranberry bagels. Can’t wait to try some of the cookies for the holidays.

  129. Carrie Stowell says:

    I honestly love all of Udi’s products but the blueberry muffins are my biggest weakness to date!

  130. Yay! Muffins!!!! LOVE all of Udi’s!

  131. I love their hamburger buns.

  132. Udi’s foods are so great! The muffins and cinnamon rolls are the best!

  133. Suzanne Maley says:

    I love the cookies and the whole grain bread and the tortillas.

  134. Udi’s bread is the best!!

  135. lollorosso says:

    I have only tried a few Udi’s products so far but if I had to pick one that I haven’t tried that I would like to have, it would be the Salted Cashew Cookie. Those sound intriguingly good. :)

  136. Dyanne Spease says:

    I would love to try the bagels.

  137. I’d love to try the pizza crust.

  138. Erin from Long Island says:

    i’d looooove to try the Maple Pecan Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Ancient Grain Chips

  139. Oh I would love to try their blueberry oat muffin tops!

  140. I would like to try their pizza.

  141. The Harvest Crunch Muffins

  142. Jen Connolly says:

    For health reasons I had to go gluten free 4 months ago, and Udi’s products have the made transition so much easier! I still haven;t tried any cookies or pizza though- they are next on my list!

  143. When do you announce the winner???

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