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Welcome to our newest GFF contributor, Brittney Long!


Hey there!  My name is Brittney Long.  I am so blessed to have the two most amazing boys in my life; My best friend and husband {Cody} and my son {Kooper} . I have learned over the past few years that there is NOTHING that is more full filling than being not only a wife but a mama.  I have never felt more like a woman {confident, beautiful and even at times sexy} as being in the role I am now as a wife and mom.  Our little family can more times than not be found doing anything outdoors.  We are lucky enough to live in the beautiful state of Utah.  The mountain range is practically our backyard!! With the mountains so close we are often exploring in them, riding horses, or hunting.

Growing up I would have been considered a tom boy, I love(d) dirt, camouflage, hunting {I am an avid bow hunter}, and sports.  I still love all these things but have found who I truly am. Being able to enjoy all the things that make me “tough” or a “tom boy” and than later cleaning up like you wouldn’t believe 😉 I enjoy all things creative {Beauty, Cooking, and DIY} and not only did I grow up outdoors, but I have grown up with a DIY attitude.  I learned from my parents how to envision, create and enjoy your success of whatever you built or refinished.

I have always loved to cook but once Kooper was born, my love to create healthy clean food for my family ignited.  My goal is to show my family that healthy and/or clean eating is “normal”, it can be easy, fun and still have our indulgences too! I can proudly say that because this has been my goal from the beginning, I now have one of the best eaters around, and he is willing to give anything a try.  He is still a kid, but there are times he reaches for fruit or veggies instead of the processed treats. I want to share my recipes and kiddie craft ideas with all those out there and to help inspire!  I love sharing all my creations, tips and ticks, ideas and dreams with everyone. This is why I created Luck. Leather. Lace. Love. The four letters I feel best describes my personality and who I am {besides wife and mama}  I want to have one central place to share all those ideas and creations going through my head!! I want to have a place for wife’s, mama’s, women and girls to connect that all enjoy similar things.  I don’t have just one niche, a niche isn’t who I am. I am outspoken, honest, vibrant, loud, creative, dirty, adventures, full of sweet dance moves and songs, often times a smart ass . . . and occasionally a hot mess!  Come join me on my journey of  Luck. Leather. Lace. Love. Lets inspire each other! XoXo


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