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Ultimate Gluten-Free Fitness Giveaway!!!

I know what you are thinking, “Why in the heck is she doing a fitness giveaway right during the holidays?!” but I do have a plan, I promise! :) My giveaways usually run 3-4 weeks and I want the winner to have time to receive their awesome prizes BEFORE the new year so they can start 2014 off right. Woot, woot!!

As some of you may know, I graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor’s degree, magna cum laude-I have to be proud since high school wasn’t so good ;), in Exercise and Health Wellness and Spa Management. I struggle with motivation at times but when it comes down to it, I truly love the high you get when you workout. I am a huge advocate for finding the routine that works best for you. The worst is when you feel pressure to have the same body as someone else. Don’t do this you guys! Love your own unique figure and own it. Find the exercise routines that motivate you and do them not mainly because you want to look good but because you want to FEEL good. Below are some of my absolute favorite products for maintaining your fitness goals. One lucky winner is going home with nearly every one of them!!


Blender Bottle- This is a MUST for your protein shakes on-the-go. No other shaker bottle truly mixes up the protein and liquid quite like Blender Bottle does. They have many designs but this SportMixer is my favorite as it is sleek and can be clipped onto your bag. Their great bottle design also keeps the lid tight making leaks a thing of the past. The Go Stak upright container makes packing your pre and post workout powder, supplements and protein powder as easy as humanly possible! There are enough separate containers that you can even put your jewelry or money in one while you workout…sweet! Let’s say you aren’t into all those supplements and protein powders? Fill your Go Stak with many different snacks and treats. These make great snack containers for kids too. I say these are two must have items for your everyday fitness bag. Visit them on Facebook or on Twitter.


Fire-Daughter Clothing Who doesn’t love cute fitness clothing that also motivates you to keep going? I know I do and Firedaughter has the best stuff around. Their shirts and sweatshirts (I love my that says Work It Out) are the absolute softest I have yet to try. They fit light, almost weightless which is nice especially here in the AZ heat. The last thing you want when working out is to be overheated due to what you are wearing. And let’s face it, nobody wants to feel frumpy while they are trying to get their fitness on either. Firedaughter has a full line of clothing including fitness and everyday wear. For me, the fact that this viral Etsy store is locally owned is even more motivation to shop there. The owner Samya is amazing and truly cares about what goes on to and into each piece she produces. Samya won’t just stamp any old saying on her clothes, it has to have meaning to her. Many and I mean many have tried to imitate her line but she is the original and the best! Visit them on Facebook or Twitter.


Nikki’s Coconut Butter- Can you say yum?! Nikki’s Coconut Butter is absolutely phenomenal! I eat this stuff by the spoonful and love that it is good for me! Nikki’s Coconut Butter only uses wholesome ingredients and truly gives healthy dessert a whole new meaning.This gluten-free, dairy free butter is made with organic coconuts. Eat it by the spoonful like I do or try it in smoothie, spread on gluten-free toast or as a topping for your gluten-free pancakes. Try it in flavors like:

  • Chocolate Hazelnut Brownie
  • Vanilla Cake Batter
  • Macadamia Nut Cookie
  • Honey Pecan Pie
  • Pumpkin Spiced Donut (Seasonal Flavor!)

Check them out on Facebook and Twitter.


Nutrasumma- Is an excellent product for those looking to get clean, gluten-free supplements into their body. Most proteins out there are filled with junk like artificial colors and sweeteners, chemicals and low quality whey. Nutrasumma is different. Their pea protein makes it possible to enjoy tasty, wholesome vegetarian protein in a large amount like the 20 grams each scoop of Nutrasumma has. There are so many ways to enjoy the pea protein from drinking it straight up or adding it to oatmeal or recipes to increase the protein. I have loved having supplements that assist in my fitness goals and are gluten-free. Stacking great Nutrasumma supplements like arginine, glutamine and creatine along with pea protein makes for the ultimate aide to getting wholesome pre and post workout ingredients into your body fast! Check out more on my Nutrasumma fitness postΒ and see how it helped me get back in my fitness groove. Visit them on Facebook and Twitter.


Dang Coconut Chips- Oh my goodness gracious, this is the most addicting snack ever!! Think sweet plus a little salt and a whole lot of crunch and you have Dang Coconut Chips. I love them right out of the bag but they are excellent on oatmeal, in yogurt, as an ice-cream topping and on salads as well. They make an excellent base for a home made trail mix too. Even add them to your curry for a nice twist. They really are an excellent compliment to so many dishes but my favorite thing is to just each them like chips, right out of the bag. I love the Dang Foods company and what they stand for. They truly value family, culture and community. They strive diligently to bring the best product to consumers. Dang Coconut Chips are vegan, gluten-free and non-GMO which makes them a very healthy snack as well. There are two flavors, the original and the caramel sea salt made with coconut sugar. If you haven’t tried these yet, I highly recommend you do. Believe me, you won’t regret it! Check out more on Facebook and Twitter.


Meal Measure- This kitchen tool is great for those who want to eat a balanced diet but aren’t quite sure where to begin. This measuring tool when set on your plate, tells you exactly how much of each food group to eat for a well balanced meal. This is a great starter tool and can also be helpful on the road when dining out a lot since most restaurants serve you 2-3 times the amount of food you should reasonably be eating per meal. Visit Facebook and Twitter for more information.


Six Pack BagsΒ (PLEASE NOTE: This bag is not part of the prize pack, however we have a code for you to use on their website below. Thanks! :)- This post wouldn’t be complete without my favorite fitness and clean living tool. 6 Pack Bags makes it SO easy to eat clean wherever you are! Sturdy compartments hold durable plastic containers that you can easily prep with your meals in advance. The two side pockets are excellent for your Blender Bottle & GoStak tower, your water bottle (use a sustainable one when at all possible) and your large fruit like banana or apple. I also keep my utensils and napkins in there. The top houses a durable plastic container with compartments that you can customize the size by removing the little plastic dividers. I use this area to put my Dang Coconut Chips (heck yeah!), nuts, seeds, dried fruit and jerky.

I can’t begin to tell you how amazing this bag has been for me. I absolutely LOVE this as it gives me no excuse to eat junky while out, my stuff is all packed so I almost feel guilty when I don’t eat it! πŸ˜‰ Mine is the Innovator 300 but there is also a 500 with 5 meal trays rather than 3. You can also find bigger bags like the Voyager 500 which is an entire backpack meal system and the Executive 500 which is a more professional bag. Six Pack Bags is also coming out with a new line designed to look like a purse! Whatever your style, they have something for you to make meal planning easy and stylish!

Visit and use code: glutenfreefrenzy

Check out my video below on gluten-free fitness where all of these products are featured and talked about in a little more detail then enter to win the ULTIMATE GLUTEN-FREE FITNESS GIVEAWAY below!!

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*I was provided with product for review from the companies above. I was not paid to write a positive review. These are my opinions and my opinions alone.


  1. Michelle Michelle

    I strive to be healthy, and chocolate and coconut are my faves. The Nutra Summa would fill my need for a new protein powder! I have been drinking a powder that claims to be gf but has wheat grass in it, I need something labeled gf…and tasty! The coconut chips and coconut butter would make awesome treats!

  2. Kim L Kim L

    I would love to try the Nutrasumma Pea Powder protein powder, I need to incorporate some GF natural protein powder now that I have started a crossfit class! I tried to win some before in your giveaway so maybe this will be my chance! Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. cassie cassie

    awesome stuff to know about! the coconut butter looks amazing… i want to try all the flavors!

    BlenderBottle Sport Mixer in Blue/Black, the gostak in blue, Every Day I’m Hustling Burnout Workout Tank in size large, the macadamia nut cookie coconut butter, the nutrasumma in chocolate, the original dang coconut chips, the mealmeasure in blue , any of the gray sixpackbags

  4. cassie cassie

    definitely want to try the coconut butter the most.

  5. Emily Emily

    I’d love the coconut butter.

  6. Melissa Melissa

    I’d really like to try the coconut chips, those sound interesting!

  7. Stefanie Stefanie

    I would love the Coconut butter, sounds so good!

  8. Dede Dede

    Would love to try the coconut butter…not a big coconut fan, but this sounds really delicious!

  9. Hey Chandice! I absolutely love love love this giveaway! I think the Fire Daughter clothing would make me the most excited about this giveaway simply because it’s so much easier to go to the gym if you have something fun to wear!

    • Chandice Chandice

      I couldn’t agree more! :)

  10. This is so much fun! I love it. I always want to enter your stuff, but it wouldn’t be fair since I’m not Gluten Free! haha So thanks, I’m excited for the chance to win some awesome stuff that I know you love!

    • Ooops, forgot to say I’m most excited about the Fire Daughter clothing!

    • Chandice Chandice

      Haha, love that you entered!!

  11. joanne joanne

    I have been following you for a couple of years but this year you inspired me with the clean eating and Nutrasumma products. You had great results and so now I am taking their protein and supplements. I love them!

  12. Renata Renata

    The Nutrasumma Protein sounds divine and would be protein-packed with energy and fuel for my muscles!

  13. Ray S Ray S

    The coconut butter flavors sound tasty especially macadamia nut! Thanks!

  14. Erin Erin

    I’m dying to try the coconut butter and protein! Always on the lookout for good proteins. :)

  15. Camille Camille

    I most want to try the coconut chips and the coconut butter! I’m slightly obsessed with all things coconut.

    • Chandice Chandice

      Me too Camille πŸ˜‰

  16. Abby Cree Abby Cree

    I want a hoodieeeee!!!
    And some cute work out pants!
    gotta look good while I’m getting in shape for pageant!

  17. Wendi Wendi

    I’m a marathon runner who is hypothyroid and learned just after running Chicago that I am gluten intolerant. I have a race calendar that’s packed for half marathon season and am in need of good fuel and supplements. I’m not picky about flavors :)

  18. shauna price shauna price

    The Coconut chips sound amazing

  19. Georgiana Georgiana

    Nikki’s Nut Butters in Macadamia Nut flavor sounds most unique and delicious to me!

  20. Sammi Sammi

    LOVE this giveaway :) Everything in it is amazing and I am a huge FD fan!!! And I love that the products are gluten free!

  21. Sammi Sammi

    Forgot the most important part of this comment……such a hard choice but the product I would want the most is a FD shirt :)

  22. Lorraine Lorraine

    I would love the six pack bags and the Nikiki’s Coconut Chocolate hazelnut butter!!!

    • Chandice Chandice

      Lorraine, the coconut butter is amazing! I just wanted to let you know that the 6-pack bag is the only thing not included in the prize however, we did provide a coupon code to use. Thanks! :)

  23. Jen Jen

    I’m in it for the coconut butter!

  24. crystal brooks crystal brooks

    Dang, I want the coconut chips…along with all the cool stuff. I just love coconut.

  25. amanda s. amanda s.

    I love the fire daughter clothing and the 6 pack products! I think I would get the most use out of the square water bottle from 6 pack or one of their cool bags

    • Chandice Chandice

      Amanda, the Firedaughter stuff rocks! I just wanted to let you know that the 6-pack bag is the only thing not included in the prize however, we did provide a coupon code to use. Thanks! :)

  26. Sara Sara

    I want all of them!! Love the cute tops, need a new blender bottle, need healthy protein powder for after my workouts, want Nikki’s Coconut butter, want some coconut chips to munch on, want containers to measure out perfect portions, and want an awesome bag to carry everything around in when I need to take my meals to go!!!

    • Chandice Chandice

      Sara, I love your enthusiasm! I just wanted to let you know that the 6-pack bag is the only thing not included in the prize however, we did provide a coupon code to use. Thanks! :)

  27. I love all the stuff! I havent tried any coconut chips or butter yet! I def love Meal Measure!

  28. FI FI

    Woo! What a great give-away :)

  29. Sonya Sonya

    What a great selection of products! Thanks for introducing me to a few new ones!~

  30. Sonya Sonya

    BTW – I am most excited about the shirt – I love the sayings that FireDaughter has chosen!

  31. Melissa D. Melissa D.

    I want to try all of it LOL :)

  32. The prize package is amazeballs and I would benefit from every item. I really have been interested in trying Nikki’s Nut Butters but have never made a purchase. And being a baseball mom, have the six pack back would help me eliminate the excuse for eating concession foods!

    • Chandice Chandice


      Thanks, I am glad you like the prize! I just wanted to let you know that the 6-pack bag is the only thing not included in the prize however, we did provide a code to use on their site. Good luck! :)

  33. SJ SJ

    All these products sound very cool! I’ve heard of some, but I love learning about new things!

  34. Michelle Michelle

    I think the pumpkin doughnut coconut butter sounds delicious!

  35. Wendy Wendy


  36. Breana Breana

    Def want the 6-pack!

    • Chandice Chandice


      The 6-pack is the only thing not included in the giveaway but we did provide a code to use on their site.

  37. Janelle Janelle

    I want the pumpkin spice donut flavor from Nikki’s SO BADLY! I tried their honey pecan pie one and it was off the chain so i want to eventually try them all.

  38. Heather Heather

    I am trying to increase my protein intake by trying different protein powders. Winning some Nutrasumma protein powder and a Blender Bottle would be wonderful!

  39. Kirstine Kirstine

    I am eager to try the Coconut Butters! I have liked Nikki’s on Facebook but have not purchased one yet. But all the recipes look so awesome and delicious! :) But I also really really really want a new workout shirt. All the Fire Daughter clothing is so sexy strong! :)

    • Chandice Chandice

      I love your enthusiasm! I love the coconut butters, they are like a treat!!

  40. Cristi Cristi

    The Blender bottle gostak looks like something I would use daily!

  41. I have been wanting to try the Vanilla Cake Batter flavor in Nikki’s Nut Butters! Also love the Fire-Daughter clothing line.

  42. Kari Buchholz Kari Buchholz

    The firedaughter tank “Suck it Up”! I’ve been lifting a lot more in potential prep for a figure competition and would love the motivational shirt AND something to show my newly acquired arm muscles (I used to have noodles -_-).

    • Chandice Chandice

      I love her motivational clothing line!!

  43. Arlinda Arlinda

    I would love a fire daughter tank or shirt to keep me motivated.

  44. shauna shauna

    coconut butter

  45. Sam Sam

    I love the super cute workout clothes by Fire-Daughter! Such fun phrases. The Blender Bottle would be a great addition to helping me get fit and healthy!

  46. Angela Marie Angela Marie

    Nikki’s Pumpkin Spice Coconut Butter

  47. Amy Lynn Amy Lynn

    I would pick the pink blender bottle, purple off the shoulder “dont stop believing” top (one of my FAVE workout songs:), chocolate hazelnut brownie coconut butter, and the Original Toasted Coconut Chips. the INNOVATOR 300 Blue bag is awesome too! Thanks for the great giveaway!!

    • Chandice Chandice

      Love your enthusiasm! Just wanted to let you know the 6 pack bag is the only thing not in the giveaway but there is a coupon code in the post. :)

  48. Amy Lynn Amy Lynn

    Whoops~ did mandatory comment on the blog instead of in the rafflecopter…….
    My FAVE item is the motivational shirt by Fire-Daughter!!! LOVE her sayings!

  49. Jordan D Jordan D

    GoStak containers from Blender Bottle, Aum Symbol Eco-Fleece from Fire-daughter, caramel sea salt coconut chips from Dang, Chocolate Pea Protein from Nutrasumma, Pumpkin Spice Donut or Honey Pecan Pie from Nikki’s coconut butter, and a portion control plate from Meal Measure!

  50. Jordan D Jordan D

    I want to win Nikki’s Coconut Butter most of all. I loved the vanilla cake batter flavor and want to try more varieties!

  51. Mary B Mary B

    I love coconut butter. I really want to win some. It’s the perfect snack that’s also so good for me!

  52. Elizabeth Elizabeth

    I would love to try the vanilla cake batter flavor

  53. Kat D. Kat D.

    The coconut butter looks delicious!

  54. Christi Christi

    I need all of these!! Best giveaway EVER!!

  55. Sarah Sarah

    I want the protein powder and shirt the most!!!

  56. Diana Cote Diana Cote

    Pea protein, I don’t have my own protein powder and sometimes i used the husbands but its not really meant for my kind of diet so i avoid it as much as I can, I would love to try this one. I think it would be perfect! πŸ˜€

  57. Alison Alison

    I want a shirt, they’re super cute!

  58. Rachel K Rachel K

    I most want the coconut chips!

  59. mona mona

    I’m not familiar with any of these products. I’d love to give them all a try!

  60. Kristen Kristen

    The Coconut Butter sounds pretty tasty aaaand the FD shirts are super cute!

  61. april april

    I want the coconut butter the most…yum!

  62. I am astounded and so excited at discovering Nikki’s Coconut butter. What a fantastic idea to have flavoured coconut butter!!

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