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Tell All Tuesday Featuring Allison of A Girl Defloured

Please tell everyone a little about yourself.
I am a mom, wife and professional recipe developer who was diagnosed with celiac disease about 2 years ago.
Please tell me about your gluten-free blog.
My blog is primarily a recipe blog with stories of life, love and family served up alongside food that’s fresh, seasonal and gluten-free. I feature a lot of baked goods and desserts on the site, as well as a healthy dose of salads, veggie sides, main courses, and cocktails . Most of my recipes are simple to prepare because I’m a busy person too, and I don’t have hours to spend each day in the kitchen.
How long have you been blogging?
I have been blogging for several years in two different spots. My first blog, A Girl, A Market, A Meal, featured local and seasonal cuisine.
Why did you start a gluten-free blog?
Because I was already developing recipes that were not gluten-free for my blog and other websites, after my diagnoses of Celiac Disease, I knew that it would mean a huge change both in my diet, and in my professional life. I was excited for the challenge, and I needed a creative outlet where I could share what I was learning in my kitchen. As awareness of gluten-intolerance, celiac disease and other conditions improves, more and more people are adapting a gluten-free diet as a way of life. I wanted to be a resource and a bright spot of hope that food can taste just as good as it did (or even better) than it did before you went gluten-free.
What makes your blog different than anyone 
Besides its mildly risque name…I LOVE taking pictures of food.–in fact, I take WAY more photos of food than I do of my own children. (I can’t believe I admitted that!) So my blog is a good place to go if you are a visual person who enjoys beautiful, as well as delicious food.
What would you like to see with your gluten-free blog in the future?
Ah the future…for now I am content with the way things are. I try to get a recipe or two out each week, which seems to be a good balance for me. Someday, like many bloggers, I’d love to get that big cookbook deal. And it’s totally going to happen, you’ll see. 😉
What do you love about gluten-free blogging most?
That’s an easy one to answer. The gluten-free community is SO AWESOME. Having to give up gluten opened the door to so many new friendships I never imagined I’d have. My GFFs are truly some of my best friends in the whole world. And they are my only friends who totally understand how difficult it is to be gluten-free in a sometimes unsympathetic world. They make me laugh, are a shoulder to cry on, and are a constant source of inspiration and encouragement.
Do you do giveaways? If so, what was your favorite giveaway?
YES! I do giveaways all the time. What was my favorite giveaway? That’s too hard to answer. I love giving away cookbooks the most because I’m a cookbook junkie and I think one can never have enough of them. 

Tell me some of your favorite gluten-free blogs that you read.
G-Free Foodie
Celiac and the Beast
Gluten is My Bitch
No Gluten, No Problem
The Healthy GF Life
Notes from a Gluten-Free Kitchen
Silvana’s Kitchen
Sarah Bakes
How can people find you?

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