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Glutino Accompaniments Giveaway!!


I have been wanting to host a cheese and wine party for awhile now because let’s face it, I am obsessed with food. 😉 So a party themed around food is my kind of party! There were however, a few problems. #1 I don’t drink so I needed to find a gluten-free, non-alcoholic wine. #2 Every cheese and wine party needs delicious accompaniments but those usually include crackers so I needed to find a cracker that was crunchy and tasty enough to fool my non-gluten friends into enjoying them at our party. Enter Glutino Rosemary and Olive Oil crackers. These crackers are SO flavorful while maintaining the integrity of a good cracker with nice crunch. I served these as well as some of my gluten-free bagel chips to my friends and they loved them! Nobody could even tell they were gluten-free…yay!! I want to note how sweet my friends are that they brought gluten-free items to the party. Even my friend who made a pastry encrusted brie on a separate plate brought me my own little brie slice without the pastry. My friends are so sweet…

With all the salty that was happening between the cheese, olives and crackers I definitely felt a sweet treat was in order. These lemon wafer cookies couldn’t have been more perfect as they were delicate and fresh in flavor and texture. They were a softer crunch compared to the cracker which was a nice change for our palates. The lemon flavor almost acted as an intermezzo between plates of salty, bold, cheese and cracker flavors. These little wafers would be perfect served on a picnic or at a gluten-free tea party.


I should note that we found some delicious non-alcoholic wine that was gluten-free. Ariel blanc was mild and the perfect beverage accompaniment to our party. Thank you to Glutino for making this a success! So are you ready to win some crackers and wafer cookies all for yourself?! Enter below.

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**This company provided me with sample product for review purposes on this website. I was not paid or compensated in any other way for my reviews. They are my opinions and my opinions alone.


  1. Melissa Melissa

    I’d probably enjoy those items at home when I get a craving for some crunchy snacks!

  2. cassie cassie

    i would love to bring these to our family christmas for everyone to try!

  3. Denise Fedor Denise Fedor

    I would share these with my Gluten Free Daughter at Christmas.

  4. Kim L Kim L

    i would enjoy these at home with cheese and share with my non GF family.

  5. Debra Lee Debra Lee

    This would be great on New Year’s Eve since we stay in!

  6. Dede Dede

    I would enjoy these during the holidays with my family!

  7. Michelle Michelle

    There are 3 birthdays in my house between November and December, so with those and the holidays, we have at least 4 parties. So my bounty would be shared with a couple gluten free friends I have who join us!

  8. Emily Emily

    I’d share them with friends!

  9. Renata Renata

    I would enjoy these goodies for an afternoon teatime treat with my girlfriends!

  10. Ray S Ray S

    Be a great addition to a holiday party to share!

  11. Karol Karol

    I would enjoy these at home, with my husband.

  12. shauna price shauna price

    at home

  13. Georgiana Georgiana

    I would enjoy these treats both at home after a nice meal and pack some for my work lunches!

  14. Lisa F Lisa F

    I love Glutino !! Their bagel chips are amazing !

  15. Cristi Cristi

    On the front porch with the grandkids.

  16. Helen Helen

    I would take them with me hiking

  17. Kat D. Kat D.

    I would enjoy these treats with my roommates in college!

  18. Amber Amber

    These would be great for the holidays and parties!

  19. Taylor Taylor

    Thanksgiving appetizer!

  20. Marie Marie

    I would enjoy these goodies at my next book club!

  21. Amanda Yoder Amanda Yoder

    I have to avoid their foods with soy sadly, but the ones I can have are great for travelling (at home I make more of my own stuff), but when I’m on the road or somewhere without safe cookware–this is the best!

  22. Andrea Andrea

    Love Glutino! Just tried the chocolate waffers. Addictive!

  23. melody melody

    Would love to have these on the go. I’m new to GF and need snack idea when on the go.

  24. Alexa Reghenzani Alexa Reghenzani

    At school for a yummy snack!

  25. Heather Heather

    I enjoy these at work, home and on the go, especially at theme parks.

  26. Theresa Theresa

    Looks great

  27. Stefanie Stefanie

    I would love to serve these to my friends at my holiday house party.

  28. Monisha Monisha

    At home with my extended family at christmas

  29. shauna shauna

    snack for work

  30. Anne-Marie P Anne-Marie P

    I am in search of some snacks for my family. These look delicious! The wafer cookies look the best to me!

  31. Theresa Theresa

    I have not even heard of these new crackers. You bet I will be watching the stores for them. We love cheese and crackers at eve parties.

  32. Elizabeth Elizabeth

    The kids love the wafer cookies! And I love the crackers with cheese and wine

  33. Shannon W Shannon W

    A girls night in. Few bottles of wine, yummy treats and catching up.

  34. Trina Trina

    Sounds yummy!

  35. Alison Alison

    After school

  36. Lisa Lisa

    On road trips to Anchorage, Alaska.

  37. Maria H. Maria H.

    I would enjoy this at a family get together and of course at home.

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