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Cattaneo Bros Jerky Feature & Giveaway!!

IMG_7812Cattaneo Bros Jerky is a family business that has been running for 65 years and has grown to be one of the oldest jerky factories in the United States. Much of their processing is still done by hand with the same recipes and techniques used when they first started. I had the pleasure of trying these different flavors of jerky and they really were fantastic! This was a product review that I couldn’t keep my husband away from. I only got a bite or two of each package before he snatched it away. Mind you this is my non-gluten free husband so when he loves something I take note that it is a general public crowd pleaser. Below are the flavors and kinds of jerky we enjoyed and our thoughts.

Original ExtraThin-Cut Beef Jerky: This was a classic flavor beef jerky that was perfect for adding to my little guys (nearly 3 & 5) lunches with gluten-free crackers and dried fruit. They enjoyed the flavor and the I was happy that the texture was thin enough that they could easily chew through it with their baby teeth.

Black Pepper Extra Thin-Cut Beef Jerky: I really enjoyed this mildly spicy jerky. I thought the flecks of black pepper gave it a nice kick and made it a nice snack all on its own. The thin, small slices made for easy packing in my 6 Pack Bag little compartment snack case.

Hot Pepper Extra Thin-Cut Beef Jerky: I was also a huge fan of this flavor as I love almost any degree of heat in my food. I am a spicy loving girl and this not only had heat but also great flavor to go along with it. It was great with a creamy cheese and gluten-free cracker. It was also a nice, spicy topping to salad when chopped even smaller.

Mesquite Extra Thin-Cut Beef Jerky: My hubby really liked the sweet and smoky flavor of this jerky. He easily at the package in just a few minutes with the comment that it was very tasty indeed.

Sea Salt Range Beef Jerky: This was my absolute favorite jerky and the one I would stock in my house as it is grass-fed, hormone free and pasture raised and very high quality. It is also sugar free which is great. I don’t often serve my family jerky because of the nitrates and nitrites so this jerky met our families daily snack needs.

Original Cowboy Cut Beef Jerky: This was another favorite of my husband as he likes things to be classic in taste and not too spicy or unique in flavor. This was your “real man’s” beef jerky that any jerky lover would enjoy.

I enjoy that this company provides gluten-free jerky for the community as well as their high quality pasture raised, grass-fed and hormone free line of beef jerky. Check them out today!

So are you ready to win some Cattaneo Bros Jerky all for yourself?! Enter below…

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*I was provided with product for review purposes. I was not compensated for this review nor was I required to write a positive feature. These are my opinions and my opinions alone.


  1. Rashell Rashell

    I would carry it in my purse for my boys after Taekwondo.

  2. shauna shauna

    after the gym

  3. Theresa Theresa

    I got to get me some of the sea salt jerky that sounds so good

  4. Cindy Young Cindy Young

    In my purse so I ALWAYS have it handy!

  5. Kat D. Kat D.

    I would take it to my softball games. Great snack for the bus!



  7. Jeanne Jeanne

    I would love to try some on road trips. The Mesquite Extra Thin-Cut sounds wonderful.

  8. Michelle Michelle

    It would be a staple in my purse for a nice tasty protein snack when on the go!

  9. Renata Renata

    Great snack for the afternoon to keep me energized at work!

  10. Ray S Ray S

    I would enjoy them at home for a quick midday snack anytime. Thanks!

  11. Emily Emily

    I’d keep some in my car–you never know when you’ll get hungry on the go!

  12. Alison Alison

    At school!

  13. mona mona

    I keep some in my tote to have on the go for road trips.

  14. Sharalyn A Sharalyn A

    I would take this on trips to my Mother and Father in Law’s when we go visit them. They live about 3 hours from us. However, In all honesty, I would probably snack on them pretty much anywhere.

    I have Celiacs Disease and ever since I got diagnosed I haven’t been able to enjoy beef jerky. I often crave them but cannot indulge in it because most of them have soy sauce, which most of you all know has gluten in it. So needless to say, I would really love to win this!!

  15. sharon sharon

    I must win this…….so love jerky…

  16. Carolsue Carolsue

    I would take my jerky to work with me for a quick snack when the boss wasnt looking!
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  17. Elizabeth Elizabeth

    to work!

  18. Milton O Johnson Jr Milton O Johnson Jr

    Great Stuff…. We are lucky enough to be a short distance from them locally. Son loves it since he has been diagnosed with Celiac. His favorite jerky

  19. lisa f lisa f

    To work!

  20. Susan Christy Susan Christy

    I want to try the Mesquite for an afternoon snack.

  21. Kim L Kim L

    i would keep them in my car for a high protein on the go snack…i am always on the go!

  22. Lisa Lisa

    I’d take it to the beach.

  23. lorraine r. lorraine r.

    this would be a great snack for those late nights with a toddler

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