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Cabot Cheese Feature & Giveaway!!

IMG_8054Have you ever tried Cabot cheese? It is AMAZING!! I love the wonderful flavors that each bar brings to the table. I also love all that this wonderful company stands for. Cabot Creamery is a 1,200+ farm family dairy co-op with members in New England and upstate NY. Each produces all natural, award-winning cheeses. They are most well known for producing the “World’s Best Cheddar” which after trying it, I can absolutely believe! 100% of profits go back to these family farms which is so wonderful and just isn’t happening with our food production enough these days. I may sound like a grumpy old lady right now but it truly is so important to support wonderful companies like this and family run establishments when at all possible.

I recently had the pleasure of tasting some great tasting Cabot cheeses. Here are some of my thoughts:

Vermont Sharp- This is your classic cheddar lovers cheese. It has won the Blue Ribbon Best of Class from the U.S. Championship Cheese Contest and Outstanding Classic at the International Fancy Food Show. This creamy cheese is the perfect one for making homemade gluten-free mac n’ cheese that will make your non-gluten free friends even drool! Use it as a fondue to showcase the beautiful flavor in a bold way.

Sharp Light- With only 70 calories and 4.5 grams of fat per ounce, this cheese makes it easy for those watching their figure to still enjoy a buttery slice of cheddar. This makes an excellent addition to eggs, potatoes and your veggie, gluten-free quesadilla.

Seriously Sharp- Ok so I LOVE my cheddar almost as sharp as it can get. I love that the sharper it gets, the most it becomes a hard cheese. I am a HUGE fan of hard cheeses as well so this was my cheese for sure. I used it as a snack for a higher flavor profile that could stand up to some nice accompaniments like nuts & seasoned gluten-free crackers without losing its flavor. This cheese is also great with flavorful, nitrate-free jerky or smoked meats as it doesn’t get lost in your palate. I can’t say enough good things about it!

PepperJack- My mom uses pepperjack cheese exclusively so I grew up with this spicy cheese in everything we ate and loved it! It gives dishes a nice flare while still giving the creamy, smooth bite you are looking for. It is great in southwest dishes as well as most breakfast foods including in hash brown casserole as my family and I like to enjoy it best.

So are you ready to win a $25 gift box of Cabot cheese all for yourself?! Enter below! (Sorry, no P.O. boxes)


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*I was provided with product for review purposes. I was not paid to write a positive review. These are my opinions and my opinions alone.


  1. shauna price shauna price

    in a salad

  2. Denise Fedor Denise Fedor

    I eat Cabot Vermont Sharp on Gluten Free Crackers

  3. Joyce May Joyce May

    We love to shred any Cabot on gluten free chips and melt for a few seconds in microwave.

  4. I would make grilled cheese and some cheese nachos….my husbands faves!

  5. Jade Jade

    I would make some loaded nachos!! Yum..

  6. Jessie C. Jessie C.

    I would make sandwiches first.

  7. Emily Emily

    I’d make a spicy dip–perfect for football season!

  8. Kim L Kim L

    i love cheese so plain or mac and cheese!

  9. cassie cassie

    definitely set up a cheese and meat tray for new years eve with some meats from our local deli!

  10. Linda Linda

    I’d love to enter the contests, but I don’t know how to “tag” sites or people or comments. Maybe an explanation or example for us newbies? Thanks!

    • Chandice Chandice

      On Facebook you use the @ symbol and before starting to type @glutenfreefrenzy or @glutino but you have to be following those companies. Thank you! 🙂

  11. Lou Lou

    I’d make chicken quesadillas.

  12. Meryl Meryl

    Grilled cheese with extra sharp cheddar and sliced tomatoes.

  13. Melissa Melissa

    cheesy potatoes!

  14. Margot C Margot C

    A great bubbling real Mac and Cheese

  15. Kat D. Kat D.

    I would make cheesy turkey in the crock pot!

  16. Karol Karol

    I would use it to make a delicious turkey and cheddar sandwich.

  17. Beth Beth

    I would use it to make a delicious cheesy casserole

  18. Taylor Taylor

    Cheese souffle for me!

  19. Ellesha Ellesha

    I love to put the extra-sharp white cheddar in gluten-free chicken enchilada soup!

  20. Amber Amber

    Would love to put in a chicken dish, and also use in gluten-free pasta!

  21. lisa f lisa f

    Great as a stand alone appetizer for parties!

  22. Janelle F. Janelle F.

    I would make mac & cheese using the Vermont Sharp cheese.

  23. Renata Renata

    I would make a gluten-free classic buttery grilled cheese sandwich!

  24. Amy Lynn Amy Lynn

    I would eat some sharp cheddar with a piece of dark chocolate on a GF cracker. Seriously amazing!

  25. Stefanie Stefanie

    I would love to make a cheesy pasta dish with the Sharp Light cheese.

  26. Ray S Ray S

    I would make a pepper jack cheese omelet with diced tomatoes too!

  27. Georgiana Georgiana

    I would shred it up for tacos and also use for a salad topper!

  28. Cee Cee

    I’d make a good baked potato soup, use the cheese for lentil tacos, and also make quesadillas (my daughter’s fave!).

  29. Jeffrey Jeffrey

    I’d like to cook up some Mac & Cheese with their Vintage Choice Cheddar!

  30. Chris Longfors Chris Longfors

    I would use it sliced on a gluten free quinoa cracker !!! Yum.

  31. Theresa Theresa

    some interresting flavors. looks yummy

  32. Elizabeth Elizabeth

    Grilled Cheese any day!

  33. Shannon W Shannon W

    Sliced with nothing else. LOOOOOOOVE cheese!

  34. Trina Trina

    I’d like to try the Seriously Sharp cheese.

  35. Jeffrey Jeffrey

    I go with homemade Mac & Cheese, a childhood favorite with a grownup twist!

  36. Alison Alison


  37. mona mona

    gf grilled cheese sandwich

  38. Sharalyn A Sharalyn A

    I would make a meat and cheese tray for a special occasion or just for a fun little snack while watching a movie with the family.

  39. Carolsue Carolsue

    I would make Fondue on Christmas Eve!
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  40. Lisa Lisa

    macaroni and cheese with vermont cheddar!

  41. Maria H. Maria H.

    Mac and cheese and a grill cheese!

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