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Wokbox Arizona Restaurant Review

I had the pleasure of doing a gluten-free menu tasting at the Wok Box of Scottsdale with my fellow Arizona gluten-free blogger friends and my GFF, Julia recently. I want to thank her for inviting me. She truly is an amazing part of my celiac journey and someone I couldn’t imagine my life without. The lovely Erica (and her awesome GFBF) of Celiac and the Beast and adorable Sarah of Can I Eat Here also joined us which made for some great company.

When we arrived, the owner shared with us all of their kitchen procedures for avoiding cross-contamination and making all gluten-free dishes celiac safe. He talked about the staff of his knowledge and how they work hard to train everyone. Her personally led us through the tasting answering all our questions and assuring us of the safety procedures followed to provide us safe, gluten-free dishes. The food was absolutely fabulous!! We start from top left to right with the Mongolian Beef and Broccoli with was hearty and full of flavor including that of garlic and gluten-free marinated beef. The vegetables were cooked just right giving you a crunch without being too al dente. Next was the Jungle Lemongrass with yellow curry, chili and creamy coconut milk then topped with pineapple and fresh cilantro…I loved this dish! You couldn’t possibly pack more flavor into your mouth than was in this dish. Following that we enjoyed the sweet mongolian noodle box that featured sweet garlic sauce, fresh veggies, broccoli and udon noodles. I love noodle dishes so it was no surprise to me that I also thoroughly enjoyed this tasty bowl. This dish would be filling enough on its own or could accompany a meat dish nicely. Lastly, my mouth danced as I took every spoonful of the house made Pho. Pho has been one of my favorite foods since college where I enjoyed it almost on a weekly basis. Pho broth, gluten-free noodles, thinly sliced beef, bean sprouts, green onions and LOTS of fresh basil make this one amazing dish. I of course had to heat mine up with Siracha and chili past but if your eating Pho and your mouth isn’t burning, I suggest turning up the heat a little more. 😉

This was all around a fantastic gluten-free meal and one I would recommend. It is a great place because you can order quick service for lunch or stay and linger longer in the dining room for dinner. As with any restaurant, please make sure to be your own advocate and ask all the necessary questions to ensure you a safe dining experience. Happy gluten-free eating!


**This company provided me with sample product for review purposes on this website. I was not paid or compensated in any other way for my reviews. They are my opinions and my opinions alone.

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