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Chex Cereal Feature and GIVEAWAY!!

Who doesn’t love the goodness of gluten-free Chex cereal? If you have been living gluten free for longer than a day, chances are you have tried at least one of the flavors and already fell in love with it. Chex cereal is so versatile. You can enjoy it as a quick breakfast cereal or add some marshmallows and butter to make a delicious Chex krispie treats! There are so many flavors to chose from that everyone in your house can be satisfied. Choose from flavors like these.


Apple Cinnamon Chex

Cinnamon Chex

Chocolate Chex

Honey Nut Chex

Rice Chex

Corn Chex

and don’t forget the NEW Vanilla Chex!


Chex cereal is one that can be used in so many recipes including savory ones like this extra crunchy “fried” chicken. Once you make this for your family, they will be begging for it over and over again. Use the corn or rice Chex in place of breadcrumbs in recipes such as meatloaf and chicken parmigiana.

Gluten-Free Chex Ranch Fried Chicken

3 cups corn Chex

3 cups rice Chex

2 Tbsp. all-purpose gluten-free flour

2 Tbsp. Hidden Valley Ranch, dry mix

1 lbs of boneless chicken breast, cut into strips

Coconut oil (for dipping chicken in)

Pre-heat oven to 425°. Put cereal in a gallon zip lock bag (get most air out of it) and slightly crush with a rolling pin. Add to bowl and mix in the rest of dry ingredients. Cut each chicken breast into strips so that they are equal size and thickness.  Dip in oil and dredge in dry mixture.  Place on un-greased baking pan and drizzle with a little oil and add some extra crumbs over top. Bake for 25 mins or until golden brown and cooked through. Enjoy!

(This photo is what it should look like before it is cooked.)


So are you ready to win some Chex mix all for yourself?! Enter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

**This company provided me with sample product for review purposes on this website. I was not paid or compensated in any other way for my reviews. They are my opinions and my opinions alone.


  1. Denise Fedor Denise Fedor

    I would make cinnamon chex krispie treats.

  2. shauna price shauna price

    Make a chex mix

  3. Turq Turq

    I would love to use this to make Scotcheroos!

  4. I love making chex mixes to keep at work for my afternoon snack! I also use them to make 7 layer bars

  5. Missy M. Missy M.

    Chex mix is my favorite snack of all time! After looking at the recipes on the Chex site, I found several that I need to try!!

  6. Cindy W. Cindy W.

    I use a combination of Rice Chex and Almond Flour to make a crust for cheesecake. Everyone loves it.

  7. Emily Emily

    I’d use the rice and corn varieties to make a spicy chex mix. Or vanilla to make an updated sweet & salty mix!

  8. Karol Karol

    I would make a sweet and salty chex mix.

  9. Christina Christina

    Love sweet and salty things!

  10. shauna shauna

    I would crumble chocolate chex and use as a pie/cookie crust.

  11. Lisa Lisa

    I love trail mix made with all their GF flavors of chex!

  12. julie julie

    I like to crumble honey nut chex on yogurt

  13. Karley Karley

    I would make no bake cookies out of the vanilla chex cereal. I would use peanut butter, cocoa, butter, milk, and sugar to create them.

  14. Stefanie Stefanie

    I would love to use the chocolate chex to make some muddy buddies, yum!

  15. Tammy Tammy

    I just love these cereals. I want to try doing a chex mix that is GF but never have enough flavors. This would be great!

  16. Jessica Jessica

    Chex crispy treats with almond butter and chocolate instead of marshmallows 🙂

  17. lollorosso lollorosso

    I would use them to make Chex Apple Pie Snack Mix. That recipe sounds delicious (like all Chex desert recipes 😉 ).

  18. Yesenia J. Yesenia J.

    I want to make a chex mix.

  19. David David

    I would like to use the Vanilla Chex and make muddie buddies. I have had these using the regular rice or corn chex, but the vanilla may add a great kick to it.

  20. Jasmine Jasmine

    Puppy Chow!

  21. Jasmine Jasmine

    Puppy Chow!

  22. David David

    honey chex marshmallow treats!

    • Chandice Chandice

      That sounds yummy!!

  23. Jessica S Jessica S

    I would make marshmallow treats with the chocolate chex, my son would love that! Yum!

  24. brooke brooke

    I would love to make my own rice krispies with them or even put them in my ice cream! 😀

  25. Kim L Kim L

    I would use it like you did for bread crumbs….but only the rice one, otherwise it would be to sweet

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