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Qrunch Burgers Feature and GIVEAWAY!!

We had the pleasure of trying Qrunch burgers and I actually enjoyed them a lot! I am a HUGE fan of the curry and the Italian spice flavors. The green chili is pretty great too. My husband liked the original recipe. These great burgers are gluten free, dairy free, soy free, nut-free, egg-free, corn-free and low in sodium. They make it so easy for those living with multiple food allergies to have a great tasting and nutrient dense burger.


Get creative and enjoy them on a salad, on a sandwich, for breakfast or just as a burger. They really are so versatile and can even be topped with meat if you are a meat eater looking for that extra boost of protein. What I liked most about this product was the crunchy texture it took on after cooking. It held up very well and was nice and crispy. I enjoyed it for lunch over a piece of gluten free toast and topped with cilantro jalapeño hummus and grilled onions…yum! I was SO excited to see the coming soon product of Qrunch tots…I can’t wait to try them!!


So are you ready to win some Qrunch burgers all for yourself?! Enter below!

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  1. These look great! I just checked out the site – I haven’t seen them near me yet but would love to try the original burger! I love that it is also dairy & corn free 🙂

  2. Emily Emily

    I’d use it in a gluten free wrap with hummus and veggies!

  3. Jessica Jessica

    I haven’t heard of these but they look great! I’d love to make a burger with a GF bun. Haven’t done that in a long time because I don’t digest meat well.

  4. Wehaf Wehaf

    I’d grill these over charcoal, and serve them with grilled asparagus and a green salad.

  5. heather heather

    i would make veggie burgers

  6. Michelle Michelle

    I would put this in a lettuce wrap with cheese, tomato, onion, bean dip, and this fantastic chipotle honey mustard I have!!! YUM!

  7. Jordan D Jordan D

    I’d probably use these burgers to top a salad.

  8. shauna shauna

    I would use the burger as meat and crumble it in a veggie casserole!

  9. Lisah Lisah

    I can think of so many ways to eat the Qrunch Burgers! I would definitely try both flavors atop a bed of lettuce with other veggies shredded on top, but in different variations with complimentary dressings.

  10. Kerri Kerri

    These look amazing! Looking forward to trying them

  11. Stefanie Stefanie

    I would use these and make a great pita sandwich with onions and mushrooms.

  12. Julie Julie

    I would love these on a bun with lettuce,guacamole and tomato

  13. I spread plain avocado on the bun, add a tomato, slice of romaine lettuce, and WA-LA! Deliciousness!!!

  14. Erin Erin

    I have tried these and they’re GREAT! I can’t wait to try your serving idea. Also, want to try it with an egg for b’fast. We’re currently experiencing difficulty getting them in our area but Qrunch Foods is working on it.

  15. Joanne Joanne

    Can’t wait for the tots to come out!

    • Chandice Chandice

      Me too girl!!

  16. Chelsea W Chelsea W

    I think it would just be really great to have as a burger with this new GF bread I just bought at a local grocer.

  17. kolpin kolpin

    i’d chop them up and put them in a taco!

    rafflecopter: daniel

  18. Sheila K. Sheila K.

    I would cut it into strips and have it in a salad!

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