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Shirley J Gluten Free Feature and Review by GFF Contributor Brittney Long

I was beyond excited when I was given to oppurtinity to review Shirley J products.  I happened to stumble upon these products when I went to a Shirley J party that was being hosted.  I have to be honest, when I was invited to this party I had never heard of Shirley J products but the party invite advertised free food and a fun cooking tutorial. . . I was in!  Once there and the cooking tutorial began I was amazed by their product Whisk Bliss. I was even more amazed and excited to be told that Shirley J has a Gluten Free version.  When the consultant asked if anyone prefered the Gluten Free I piped up, YES! Of course there were a few grumbles from others there but after it was all prepared, no one was grumbling about it being Gluten Free. 🙂
I was able to review the Shirely J Whisk Bliss (Gluten Free), Mugging! Gluten Free Brownie, and the seasonings: Onion, Pizza & Pasta. I was also able to review the bouillions: Chicken and Beef.
To start off with the Whisk Bliss Gluten Free.  What is Whisk Bliss?  This is a universal cooking base. This can be used to replace your cream of “whatever” soups.  I fell in love with this product.  Its something I love just having on hand in the pantry and you can mix everything and anything into this.  It requires very little attention compared to most cooking bases.  All you do is add water.  The price is just right, and you definitely get your money’s worth.  It comes in a 32 oz resealable bag.  I had so many options for quick, easy, homemade dinners with this-soups, alfredo, and replacements for the cream of “whatever” soups.
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Mugging! Gluten Free Brownie: OMG!! Every girl needs one of these. . . you all know what I am talking about 🙂 These are perfect for that late night craving and helping you keep it all under control. The Mugging! Gluten Free Brownie was simple to make, mix the packet to water in the Mugging! Mug and pop it in the microwave for 90 seconds and BOOM! I have to say I was slightly nervous to try it because I have had similar Gluten Free products and I have a hard time getting past the texture and odd smell. I was beyond amazed how smooth this brownie tasted. It was just what I needed.  They say this is the perfect serving size for one but I was able to share (unwillingly) with my son, and we were both beyond satisfied.  I was able to try several of these and it took me a few times to get it to where the brownie was raised all the way to the top of the mug like in the pictures. Practice makes perfect, and I learned its all about mixing it very thoroughly. You can buy the browine mix in a 5 pack, they also offer a Mugging! Mug plus a mix-which whould be a fun gift.
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Seasonings/Bouillions: Shirley J Seasoning and Bouillions are known to be less in sodium than other seasonings.  These Seasoings and Bouillions were first offered to professional chefs and restaurants, lucky for us they are now being offered to us home cooks.  The Onion Seasoning is very versatile   This tasted great just added to cottage cheese or greek yogurt as a dip.  I also used this seasoning for many different aspects of cooking and is a great replacement for those receipes that call for onion soup mixes. Hello, crock pot recipes!!
Pizza & Pasta seasoning is great for a little extra help for your spaghetti  meat loaf, or pizza sauce.  I also used as a replacement for Italian seasoning and Italian dressing.  Yet again Shirley J products have tons of versatility. Speaking of versatility, the Chicken and Beef Bouillon This was one of the most exciting products I was able to try.  Obviously the options are endless with these.  I love the packaging of these (and the seasoning) it is square with a wide open top.  These are such a great value- you mix 1/2 tsp per 1 cup of warm water. Again these are much lower in sodium than you store bouillions.
Overall I would give Shirley J products a 4 out of 5.  I love, love, love the versatility of all their gluten free products and the simplicity behind them all.  The prices are great especially for the value and quantity (sometimes you have to keep that all in mind). I’d have to say for me personally I am sold on the Whisk Bliss (Bye Bye cream of “whatever”, pricey glutenized soups). Also, the seasoning and bouillions.  I love that these are low in sodium, a decent price, great packaging and will last a while!
What I found out on the manufacturing of these products.
Shirley J has several products that contain no wheat or wheat products and as such may be considered naturally Gluten Free. However our Whisk Bliss Original Gluten Free is specifically marketed as Gluten Free because we have carefully formulated and produced this product for the Gluten Free market. Our manufacturing, blending and storage procedures are monitored to ensure that Gluten Free Original Whisk Bliss is Gluten Free. In addition we carefully test each batch that is produced to ensure that it is Gluten Free. While several of our other products are naturally gluten free and contain no wheat, consumers are always encouraged to read the labels first. Modified food starches that are identified on our labels are of corn origin. Check the Whisk Bliss Original Gluten Free page at the bottom for our official statement and more information about our third-party testing.

A special thank you to Lesa Swenon, the amazing Shirley J representative I worked with for the opportunity to review your products, and being able to get such great recipe ideas from you.  Your passion for cooking and showing busy moms how to get great, healthy dinners on the table quickly inspires many!
If you wold like further information on Shirley J products, please contact Lesa with the contact information below.
Lesa Swensons
**The opinions expressed in this review are my own.  I was not paid nor endorsed to express these opinions in such manner.

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