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Food Allergy Bullying, it is real and it hurts…

Recently I have been so tenderhearted about the subject of food allergy bullying, especially to kids. This is just not acceptable in todays world. We have come so far and fought so hard for equal rights, so why now? People need to take this more seriously and know that any child is being bullied, making them feel alone, depressed, scared and like they have no self worth needs to be heard, validated and understood. We as adults have a huge responsibility to stand up for loved ones with food allergies and/or celiac disease. We wouldn’t tease a kid with other life threatening diseases so why these? Please take a moment to watch the video below, share it and explain to your little ones the importance of making everyone feel loved and of great worth. I know that my family means the world to me and if our sweet babies develop food allergies or inherit celiac disease from me, I would hope that others would show them the genuine love and kindness they so deserve.


Thank you…

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