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Dallas Gluten Free! Celebrate Celiac™ Event and Tu-Lu’s Bakery Feature

I had so much fun in Dallas doing the Celebrate Celiac™ Gluten Free Calendar Event! I was finally able to meet my sweet Instagram friend April of Gluten Free Austin. She was just adorable! She and her sweet family drove 3 hours to come help and be a part of the event. I am so grateful for people like her who love our community and want to support those things that better it. Thanks girl! 🙂 There were 400+ people at this 3 hour event that became gluten free and celiac disease awareness day at Dallas Children’s Theater. Parents and kids rejoiced as they were introduced to fabulous local brands like Tulu’s Bakery, Local Oven and The Original Pancake House (who’s gluten free pancakes are amazing btw!) as well as fabulous nationwide brands like KIND, Udi’s, Glutino and Gluten Free Living Magazine. It was a fun community celebration for those living with celiac disease and gluten sensitivity.

I stayed at the Sheraton Downtown Hotel on Olive street and it turned out to be a fabulous place for accommodating the celiac diet. The kitchen was understanding of my dietary needs. I wanted to enjoy the breakfast bar since the breakfast meats, potatoes and eggs were gluten free. The corn grits were also gluten free and SO delicious!! I topped mine with brown sugar and raisins and enjoyed two bowls! Since a large portion of the breakfast bar (in separate containers) were danishes and pastries, they were so kind to make me gluten free flan and flourless, gluten free chocolate cake in place. Yeah, I enjoyed dessert for breakfast, why not? 😉 It was all amazing and I literally had to roll myself out of the restaurant. The guest services and namely Kim Huff, a front office supervisor and Sara Cottles who worked in the restaurant, when completely out of their way to make me feel more than welcome, safe and happy.

The Celiac Awareness Night with the Dallas Mavs that was organized by Gluten Free Calendar was a fun filled evening with the team going into overtime and money being fundraised for celiac disease and gluten sensitivity research.

Finally, I got to enjoy the local famous gluten free bakery that is Tulu’s Bakery. I met the owner who was as adorable as can be. She was so sweet and fun to talk too. I learned how much she genuinely cares about the celiac and gluten sensitive communities. She works tirelessly to provide the community with great tasting and safe gluten free baked goods. Her mom was also at the event and such a kind woman. I was so impressed with Tulu’s Bakery product presentation first off but then after tasting the products I continued to be impressed. I really enjoyed the muffins. I thought they were moist, full of flavor and gorgeous. I also really liked the peanut butter toffee bars. Again, they were moist and full of flavor. With locations in NYC and two in Dallas you can see how driven those behind this company are. Be sure to check them out when you are able!


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