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Time with my GFF AND Gluten Free Afternoon Tea? It doesn’t get better than that…

IMG_4250I feel so incredibly blessed to have the friends that I do. My GFF Julia is one of the most wonderful people I know. She is always providing me with the support and encouragement I need on this crazy celiac journey. She is definitely one of the most loyal, genuine and Christlike people I know. Naturally I want to be around her as much as our schedules allow. We decided that it had been too long since we had done gluten free afternoon tea together (see Ritz Carlton afternoon tea under Restaurant Reviews for our last outing). We are both total girly girls so this is an activity we just love doing together. There is nothing like delicious herbal tea (with cream ;), gluten free pastries and tasty tea sandwiches in the company of a great friend. We decided that since one of our local gluten free bakeries was now offering afternoon tea, it was time to pay them a visit. Lynnrae of Gluten Free Creations is a lovely person dedicated to providing the community with delicious gluten free products and that she does. We started off with a lovely herbal tea that came hot and steeping. Next our tray of gluten free goodies and sandwiches arrived. Our favorite was the chicken salad but the pesto was also delicious. Scones topped with sugar crystals and served with lemon curd and butter rounded out this fabulous meal. Treats like lemon tart-lets, cookies and brownies were served along side fresh fruit. A cream puff complete with a swan puff pasty ended this experience with a BANG! Congratulations to Gluten Free Creations on a huge success. We had a wonderful afternoon… Have you enjoyed gluten free afternoon tea anywhere? I would love to hear about your experience! Since this is one of my favorite past times, please submit your review and photos to glutenfreefrenzy (at) gmail (dot) com to be a featured post and blogger! Be sure to include your name and website if you have one. Thank you and I hope each of you can enjoy a nice day out with your GFF very soon… 🙂IMG_4251  IMG_4253 IMG_4254 IMG_4255 IMG_4256


    • Chandice Chandice

      Thanks girl, I love my GFF, she is the BEST!! 🙂

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