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Restaurant Review and Feature: Paloma Blanca

Paloma Blanca of San Antonio, TX is one fantastic restaurant! From the dedicated chip fryer to the knowledgable staff to the array of gluten-free menu ideas this restaurant really does take care of those with celiac disease. We enjoyed table side guacamole which the table really loved. I only had a little due to my sensitivity to avocados but the bite I did have was great.

Also served to us at the recommendation of the house were the plantain chips. They were a nice crunchy, sweet and salty appetizer. Each of the dinner items were fantastic, full of flavor and high quality ingredients. For dessert, the flan was absolutely fantastic! Really one of the best I have ever tasted!

I was joined by my two friends who do not have to live gluten-free and they were thoroughly impressed with the food as well. Not only was the food fantastic but the service was impeccable. Our server was so kind and willing to answer all our questions. The manager also came to our table to ensure us the safety of our food due to my celiac disease. I was appreciative of his understanding and willingness to talk to us. I highly recommend this restaurant for it’s taste and safety.

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**This company provided me with free product for review. I was not required to write a positive feature. These are my opinions and my opinions alone.

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