El’s Kitchen-NEW Snaps Bagel Chips Feature and GIVEAWAY!!



I have always been a fan of this fabulous company, El’s Kitchen, so I was thrilled to receive their new bagel snaps in three different flavors. These perfect size bags make munching easy and fun since you have enough to share (though it may be hard for you to want too).

Garlic and Herb- This was my favorite one. It was packed with flavor and big taste! I thought this was excellent on it’s own but would also make a fabulous salad topper. No more missing that crunch of croutons on top of your salad.

Cinnamon and Sugar- These reminded me of french toast (gluten free of course) and a nice leisurely breakfast. For a nice crunch, top your gluten free oatmeal with them. Or just enjoy them bite by bite with a little herbal tea.

Simply Sea Salt- My hubby like these the best and said that the light, crisp flavor was a very satisfying snack. This is another great option for topping of salads.

El’s Kitchen has some amazing products including my favorite Medley Mix that is reminiscent of the Ghardetto’s I used to love as a kid. The customer service is fabulous and I know first hand that this company genuinely cares about each of you and our celiac community.

So are you ready to win some new El’s Kitchen Bagel Chips for yourself?! Enter below.
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  1. Beth @ The First Year Blog says:

    garlic and herbs!!!
    Beth @ The First Year Blog

  2. Love these!

  3. The sea salt bagel chips sound great.

  4. Denise Fedor says:

    The Garlic and Herb

  5. garlic and herb sound great

  6. Would love to try these!! I haven’t seen them in my local grocery stores yet..coming soon I hope

  7. The Cinnamon Sugar would be the perfect accompaniment to a fruit tray with dairy free cream cheese dip!

  8. Garlic and herb definitely!

  9. Erin Lane says:

    garlic and herb= yummy!!

  10. Michelle says:

    The Cinnamon Sugar would be the best snack for those sweet carby cravings!

  11. The sea salt flavor sounds best to me.

  12. phyllis says:

    cinnamon and sugar for sure!!! just like a touch of sweetness after a meal!

  13. Barb K says:

    The Cinnamon Sugar.

  14. Stefanie says:

    I would love to try the Cinnamon Sugar Bagel chips.

  15. Denise m says:

    i got to try all of them at the Pasadena expo yesterday, i loved the garlic best

  16. Jennifer says:

    I hope i get to try any of these!

  17. Erin Lane says:

    I like both sweet and savory bagels, and for bagel chip the same, but I voting for cinnamon sugar this time!

  18. Georgiana says:

    Cinnamon Sugar!

  19. Cinnamon sugar gets my vote. Thanks!

  20. The sea salt bagel chips sound scrumptious!

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