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Body Beast IS for Women and CAN be done successfully while living gluten free!

As many of you know, my husband and I have been doing Body Beast. We enjoyed P90X and really enjoyed our results. Body Beast is another Beachbody program but one that is focused entirely on building mass and strength. For a girl who hates cardio, I LOVE this program! It has proved to me that BodyBeast IS for women. It is one I think I will stick with for the long haul. I am getting bigger muscles than I ever have before but I am also eating different than ever. LOTS of calories to build and bulk in the first two phases, including lots of carbohydrates really threw me for a loop. The final phase however cut down the calories some but especially the number of carbohydrates allowed. Protein increased as well for the final Beast phase.

I am feeling so empowered with this program and feel stronger and better about my body then ever. Yes, my jeans are tighter but I have a lot more muscle. I imagine that once I finally get my eating strict for months at a time (and not give into my gfree maple bacon donut cravings) I will cut exactly the way I hope to and shed the extra fat to reveal my new muscle. Since doing this program lots of my instagram followers who see what I am eating have asked for a sample gluten free Beast phase menu. Above, along with over 100 ounces of water a day is a typical day for me. I try to stay around 1,800 calories so often include a protein shake as well or a glass of almond milk with stevia and gluten free creatine for my post workout nutrition. There are many myths out there about creatine but it really is a fabulous supplement when taken in the right quantities and from a high quality, gluten free distributor. It improves energy and athletic performance and makes it easy to bust out just “one more rep” or increase your weight more than you normally would. It is safe and legal and of course nothing like steroids or performance enhancing drugs. BiPro USA has been our gluten free protein of choice during this BodyBeast program. It provides me with high quality protein that is so versatile and can be used in everything from shakes to muffins to soups! You can enjoy $5 your next BiPro purchase by using the code: frenzy13 at checkout.

I am loving the opportunity to show that we CAN be strong and live gluten free. I would love to hear your experiences with exercise and performance while living gluten free. If you want to join us on this and the next program we start, feel free to join our Gluten Free Frenzy Beachbody Challengers group on Facebook.

Here are Josh’s final results from Body Beast as well as mine…

IMG_2377 IMG_7486


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    Body Beast IS for Women and CAN be done successfully while living gluten free!

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