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Rudi’s Soft & Fluffy Giveaway and Review!

I had the pleasure of trying the new “softer & fluffier” Rudi’s bread recipe. I have had fun making delicious eats with this bread. My favorite had to be the this delicious breakfast recipe.

Cinnamon Maple French Toast

2 eggs

2 tbls almond milk

1/2 tsp. gluten free maple extract

Rudi’s Gluten Free Cinnamon Raisin Bread

a little coconut oil for the pan

*Combine eggs, milk and maple extract in a pie dish. Dip slices of Rudi’s bread one by one making sure to coat both sides then place in gently oiled pan and cook 3-4 minutes on each side. Enjoy with pure agave or maple syrup and fresh berries.


Another meal that I just LOVED that was quick, easy and delicious was the ham and aged cheddar grilled sandwich. I chose to use Rudi’s Gluten Free Cinnamon Raisin Bread again because I wanted that slightly sweet taste of a Monte Cristo but you could absolutely use any of the Rudi’s gluten free breads to make it.


Rudi’s has a whole line of tasty gluten free products including their AWESOME wraps in spinach, fiesta and plain. I still crave the plain ones for making a snack size PB & J roll up…yum! The possibilities with their products are endless. Thank you Rudi’s for making the gluten free community a better place!

So are you ready to win this Rudi’s Gluten Free Soft & Fluffy Home Giveaway that includes the items below and FREE product coupons from Rudi’s?!


Enjoy Soft & Fluffy at Home GIVEAWAY
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  1. bzyPTmom bzyPTmom

    I’d love to make some french toast from the cinnamon bread–sounds terrific!

  2. Rebekah Shaver Rebekah Shaver

    I would make some YUMMY Breakfast Burritos using the Fiesta Tortillas!!

  3. Deborah J Austin Deborah J Austin

    French Toast, yours looks so yummy.. 🙂

  4. Missy M. Missy M.

    After seeing the picture of that delicious french toast, I can’t think of anything else!! I need to make some this morning!!

  5. Kathleen Conner Kathleen Conner

    I would make a grilled ham and swiss sandwich

  6. Kim L Kim L

    I would love to try the wraps especially the spinach ones, I really miss those since going GF

  7. Michelle N Michelle N

    I am intrigued by the tortillas and the pizza crust. It would be nice to have some variety in those GF products!

  8. Kelly Disharoon Kelly Disharoon

    I would use the Rudis multi grain gluten free bread to make a fried egg, carmelized onion and garlic sauteed spinach with dijon mustard and veganaise, all toasted on the panini grill of course, yum!

  9. Cinde Shields Cinde Shields

    I would make quesadillas with Rudi’s tortillas.

  10. Karol Karol

    I would use the tortilla wraps to make delicious chicken quesadillas…miss those so much.

  11. Stefanie Stefanie

    I’d love to make a grilled veggie sandwich on the multigrain bread, yum!

  12. Michelle Michelle

    I would make a delicious Chipotle style burrito with the fiesta wraps – black beans, peppers, chicken, fresh salsa, hot sauce, and lettuce…YUM!

  13. John Billiris John Billiris

    I’d made chicken enchilladas

  14. Amber Amber

    Would love to make gluten free chicken fajitas using Rudi’s tortillas!

  15. Jenny Jenny

    I’d love to experiment with their wraps – all flavors!! Since becoming gluten-free, wraps, burritos, enchiladas are something I miss so much.

  16. Tiff Tiff

    I would make stuffed french toast using the raisin bread!

    • Chandice Chandice

      Yum, stuffed French toast sounds great!!

  17. Diana G Diana G

    I would make cheese and egg quesadillas with the tortillas.

  18. Renata Renata

    I would make a turkey avocado tomato panini! Yum!

  19. French toast, egg in the holes are two things that Rudi’s makes great!

  20. Ray Ray

    I would make a spinach wrap quesadilla with chicken, cheese and tomato! Thanks!

  21. Janelle F. Janelle F.

    Boy, the cinnamon raisin bread French toast looks amazing! I’d certainly love giving it a try!

  22. julie julie

    grill cheese!! or french toast

  23. Georgiana Georgiana

    I would make a turkey wrap with melted cheese and spinach and pesto too!

  24. Erin Lane Erin Lane

    Burritos with the wraps! That is what I would like to make. Beans, cheese, lots of veggies…

  25. meredith meredith

    I would make some breakfast wraps!

  26. I would love to make a chicken quesadilla using chicken, Daiya Monterey Jack-style cheese and a spinach Rudi’s tortilla!

  27. Cara Cara

    Tacos with their fiesta tortillas!

  28. Monisha Monisha

    A chicken quesadilla with their fiesta tortilla!

  29. Emily Emily

    I miss a good deli sandwich, so I’d make a classic turkey & provolone sammie with lettuce, tomato, and dijon!

  30. Jessica Dennis Jessica Dennis

    I would love to win this gift basket!

  31. Todd Bliss Todd Bliss

    I love their wraps and breads

  32. Sarah Sarah

    YUM! Looks like I have a new recipe to try!

  33. Hope Hope

    I’ve never made the french toast. That looks great!

  34. Jessica R. Jessica R.

    I would make a good southwestern wrap with the tortillas.

  35. Melissa B. Melissa B.

    My favorite is to use the gluten-free bread for grilled cheese with turkey sandwich!!!

  36. Anne L Anne L

    I love making egg sandwiches!!

  37. CJ CJ

    I’d make GF bread pudding with the new soft and fluffy — lovely coconut-date bread pudding, which would be perfect with the cinnamon raisin bread.^_^

  38. Yum! I used to love french toast in my pre-gf days – I need to remember to try this!

  39. Melissa Melissa

    I would make a spinach, tomato, feta and mozzerella quesadilla with the tortillas!

  40. Courtney Courtney

    Cinnamon raisin toast with soy-free spread

  41. Alishia Bigelow Alishia Bigelow

    I know it sounds boring but toast is about all I can do in the morning. Cinnamon Raisin toast sound great.

  42. A vegetarian Hawaiian pizza with their spinach tortilla. YUMMY. And low calorie too.

  43. shauna price shauna price

    I would love to try the french toast

  44. PBJ! Oh how I miss PBJ!

  45. the photo of the maple raisin gluten free french toast on facebook looked divine. I am a sucker for french toast.

  46. Judy Barack Judy Barack

    Love the pizza crust!

  47. Alana Alana

    I would love some Mexican food with those tortillas. Breakfast burritos would be good, too!

  48. DeAnn O DeAnn O

    I want to use their tortillas to make Baked Chimichangas…it’s been years since I’ve had those!

  49. Brandy E Brandy E

    After seeing your french toast, I am thinking I should make some stuffed french toast.

  50. Tammy Eaton Tammy Eaton

    That ham sandwich looks amazing!

  51. Gabrielle Gabrielle

    I would make homemade enchiladas with the tortilla shells 🙂

  52. Elizabeth Finfgeld Elizabeth Finfgeld

    A breakfast strata would be a nice way to make the most of a loaf of Rudi’s bread.

  53. Denise Fedor Denise Fedor

    Fajitas with the Fiesta Tortillas!

  54. Lynette Lynette

    I love the tortillas. They are the only ones that are gluten free and don’t crack and break. I love all varieties of wraps.

  55. Jennifer Jennifer

    I would love to win some lovely products! Thanks for the opportunity!

  56. Deborah M. Deborah M.

    All of the products look delicious, but I really want some of that french toast 🙂

  57. Karen D Karen D

    A veggie burger, then a burrito, and maybe even a tomato sandwich!

  58. Judy Kelly Judy Kelly

    My daughter loves grilled cheese made with Rudi’s bread!

  59. Marci H Marci H

    Anything mexican! We LOVE making tacos, enchiladas, fajitas, etc but need to find a great gluten free tortilla. That’s the key ingredient missing from our dishes.

  60. Melissa Melissa

    I can’t wait to try the tortillas – I miss flour tortillas badly! I would love to have a breakfast burrito with bacon, egg and cheese in a (non-corn) tortilla again!

  61. Amanda Yoder Amanda Yoder

    I want to try enchiladas with their GF tortillas!!

  62. Laura Jacobson Laura Jacobson

    Oh I would love to have soft shell tacos with the plain tortillas! I so miss those!

  63. Brandi C Brandi C

    The cinnamon raisin french toast looks and sounds amazing. I will absolutely make some soon.

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