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Nuffins® Gluten Free Baking Mixes Feature, Review and GIVEAWAY!!

Oh my goodness, I am SO excited about this new company!! Nuffins® recently sent me product samples of their delicious line of gluten free baking mixes including Pancake Mix, Muffin Mix, Chocolate Cake Mix, Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix, Brownies, Cornbread and my favorite…Sugar Cookie Mix! The sugar cookie mix was so good I hardly got any cookies out of it because I was eating the raw dough like crazy…oops! 😉 It is always a good sign when you find a gluten free cookie dough mix that is tasty and isn’t reminiscent of some kind of bean. This mix is one I am so excited about building upon like adding in holiday favorites like gfree candy canes and m&m’s.


The brownie mix was awesome and worked well for holiday brownies with crushed gfree candy canes. The chocolate chip cookies turned out great and were so tasty that they lasted all of one day in my house. We even gave some to our neighbors for Christmas gift because we were so confident in their taste. The cornbread can be eaten sweet with a little honey butter on top (Chrissy of Glam Without Gluten had never tried cornbread with honey butter! You guys have to give her a hard time on social media for me 😉 or savory with chopped peppers or jalapeños added to the batter before baking. Even served with chili this cornbread would be fantastic.


The Muffin mix is an excellent starter muffin that you can add anything too. I wouldn’t eat them alone but with a little gfree vanilla and chocolate chips or blueberries you have the perfect little snack. This was the same for the pancake mix. They were good on their own but even better with some vanilla and fruit or chocolate chips. All in all, great gluten free mixes to get creative with. The chocolate cake mix was moist and delicious! Another hit.


They were SO easy to prepare as well and come in the cutest boxes. I just love nice packaging. The 200% money back guarantee is something that I have never seen and really gave me the confidence I desire in a company. I can tell you that their customer service and desire to serve our community is impeccable. They really are a fantastic brand!!


So are you ready to win some Nuffins® products all for yourself?!

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  1. Rebekah Shaver Rebekah Shaver

    I would most like to experiment with the muffin mix. I LOVE blueberry, cinnamon, lemon, and really ANY muffin. 🙂 I would love to try some mixed fruit muffins.

  2. Dede Dede

    Would love to experiment with Nuffins Muffin Mix!

  3. Kathleen Conner Kathleen Conner

    I’d like to experiemnt with the muffin mix

  4. Kim L Kim L

    i would like to experiment with the muffin mix.

  5. Turq Turq

    The muffin mix sounds very versatile!

  6. Jenny Jenny

    All of these mixes sound wonderful! I’ve been craving cornbread lately. Would love to give theirs a try!

  7. Kim B Kim B

    I can’t wait to try the muffin mix!

  8. Tiff Tiff

    I think the chocolate chip cookies sound great!

  9. lisa f lisa f

    Yum, chocolate cake mix

  10. Missy M. Missy M.

    I think I’d like to play around with the sugar cookie mix — so glad to hear that the dough is delicious too!

  11. Diana G Diana G

    The muffin mix. I’d love to add all sorts of things like dark chocolate and raspberries.

  12. Ray Ray

    The Brownie Mix would be tasty for my family!

  13. Karol Karol

    I want to experiment with the cornbread mix. It looks and sounds delicious, and I haven’t had cornbread in so long! I’d love to make cornbread with it, but also muffins and biscuits.

  14. Renata Renata

    Love cornbread! I”d add some blueberries & cranberries!

  15. I would love to try the muffin and pancake mixes! So many possibilities!

  16. julie julie

    I would love to experiment with the sugar cookie mix

  17. Georgiana Georgiana

    I would make blueberry muffins using some fresh blueberries in season!

  18. Erin Lane Erin Lane

    It would be fun to put coconut in the brownies… oh yes, it would.

  19. Lynelle Lynelle

    I would love to try out the muffin mix.

  20. Cara Cara

    I would love to experiment with the chocolate cake mix.

  21. Michelle Michelle

    Oh the possibilities are endless with the Sugar Cookie mix! This is the one and only cookie my son will eat, we love making and decorating them together!

  22. Stefanie Stefanie

    I’d love to experiment with the sugar cookie mix and cornbread mix.

  23. Anne L Anne L

    I would love to try the muffin mix- there is just so much you can do with it!

  24. Rebecca Rebecca

    I would love the brownie mix to experiment with

  25. Looks like super moist cake/brownies! Yummy!!! My kids will love this for sure!

  26. Crystal Crystal

    I’d like the cornbread so i can make corndogs for my kids 🙂

  27. Emily Emily

    The possibilities with sugar cookie mix are endless!

  28. I LOVE their sugar cookie and cornbread mixes!

  29. I’d like to try them all1 (especially the muffin mix and sugar cookies.)

  30. Laura Jacobson Laura Jacobson

    Oh I would love to experiment with the Muffin Mix! So many kinds you could make!

  31. laurie laurie

    the muffin mix would be fun to add different fruits to it

  32. Julie Julie

    I am a newbie to GF foods and a little scared of everything being bland, so if if you say they are remarkable (especially the dough), heck shoot it on over to me so I can experiment…!

  33. laurie laurie

    The sugar cookie mix sounds really good to try different cookies by adding ingredients to it nuts etc.

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