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Gluten Free Valentines Day Ideas- Felt hearts, Bingo and chocolate drizzled popcorn

From left to right going down, here are some of the things we did last year to enjoy a fun, gluten free Valentines Day!

1. Surprise the kiddos with a Valentines shirt (maybe even yourself) and have everybody wear them for a cute picture. (Daddy is missing but we got a picture together later. 😉 I always get them for $3 the year before on clearance AFTER Valentines Day. If you need one before the holiday because you haven’t started this tradition, Walmart usually has them for around $5.

2. Enjoy a Valentines Day field trip. Places around town are always doing special events and programs especially for kids. If you can’t find one, make one up on your own by packing a Valentines themed Bento box lunch and heading to your local children’s museum.

3. This is a tradition that goes back 20 something years to when I was a little girl. We woke up every Valentines to our felt heart filled with goodies. It was one of my favorite things and a tradition I was sure I would pass on to my kids. Thanks mom. 🙂 Make a felt heart pocket for each person by cutting 2 pieces of felt into two big hearts. This is easiest if you put one layer of felt on top of the other then fold in half so you only have to cut out a half a heart furthest from the fold. Unfold and you have two perfect hearts. Use hot glue to glue them together making sure to leave an opening at the top about 6 inches wide. This will allow you to fill your heart each year with fun little gifts. Use fabric paint to write each persons name on their heart. I also glued on white lace around the edge for a little more romantic feel. Ideas for what to fill it with include a Valentines shirt, socks or jewelery, gluten free candy, or a fun movie. Almost all the major kids shows have a Valentines Day episode that you can find online and purchase on DVD. Charlie Brown is a classic.

4. Reading is such a wonderful thing and something I wanted my boys to be excited to do. We buy themed books for nearly every holiday to keep them excited about reading. Here are a few we like. The Sensational Valentines is my favorite because you scratch and sniff throughout the story. It makes it an interactive reading experience!

5. Buy or make a Valentines themed costume to add to their dress up trunk. We told my son he was our knight in shining armor. He loved it!

6. Play Valentines Bingo with original M&M’s which are gluten free. Simply Fresh Designs has the template you can print right out and enjoy. My kids LOVED this game and even my two year old tried to play if he knew he would get to eat some candy. 😉

7. Make a Valentines themed treat. My husband and I take turns planning Valentines each year. It was his turn last year so he surprised me with candles and a single, beautiful rose as well as a romantic movie and this delicious, gluten free chocolate drizzled popcorn. Start with gluten free milk chocolate and gluten free white chocolate and melt separately in a double broiler or a bowl over hot water if you don’t have one. Add just a touch of red food coloring to the white to make a pretty pink chocolate. Drizzle chocolate over popcorn and enjoy warm.

*These little things can make your day so special and remind you of all the things you CAN do and CAN have. Here’s to a Happy Valentines Day!*

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