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Congratulations to the 2013 winners of the 25 Days of Gluten Free Giveaways Event!!

Congratulations to those listed below, you made the list! We have already sent emails out to congratulate the winners and only validate Re: responses from the original email we sent as to confirm the proper winner. Below is the list of 2012 25 Days of Gluten Free Giveaways Winners. Thank you for taking the time to visit us this month and don’t forget to check back often as we are “Your #1 Gluten Free Giveaway Site!”. We will be doing a “New Year, New You!” themed month this month with healthy features and giveaways like Jennie-O and Kind Bars then February brings a “Things I LOVE!” themed month. Thank you again for supporting Gluten Free Frenzy and cheers to all of you in 2013! 🙂

What is needed (within 72 hours from time email was sent) IN REPLY (it must be a Re: FROM THE EMAIL ADDRESS we sent congratulations to you to be valid):
Day# you are on, full name, shipping address, phone number and e-mail
#1 Kalynn C. entry 248
#2 Michelle P entry 1299, Susan M. entry 4265, Karen S. 2547, Rachel B. entry 486 and Becky C. entry 2726
#3 Rachel B. entry 71 and Barb O. entry 174
#4 Laura entry 1265
#5 Breena G. entry 1277 and Michelle P. entry 125
#6 Missy entry 1540, Shauna C. entry 260, Julie D. entry 1035, Julie E. entry 1517 and Michelle entry 790
#7 Luana A. entry 239
#8 Ttrockwood entry 919 and Jennifer M. entry 612
#9 Kathleen C. entry 314
#10 Sara M entry 114 and Lynelle E. entry 142
#11 Wendy C. entry 325
#12 Allison T. entry 226
#13 Shayna S. entry 277
#14 Karol J. entry 1462
#15 Christopher S. entry 1740
#16 Ttrockwood entry 865
#17 Denise F. entry 807
#18 Melinda N. entry 1022
#19 Julie D. entry 769
#20 Michelle P. entry 793
BONUS #20 Paula N. entry 185 and Kathleen C. entry 120
#21 Renata entry 611
#22 Katie F. entry 98
#23 Monisha R. entry 315
#24 Steacy H. entry 474
BONUS #24 Dee F. entry 812
#25 John B. entry 807
BONUS #25 Renata entry 633 and John B. entry 604


  1. I see my name on here, but I haven’t received an email.

  2. Steacy Steacy

    Yeah! Thank you!

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