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Day #9 of the 25 Days of Gluten Free Giveaways featuring: Jules Gluten Free PLUS an interview with Jules herself!!

We have reviewed Jules Gluten Free before and was very impressed so this will be the company we are featuring today. Oh, you’ve heard of it? I bet you have! Jules Gluten Free is very popular in the gluten free community for their great products and Jules Shepard, the Founder, and her wonderful blog. Jules offers so many great things including:

All Purpose Flour
Cookie Mix
Graham Mix
Gluten Free Oats
Gluten Free Cookbooks and lifestyle books AND
TONS of E-books

Jules mixes are very versatile and can be used for a number of things. One of the things I love most about this wonderful woman, is that she has such a passion for gluten free baking AND our proper labeling laws! Jules was chosen by Gluten Free Calendar to be featured as Ms. December in their annual print calendar for 2013! Sign up for her e-mail list you will get amazing recipes in your inbox like Fish n’ Chips and Cinnamon Rolls!

When I used the cookie mix to make cookies for a group of girls who don’t have to eat gluten free, to frost and decorate. They gobbled them right up! The cookies were nice and soft and the perfect base for a number of cookies recipes.

So are you ready to win someJules Gluten Free items!

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**I was not paid or compensated in any way for my reviews. They are my opinions and my opinions alone.


You have become THE face of gluten free baking and done some really amazing things for the celiac community! Did you envision this would be the case when you began your journey?

Absolutely not! When I was diagnosed with celiac disease, I thought it was a terrible thing that would limit me for the rest of my life. When I succeeded in overcoming my gluten-free obstacles, I wanted to help others have an easier time of making the transition too, but I never envisioned that I would be able to reach and help so many people. It’s truly a blessing to be able to do so.


You are the epitome of a huge heart wrapped in a tiny little package. Everyone who meets you just adores you! How do you “celebrate” the gluten free life and make it a more positive experience for yourself and others?

Wow! That’s about the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me! I think I celebrate living gluten-free because it is all about opportunity. Before I had to go gluten free, I didn’t pay much attention to food labels or think about where my food came from and how natural or processed it was. I didn’t think much about the relationship between food and health either. I am now hyper-aware of the impact food and nutrition can have on the body, and so I am able to feel good about what I feed my family, and I’m able to keep my disease in “remission,” so to speak, by following an easy diet without a prescription. All that, plus the fact that I can now also help show others how to live happily gluten free and how to seize their gluten-free opportunities, are all things to celebrate!


You have founded amazing events/organizations like Gluten Free Cookie Swap and, please tell us a little more about them?

The Gluten-Free Cookie Swap began 3 years ago after I had heard from so many people asking me to help them somehow enjoy holiday cookie exchanges now that they’d gone gluten free. I came up with the “virtual” cookie swap as a way to share and inspire with delicious GF cookie recipes. It has grown by leaps and bounds from when it started, with a photo album now containing tons of pictures and recipes for nearly any kind of cookie! We also have hundreds of dollars’ worth of prizes from amazing sponsors that we give away each week of the Swap, and huge prize packages at the end, so it’s fun not only to give and to get recipes, but also to win prizes!

John Forberger and I founded in 2011 to pressure the FDA to finalize gluten-free food labels. We started a petition drive, got on the front page of the Washington Post, as well as inUSA TodayForbesHuffington Post and others. We built the “World’s Tallest Gluten-Free Cake” in Washington, DC (it was over 11 feet tall!) and successfully got the FDA’s attention! They put out their draft food labeling regulations, as we had demanded, and are in the process now of issuing the final regulations.


What has been your favorite creation in the kitchen? How about your biggest cooking challenge?

That’s a tough question! I feel like every other week I make something and declare “This is my favorite recipe!” Right now, I’m totally into making gluten-free Challah and every kind of cookie you can imagine!

My biggest cooking challenges have probably been in the yeast bread department! Luckily with (a lot of) work, I’ve overcome most of those challenges. I really enjoy creating new bread recipes, but they take patience and time – two things  I never seem to have enough of!


We are so excited to see what is next for you Jules! Speaking of what is next, what do you have up your sleeves for the upcoming 2013 year to continue your wonderful mission of celiac awareness?

I don’t have a plan in mind, but I do intend to respond to challenges as they present themselves. If the FDA does not finalize the labeling standards by the end of this year as promised, for example, will be busy once again! I will also continue to travel the country to teach and educate about labeling, cooking, awareness and GF lifestyle issues.


What are some words from the wise on those newly diagnosed with celiac disease?

The Internet is a blessing and a curse, in that there is an abundance of information about celiac disease and gluten-free foods, but much of it is false or misleading. I always recommend that folks start out with a trusted published resource on celiac disease and living gluten free. The book should be written by an expert in the field and people should be able to take it with them to the store to guide them about safe and unsafe foods and how to read labels. Cleaning out your kitchen and shopping for staples so you can eat safely at home should be done right away, and eating out should come later, only when folks feel confident in their ability to communicate with waitstaff and chefs about their needs. Joining a support group is also one of the best things to do – meeting new friends is always fun, but friends who can share recipes, restaurant recommendations and favorite books and websites are essential!


Thank you Jules, it has been our pleasure interviewing you. Is there anything else you would like to add?

Thanks for the opportunity! I’m honored to be a part of the first ever Gluten-Free Calendar!


  1. Ellen Gervits Ellen Gervits

    Please let me win.

  2. Many of the members in my celiac support group swear by her flour, and i usually use bob’s red mill. I would like to experiment with her flour to compare….

  3. Turq Turq

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  4. julie julie

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  5. Donna D Donna D

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    chocho1957 at

  6. Kathleen Conner Kathleen Conner

    It’s so exciting to have so many great GF companies out there. When I was diagnosed, only about 6 years ago, there was very little choice. Now there are lots, and they are GOOD! =) Hers looks great.

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    I’m excited about Jules gluten-free flour. I’ve tried at least 4 others & have been most satisfied with her brand. I’ve tried some of her other products & have been very satisfied. Thanks, Jules!

  12. Debbie Minor Debbie Minor

    Jules products are great, Jules is an awesome lady, met her in Birmingham Al saw her cook several of her recipes and got to indulge in them too.

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