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Day #6 of the 25 Days of Gluten Free Giveaways Featuring: Gluten Free Living Magazine!!

You all know that we love, love, LOVE Gluten Free Living Magazine!!! We have worked with them through this annual event 3 years now. We continue to enjoy their informative and fun-to-read magazine. They recently underwent a “makeover” of such and I just LOVE the new look! I know you will too. Soooo…

Gluten Free Frenzy in collaboration with Gluten Free Living Magazine would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays by offering FIVE lucky winners one-year subscriptions!!! Here is some more information on this great magazine.

I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing multiple copies of Gluten Free Living Magazine and can I just tell you it is amazing! In fact, I have used many of the topics in past issues and much of the information I read to lead our support group discussions. I have been able to talk on such things as traveling gluten free, and dealing with social situations thanks to the great information in this lovely magazine. It was an excellent source of information! We talked about which french fries that are gluten-free when you are on the road and eating out as it was one of the articles in a past issue. We have also talked about common misconceptions in ingredients. All of these discussions have been wonderful and very enlightening. I know all of you, if not already addicted, will quickly become so by reading just one issue of this great magazine!

As stated on the Gluten Free Living website, Gluten-Free Living is the first national, full-color magazine completely devoted magazine to helping you lead a happy, healthy gluten-free life. We answer your questions about ingredients so you feel comfortable about your diet choices. We decipher the food labels you have to read to make those choices. And we explain how nutrition fits into your gluten-free lifestyle. We walk you through big life experiences from dining in college, to maintaining a healthy pregnancy. And we help you with the small but important matters like how to choose a bread machine or even enjoy a night out eating pizza with family and friends. Every issue will ease your anxiety about the gluten-fee life by giving you well researched information you can count on.

Some other information on the Gluten Free Living website that I enjoyed learning that I think you would too.
GFL has a medical advisory board made up of physicians who are experts in treating those with celiac disease, and cutting edge researchers. The dietitian advisory board includes nutritionists specializing in the gluten-free diet.

GFL, published for more than a decade, is known for extensive and reliable research into ingredients and the gluten-free diet. The editors use their journalism experience to investigate and clear-up misinformation about the gluten-free diet.

What a wonderful magazine for those of us living gluten-free. Also, could you think of a greater Christmas or holiday gift for someone living gluten-free??!!

So are you ready to win Gluten Free Living Magazines?!
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 ** I was not paid or compensated in any way for my reviews. They are my opinions and my opinions alone.


  1. Erin Lane Erin Lane

    I do enjoy this magizine very much. A subscription would rock!

  2. Turq Turq

    I’ve not seen this magazine where I live: Neat!

  3. Love this blog and what you’re doing. I will try to share your info on my blog and facebook page as well.

  4. Dede Dede

    I currently have a subscription to Gluten Free Living & would like to win to continue receiving this awesome magazine!

  5. Laura Spoerl Laura Spoerl

    I’m starting to LOVE the Gluten Free Living magazine! Not only are there recipes that I can feasibly try and pull off, but the articles are relevant for a whole healthy lifestyle!

  6. julie julie

    I love this magazine, Iwould lov eto win!

  7. Toni Nelson Toni Nelson

    great giveaway!

  8. Marci H Marci H

    So love this magazine. I only can get it at the health food store when they have it. Don’t always see it when we stop in. Would LOOOOOVE a subscription.

  9. As a Holistic Nutritionist I am hoping to win a subscription so that I may share recipes and info with my clients and recommend that they order a subscription too!

  10. Great idea! Would love to get this magazine!

  11. Michelle Michelle

    I love that gluten free even has it’s own publications!!

  12. Diana G Diana G

    I’m always looking for new recipes and information. thanks.

  13. Debbie Craine Debbie Craine

    Love this magazine

  14. Donna D Donna D

    Just entered, I need the Gluten Free Living Magazine,it’s full of information I need to know, tried to follow you on gfc and it keeps showing (We’re sorry…We were unable to handle your request. Please try again or return a bit later.)
    so I will try again later, Thanks for the giveaway!
    chocho1957 at

  15. ingrid khan ingrid khan

    I am soooo happy to discover this magazine! I wish I had known about you guys before!

  16. bzyPTmom bzyPTmom

    This is a wonderful magazine–love the recipes and info here.

  17. Missy M. Missy M.

    This is one of my favorite magazines! Thanks!!

  18. Karol Karol

    I’ve been curious about this magazine, would be great to check it out.

  19. Steacy Steacy

    Yes please!

  20. Susan Martin Susan Martin

    This looks like an amazing magazine. I’d love to get it.

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