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Day #4 of the 25 Days of Gluten Free Giveaways Featuring: Julias Gluten Free Bakery!!

Have you been craving an ooey, gooey gluten free cinnamon roll? Well, search no further…you have found it!!! Julia’s Bakery offers THE MOST AMAZING cinnamon rolls and red velvet cupcakes you will ever find anywhere! Let’s start with the cinnamon rolls. They come in a single serve package, which can easily be heated and enjoyed, nice and warm. The texture of this pull a part cinnamon roll is spot on. Then combine that with the best frosting and you are swept away into a nostalgic experience unlike any other. You will never have to miss another Christmas or holiday morning without cinnamon rolls again. My hubby, who doesn’t have to eat gluten free, just loves these. In fact, he asks often when we will be having cinnamon rolls for breakfast again. While he and I both love the cinnamon rolls, we adore Julia’s red velvet cupcakes even more if that’s possible! The taste is SOOO rich and delicious. Truly the best red velvet taste ever! Topped with the perfect cream cheese topping unlike any I have ever tasted before and this is the ultimate in gluten free cupcake. My husband has been so bound and determined to find a better red velvet that everyone we go he orders it for dessert. Well…he still has yet to find anything as good as Julia’s! He even requested her red velvet cake for his birthday and told me this Thanksgiving that we had to add the minis to our menu! Remember, this is coming from a man who loves his gluten. Sometimes I think he loves the red velvet cupcakes just as much as I do but then I remember that it isn’t possible, since I also love the added benefit that they are gluten free!

We have been so impressed by Julia’s amazing treats that we chose to feature her products on both of our TV segments with Channel 12 news, Arizona Midday. We just knew we had to share with everyone how great these products are. The red velvet cupcakes are especially great for an upcoming holiday, Valentines Day! Oh, one more amazing thing about these cupcakes is that they are made in a dedicated gluten free facility, yay!!!

So are you ready to win some delicious Julias GF Bakery products?!

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 ** I was not paid or compensated in any way for my reviews. They are my opinions and my opinions alone.


  1. Barbara Lewandowski Barbara Lewandowski

    I’m always looking for good desert to take with me when I go to the summer house.

  2. Wow! Apple Cinnamon Rolls!! Those sound to die for!!!! YUMMY!!!

  3. Turq Turq

    I have yet to taste decent Gluten Free Cinnamon Rolls. I look forward to the opportunity!

  4. Laura Spoerl Laura Spoerl

    Ohhhhh dear lord… both the red velvet cupcake and cinnamon roll look absolutely divine this morning!

  5. MOM MOM

    Thank you for cooking safe for my daughter, it’s so hard finding good food!!

  6. Kathleen Conner Kathleen Conner

    I can’t believe how good those Caramel & Pecan Cinnamon Rolls look!

  7. julie julie

    I love all your giveaways!–Happy Holidays!

  8. julie julie

    I can’t find the gfc button, the link in the rafflecopter doesnt’ work.

  9. Dede Dede

    Ready to win 25 Days of Gluten Free Giveaways…Julia’s Bakery!!

  10. Erin Lane Erin Lane

    This post has made me so hungry. good descriptions! I want one now!

  11. Shaina Shaina

    Wow, those cinnamon rolls sound amazing!!

  12. Traci Traci

    Julia’s products are phenomenal! They taste so delicious!

  13. John Billiris John Billiris

    I love that she has unusual combinations, they look so tasty!

  14. Michelle Michelle

    I have not found cinnamon rolls or cinnamon buns that are what I remember them tasting like. This looks exactly like what I am hoping for!!

  15. Michelle P. Michelle P.

    The Apple Cinnamon Rolls sound sooooo good!

  16. Deb G Deb G

    Those red velvet cupcakes look amazing! 🙂

  17. Jasmine W. Jasmine W.

    I’ve been wanting to try her products!

  18. Cara Cara

    Thanks for highlighting this bakery!

  19. Suzanne Bilby Suzanne Bilby

    Where can I get these cinnamon rolls in Phoenix? Thanks.

  20. Diana G Diana G

    the cinnamon rolls look sooooo good. The chocolate chip muffins too.

  21. Donna D Donna D

    The cinnamon rolls look great, those cupcakes do to! Thanks for the chance to try them
    chocho1957 at

  22. Janet LaRue Janet LaRue

    These products sound wonderful! I would love for my daughter to be able to try these as she has been GF since 10 and she has never cheated and misses cinnamon rolls the most! Would love to make her happy by winning these and letting her try these by surprising her for xmas-santa puts under the tree!

  23. Amy Lynn Amy Lynn

    Thanks for the giveaway! I miss my cinnamon rolls and the originals look amazing!!

  24. lisa f lisa f

    Everything looks amazing!

  25. caitlin tate caitlin tate

    all looks yummy

  26. Karol Karol

    These desserts look amazing!

  27. Erin from Long Island Erin from Long Island

    oh these sound so fantastic, thanks!

  28. Ttrockwood Ttrockwood

    You had me convinced at cinnamon roll!

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