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Day #1-25 Days of Gluten Free Giveaways, an annual holiday event!!

Today’s giveaway is MUCH more than just that. It is a worldwide invitation to all of those who suffer from celiac disease or gluten sensitivity to have your thoughts, struggles and triumphs put into a Darius Lux originial song about what we all go through everyday and how we have found ways to celebrate even amongst trial.


Please send any word, lyrics or thoughts about being gluten-free (both positive and negative)  to [email protected] with the subject line “GF Song Submission”. We will endeavor to incorporate everybody we can. The song will not only serve as the GF Anthem for Gluten Free Frenzy and Gluten Free Calendar, but 40% of gross profits will be donated back to the Center for Celiac Research, Gluten Free Calendar’s primary non-profit beneficiary, for the next 5 years. NOTE: Submissions will be accepted through Saturday, December 15, 2012. 

Today’s giveaway will include a Darius Lux fan t-shirt (like I am wearing in the picture), a DVD from his performance at the House of Blues and his Time is Now cd. Now YOU can become the ultimate Darius Lux fan! 

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As many of you already know, I am a Darius Lux fan all the way! This LA based gluten free singer/songwriter is a rising star with the biggest heart. His music alone is touching and something to celebrate, but his heart is what makes me a true Darius Lux fan. He genuinely cares about the gluten free community. He and his sweet wife (and awesome painter) both suffer from severe gluten sensitivity. Their passion for using their talents to spread gluten free awareness is something I personally appreciate. We wanted you all to personally get to know Darius more so we asked him a few questions. Enjoy…

Your singing and songwriting career has become one that involves you being an advocate for gluten sensitivity; did you envision this would be the case when you began your journey?

I think part of moving ahead as a singer-songwriter is being prepared to be an advocate in some way, if only for good music. I have always felt strongly about worthy causes and it is clear that music tends to be a good vehicle to unify people and target communal effort. However, when I began this journey I wasn’t gluten sensitive so it is a new hat that I’m now wearing. As I’m sure a number of your readers can testify, locating a gluten sensitivity is life-changing and often paves the way for a much better life experience, and then you just can’t help but want others to know!

What has been your biggest challenge with having to live gluten free, while touring around the nation?

The challenges evolve and shift. Initially, it was just identifying and avoiding obvious (as well as multiple hidden) glutens. I soon realized that a lot of South-East Asian cuisine is naturally gluten-free since so much of it is rice-based and this really helped with traveling thru unknown areas. Then the next challenge was not wanting to be judged as too ‘fussy’ or ‘picky’ by new people I’m meeting and/or working with. What stands as the biggest challenge overall is quite simply awareness – with so many people developing some kind of intolerance, living GF should not be looked at as some obscure ailment, it is fairly common and is becoming increasingly so. Thankfully some brands are getting hip to what can only be a growing market, even Domino’s has a GF pizza now. 

You seem to really love life. How do you “celebrate” the gluten free life and make it a more positive experience for yourself and others?

I start at the base or things – whether you’re gluten sensitive or not, most glutens have little to no nutritional value and are often staple ingredients in unhealthy foods – once you get used to eliminating them, you feel better in so many ways – how can you not celebrate!? An added bonus is that most GF foods align with other forms of scrutiny such as being organic, non-GMO etc, and all of this adds up to a VERY GOOD THING for you and yours in the long run. As regards “others”, the only way to make it more positive is to literally not be negative – I confirm in advance my dietary needs and if they can’t be accommodated I bring my own food and NEVER complain.

Your darling wife, and amazing painter to those who may not know her, Tiffany, also struggles with gluten sensitivity. What do the two of you love to make for a delicious g-free meal at home?

Ha, good question, you know between the two of us we have uncovered a number of food allergies in common. Aside from Glutens, we both also have issues with dairy, sugar, soy and vinegar – we’re talking about 90% of the food out there – so when we find something that avoids all of those and we like it too, it’s Party Time around here! Favorites include GF pizza base with fresh tomatoes, zucchini, arugula and tapioca cheese drizzled with some truffle oil. Brown rice pasta and shrimp with a cashew cream sauce is a big winner every time. Roast chicken, maple-syrup Brussels sprouts and garlic mashed potatoes is another cracker for sure! Hmmmmm, I’m feeling kinda hungry now LOL

We are so excited to see what is next for Darius Lux! Speaking of what is next, you have an exciting opportunity for the gluten free and celiac communities to get involved in your songwriting experience about the lifestyle we all must live by lending their words and stories which may be included in a song you are writing about this lifestyle. What inspired you to do this?

About a year ago, I opened up an invitation for my fan base to contribute lyrics to my next song. I had a great response and found people express themselves in very interesting ways – funnily, almost every submission came with a disclaimer about how they “weren’t good with words” or how it “probably sucks”. That was so not true, I really found some powerful material. Building on that experience and more recently finding such a large online presence of gluten free advocacy has fired me up to do this again – I love any effort to push for a better life for everybody. I also see that there is a lot of passion (as well as pain) in the GF community and figured it would be cool to create some kind of theme tune for the movement that involves the people who are directly experiencing it, to have this be something that is both cathartic and celebratory. I’m also excited to see how far we can keep taking the idea, maybe we can have pics/video of the people who submit words/lyrics and then feature that in a video…who knows, let’s get it moving along and see what happens…one thing is for sure, the road is rising.

Where can we see you live in the upcoming 2013 year?

2013 will be a pretty active year for touring, staring out in Florida in January at the emPower Music Awards. I am also planning some kind of tour in Arizona that will culminate with an appearance with Gluten Free Calendar at their Gluten Free and Celiac Awareness event on March 9th in Phoenix when I also hope to premiere our GF song. The community celebration will take place before their hosted awareness night with the Phoenix Suns. I am also looking at July and August for Gluten Free Calendar Awareness Events in SD and LA. July/August will hopefully be the months that I play a residency at Laguna’s Sawdust Festival. Beyond that we are meant to play the main stage at San Fran’s Castro St Fair in October as well as a couple of tours up thru Norcal. We’re just getting started, I’m still booking more….

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