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#17 of the 25 Days of Gluten Free Giveaways featuring: Danell’s Signature Blend!!

If you haven’t heard of Danell’s Signature Blend then you are in for a real treat! This brand new company will provide you with the most amazing gluten free mixes. Danell has perfected the art of making really good gluten free mixes. The first time I tasted her brownies with chocolate frosting, I had to double check that they were gluten free, they were that good! Chewy and rich with just the right amount of sinfully sweet. I was in love at first bite. Danell featured her brownies as well as her bread at a HUGE holiday expo here in Gilbert, AZ to thousands of individuals. I saw so many people leaving with her prepared brownies and mixes, most weren’t even gluten free! That right there tells you how yummy they are. Not only are they great, but they are produced by the best gluten free standards. I love that assurance! Oh, did I mention they are also dairy free mixes?! Here is what they have to say about production:
At Danell’s Signature Blend we have sought the highest standards in making our products. When we say “Gluten/Wheat Free” we mean that we are gluten/wheat free starting with certified gluten free farmers. From there, all our products are transported and manufactured in a designated gluten/wheat free facility. We know that there are many concerns about the claims using the term “gluten/wheat free”. You want to make sure that those claims can be backed up… which we are proud to say we can! Also, we are certified with the Gluten Free Certification Organization which inspects the manufacturing facility and its procedures before giving it the proper certification.

Danell is one of the sweetest ladies I have had the opportunity to work with in the gluten free world. Many people now days have the mind set of “Me, me, me! How can this benefit ME?!” Not Danell. She really is out there with the pure heart of helping those with gluten intolerance and celiac disease live as normal a life as possible. Her sweet personality is something anyone who meets her continues to be drawn too. You can really sense her love and compassion for others, especially those living gluten free. Let’s share this amazing NEW company with as many as possible! As we have come to LOVE these products, we realize just how versatile they are. My husband loves making pancakes with her mix. We have been blown away with the amazing creations Danell herself has come up with using her all-purpose flour and other products. She really has created something special.

We had some fun with Danell’s mixes and here is what we came up with:

Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes from her Pancake Mix. My talented hubby actually made these and they were SO good! I loved the delicious buttermilk flavor in the pancake next to the juicy, fresh blueberries. What a perfect combination! Served with real butter and pure maple syrup and this breakfast was Heavenly.

Pepperoni and extra cheese pizza from her Pizza Crust Mix: We made it a bit thicker than it says too so we ended up with a softer version of a thick french bread pizza. If you love a thick crust, go with this preparation, but if you prefer more toppings to crust ratio like I do, make the dough a bit thinner like it is shown here in her picture. The great thing about Danell’s crust is that it is chewy and really bread like unlike many fall apart gluten free crusts can be. It seems more authentic with her crust for sure!

Of course, her brownies and chocolate frosting as well. I didn’t get a picture of ours so I am including her picture. I served these at a family Christmas party and everyone really enjoyed them! I love how Danell herself prepares them. They were so chewy and delicious, I wish words could describe but they don’t so just know that if people who don’t eat gluten free are loving them, how much more will you?!

So are you ready to win some great products?!
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*I was provided with product by the company for review purposes. I was not paid or compensated for my review, nor was I required to write a positive review. These are my opinions and my opinions alone.


  1. Turq Turq

    Sounds so yummy, thank you for the giveaway offer!

  2. lisa f lisa f

    Brownie mix!

  3. julie julie

    another great giveaway

  4. Gigi S. Gigi S.

    just love those brownies

  5. Michelle Michelle

    So many yummy goodies, so little time!!

  6. Never heard of this company before, but it looks wonderful! Hope I win!

  7. Carlie Carlie


  8. Diana G Diana G

    this sounds yummy. never heard of it before. will have to try.

  9. Nadine Nadine

    REally hope I win. I am really looking for a GOOD all purpose flour blend.

  10. Janelle F. Janelle F.

    All these products sound great! It would be so fun to win & try them out! Thanks!

  11. Erin Lane Erin Lane

    I’ve never heard of these guys before. As always, you do a great job introducing me to new products! Thanks.

  12. Ttrockwood Ttrockwood

    What an amazing list of products!!

  13. Erin from Long Island Erin from Long Island

    I also hadn’t heard of them, but wiw they sound good!

  14. Renata Renata

    Would love to try the brownie mix!

  15. Denise Fedor Denise Fedor

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  16. bzyPTmom bzyPTmom

    Love Dannells’ products as well–she’s a lovely person to boot! I’ve enjoyed the pancake mix, brownies and chocolate frosting which are wonderful! I planned to make Christmas cookies this year with the flour, but a bad cold has curtailed my Christmas baking–but I hope to do some NY’s baking instead!

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