Kinnikinnick GIVEAWAY and feature of NEW products!!!

“Toss your Toaster!” Kinnikinnick has created brand new products. I made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich out of the new wholegrain bread for my boys to take with us to the zoo. I had a friend who doesn’t eat gluten free take a bite and tell me what she thought. She said it tasted no different than regular whole grain bread and that it was great! I loved that my boys could enjoy and untoasted gluten free sandwich with their friends and feel “normal”. Kinnikinnick did a great job on their new whole grain bread especially!

I also tried the new white bread, hot dog and hamburger buns. I’m not usually a big white bread person so I preferred the whole grain over it, but it still made great sandwiches! The hamburger and hot dog buns were soft and fluffy, perfect for sandwiches and traditional hot dogs and hamburgers. Job well done Kinnikinnick.
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  1. I love Kinnikinnick! Really would love to try the white bread!

  2. I really want to try the new Kinnikinnick whole grain bread. There has been a lot of good feedback on these products and I have yet to try them.

  3. I would also love to try the cinnamon and brown sugar waffles. :)

  4. The soft multigrain bread looks fantastic!

  5. After going GF, the thing I miss most is a REAL sandwich, so I'd love to try the Multigrain Sandwich Bread.

  6. i would love to try the multigrain bread!

  7. I'd like to try the bread (either kind) and see how it compares with Udi's, my current favorite.

  8. Really would love to try the Hamburger Buns!! Yes Yes Yes!!

    Kelsey APley

  9. Soft Multigrain Bread looks awesome!

  10. The soft hot dog buns look amazing!!!!!

  11. The Kinnikinnick soft hot dog buns look amazing!!! I love hot dogs and would love to have a SOFT bun for them!!!

  12. The multi-grain bread sounds great to me!

  13. I would like to try the multigrain bread

  14. I think the hotdog buns sounds the best.

  15. i would love to try the GF hamburger buns!!!!
    kimledford65 at

  16. I would love to try the soft hamburger buns. We just bought a new grill today, and I would love to make some black bean burgers and homemade chipotle guacamole to go with these buns. Yummy!

  17. I think my first comment about the product I would like to try is going to be a duplicate to this post because I would love to try the soft hamburger buns. I'm a fan of their gluten-free bread crumbs, so I can imagine this product would be great too!

  18. I can't wait to try their new soft white bread!

  19. I would love to try their new multigrain bread!

  20. I would love to try the whole grain bread.

  21. I would make sandwiches with the new multigrain bread.

  22. We love their smoreables, and animal crackers. My son will eat a whole box in a sitting. :)

  23. The hotdog buns look the best to me. The warm weather makes me want to cookout with hotdogs. Thanks for offering the giveaway!

  24. I am in love with UDI bread but I would give this a try. I love the cinnamon sugar donuts and animal crackers. So good!

  25. i want animal crackers!!!

  26. I think the Kinnikinnck soft multi-grain bread looks AMAZING!!! Yummy multi-grain bread is one of the things I miss the MOST since going GF almost 16 months ago.

  27. The Kinnikinnick Soft Multi-grain Bread sounds the best to me because I would NOT have to toast it!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Sometimes you just want to eat a sandwich on SOFT bread!!

  28. I would be happy with any bread that is soft and smushy and have a bread texture! I miss that !

  29. Soft Multigrain bread looks great!

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