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Food Should Taste Good GIVEAWAY and Review!!!

I have reviewed these awesome chips before so knew I would be excited by the opportunity of reviewing new flavors. Here are the flavors I reviewed and what I thought. You can never go wrong with Food Should Taste Good chips!
Chocolate Chips- With just the right amount of cocoa flavor, these corn chips are delicious alone of on the top of a dessert like ice cream. They also make a great dipper for home made whipped cream. Yum!

Salt & Vinegar- Bold vinegar flavor with just the right amount of salt. Excellent for those days when you want something more unique and bold in flavor. This fun twist on a classic was done with sweet potato making it a more healthy option as well!

Salt & Pepper- Classic salt and pepper flavor with a sturdy and crisp sweet potato chip. This very savory snack was excellent on it’s own or crushed on top of a salad for extra crunch.

Barbeque- The use of sweet potato and barbeque in the making of these chips combine well to create a nice balance of flavor. Salty yet just slightly sweet by the sweet potato.

Kettle Corn- Oh my goodness, these chips are AMAZING!!! The sweet and salty balance was just amazing! My hubby and I literally ate these in one sitting. They were better than any other Kettle Corn I have every tasted. The flavor was spot on and bold enough to keep it’s memory with you forever.

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  1. Love these chips! Can't wait to try the chocolate ones. They sound great!

  2. I really want to try the Kettle Corn ones, I love this company!

  3. I definitely would be eating the Kettle Corn or the Chocolate Chips as my dessert. 🙂

  4. RL RL

    These chips are perfect for salt craving.

  5. RL RL

    These chips are perfect for salt cravings

  6. RL RL

    These chips are great when I have salt cravings

  7. Amy Amy

    I would love to try bbq and the salt + pepper chips!

  8. Amy Amy

    love the new format of the giveaways!

  9. Amy Amy

    oh, and i would enjoy the chips with homemade guacamole… or hummus while enjoying the summer weather by the pool 🙂

  10. I'd love to try the kettle corn flavor.

  11. Those Salt and Vinegar chips look like the perfect snack on my upcoming road trip!

  12. JC JC

    Lime flavor sounds good to try

  13. JC JC

    I'd enjoy them right out of the bag.

  14. I would like the sweet potato chips and dip them in hummus!

  15. I would love to try the Chocolate Chips.

  16. I would enjoy the Chocolate Chips with ice cream.

  17. So the chocolate, kettle, and sweet potato look good to me!!
    I haven't seen this brand before but I'm new to g free

  18. I think the Sweet Potato sounds best to me! They all sound so good though!

  19. I would enjoy these chips as a snack at home or work

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