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HUGE GIVEAWAY for you and your GFF (Gluten Friend Forever!:)!!! Plus, meet my GFF’s!

To spread the news of our HUGE Gluten Free and Celiac Awareness Week in Arizona (including a night with the Arizona Diamondbacks!) and how important it is to have a “GFF” is throughout this crazy journey, we are giving away the BIGGEST and BEST prize pack ever!!! So are you ready to win the BEST prize package for you and your GFF?!

**Included in the winner’s GFF prize package:

The BEST “GFF” story submitted wins! Gluten Free Frenzy and Find Me Gluten Free will be the judges. So think hard and submit your “GFF” story to us at [email protected] for your chance to win!
(Giveaway ends Monday April 30th. Please include your contact information in your e-mail as well, thank you and good luck!)

You all know that my first “GFF” or Gluten Friend Forever is my amazing mom. She is my very best girlfriend and someone I love dearly. She is the greatest example of the kind of woman I want to become. My mom was the one who encouraged me to get tested for celiac disease after her own diagnosis. She knew what I had gone through and wanted to see me better. Once diagnosed, she never once complained or said a negative thing. As the tough ol’ bird she is, she stood taller and reminded me that we were in this together. From that point forward she made all meals gluten free and they were amazing!!! Even our annual Thanksgiving dinner in which she plays host (because her cooking is out of this world!), she re-invented all of her old recipes to accommodate our gluten free lifestyle. We always have AT LEAST a dozen gluten free pies, plus the few non-gluten free that guests bring. Can you guess which ones get gobbled up first? Yep, mom’s gluten free pies!

You better believe she will be here for all these amazing events right by my side! She taught me that we should embrace this lifestyle and find the joy that CAN be found in living gluten free. For that, and so many other things, I thank her and love her more than words could ever describe.

Mom’s Famous Recipes you will find here on Gluten Free Frenzy:
Mom’s Cabbage Salad
Mom’s Coconut Macaroons (raw)
Mom’s Famous Cheeseball
Mom’s Famous Peaches and Cream Cobbler
Mom’s Maple Sugar Cookies with Cream Cheese Frosting (featured on Pamela’s Products!)
Cherry Chip Cookies (2009 Honorable Mention- Pamela’s Recipe Contest)
3 Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies (SOOO good!)
This is just the beginning of the amazing recipes by my mom I have featured!

If you don’t have a GFF (Gluten Friend Forever) yet, then you need to get one! Everyone deserves a GFF throughout this crazy gluten free journey in life! So there is no introduction is needed for mine since you all know her bakery provides my hands down, FAVORITE gluten free treats ever!!! My 2nd GFF (Gluten Friend Forever) coming in 2nd only to my mom and best girlfriend. Julia (in the middle) of Julia’s Bakery is the stinkin’ sweetest girl you will ever meet! I just adore her AND her amazing gluten free goodies! I have had the great honor of getting to know Julia over the past 3 years and am continually amazed with her genuine kindness and generosity. She loves and cares so much about those around her. Julia truly makes me want to be a better person. Really, those are the best kinds of people to associate yourself with right? I just adore her!

So it is one thing for me to tell you how much I love her stuff but by now you all know how picky my non-celiac hubby is. He can eat whatever he wants so when it comes to gluten free, he is a harsh judge. I have always known he loves Julia’s products. The smile on his face when I make her famous cinnamon rolls for breakfast is proof. Until his birthday this year, I didn’t know just how much he loved her stuff. He surprised me by asking if I would get him HER red velvet cake for his one and only birthday cake. That’s huge!!! (Look how happy everyone is in that picture to eat her cake 😉 We just LOVE her red velvet and quite honestly, are addicted to it. Every place we go that offers red velvet anything Josh will order it just to see if it is better than Julia’s. He has yet to find anything even close. So on top of being my amazing “GFF” I just have to give her a shout out and say thank you for being an amazing gf baker as well as friend. We love ya! 🙂

Are you going to be at the 2012 Annual CDF conference? Julia and I will be there, find us and say hi! 🙂

For a more in-depth feature on Julia’s (dedicated gluten free) Bakery. Please see our post HERE.

Visit Julia’s website!


  1. My Mom is my GFF! I was diagnosed last year and finally began to be able to leave my self imposed prison of my house! But my Mom was still having all sorts of digestive issues. So, while I was finally able to go out and live life, many times we were stuck at Mom's…..unable to leave. Long story short, my sister reminded her that a doctor many, many moons ago had told her she was “wheat intolerant.”

    I told her that I thought she should get tested…..but a few days of being gluten free made her feel better than she had in years and as time went by and I finally convinced her that “a little gluten” would affect her…….she went totally gf like me!

    Now we are able to go anywhere we want to and do anything we want to and life is worth living once again!!!

    My Mom and I have always been close but this newest wrinkle in our lives has cemented us. I can live without grains but I cannot live without family!

    silvermoonsusan AT yahoo DOT com

  2. My mom is also my GFF! I don't know what I would do without her. As soon as I was diagnosed a few years ago, she was tested (came back negative), but she has started eating gluten-free and feels a whole lot better. I think she has gluten sensitivity.

    So, now we get to eat GF together! Any time I go over to her house or we have a family gathering for holidays and such, she always prepares all of the food gluten-free. Imagine – a gluten-free Thanksgiving, even though I am the only Celiac in my family! But, the best part is, no one else would really even know, because she does such a great job.

    We also have “cooking days” frequently where we pick 4 or 5 dishes to make together and take home leftovers for the coming week. Each time we see each other, we are constantly passing back-and-forth our latest GF successes!

    I'm lucky to have a person to share this with who appreciates good GF food as much as I do!

  3. My best GFF is my friend Kim. We met at a mutual friend's bridal shower, Kim had not “talked” to anyone about her celiac disease, and at the bridal shower was planning on simply “not eating”. I had talked to the hostess prior, learned that there was not a thing I could have, including the punch because they were trying a new recipe that had beer in it! No punch for me–and Kim learned after she had some that the punch contained beer, thinking fruit punch certainly would be GF! I had a GF sandwich, and a GF cupcake and some other safe food with me. Kim ended up sitting next to my daughter, and when my daughter realized Kim was not eating, she found out Kim was celiac and we traded places. I shared my “safe” food with Kim, and from then on we've become very close friends. We share recipes, talk about new products, go out for lunch or dinner together and found out we have much in common other than our celiac disease. I'm so thankful that I have Kim in my life, she is my only friend that truly “gets” what it is like to be absolutely GF, why we can never “cheat”–some friends don't really understand and think we can “cheat” once in awhile. Kim and I attend support group meetings together and try to talk to each other several times a week. It is truly wonderful to have a GFF in my life!

    [email protected]

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