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Some “LOVEly” products!!!

We are all about the simple joy in a great product. We recently reviewed a few of these and here is what we thought.

PopBar Hot Chocolate On A Stick- This was the creamiest, most decadent hot chocolate my hubby and I have had. It arrives in a cute little bag and looks like a chocolate Popsicle, although not frozen. It was so easy to make. Just warm a cup of milk (any would do, including a diary free version), put the stick in and stir. Easy right?! I loved watching the milk chocolate melt into the warm milk, making my mouth water for this delicious treat. Possibly the best part was that you could make it anywhere because there is not spoon required, just a cup of milk. It really is an easy and delicious treat!

Madrid Coffee Cakes- Since I lived in Ukraine for a while, this treat was a friendly reminder of tea time and the lovely treats they served along side a hot cup of tea (herbal for me :). Madrid coffee cakes did a lovely job creating a very authentic treat. It is also made with great ingredients such as almond flour. I just love that because it is so high in protein and good fats. I tried both the original and the Hazelnut Chocolate and yum, they were delicious. Another great thing about them? They are gluten AND dairy free! A lovely, light sweetened coffee or tea time treat!

And what is life without a little luxury? Lovesac brand slippers!!! My feet have found their clouds! I have always loved the Lovesac brand of furniture for it’s amazing comfort and feel, I didn’t even know they offered that same luxury for your feet. Boy am I glad they found me! Not only is wearing the Lovesac Phur slippers a calming and peaceful experience for your tired feet, but they are the nicest looking slippers I have ever seen as well. I literally where them all the time. Doesn’t everyone deserve a little luxury? How about on SALE? Visit to see what they have available. Enjoy your luxury!

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