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“New Year, New You!” Healthy Surprise Feature and Coupon Code!

We recently had the opportunity of reviewing all that Healthy Surprise has to offer and WOW! They are such a neat company, offering a monthly subscription to receive a box of healthy treats, snacks and even meal substitutes. I just loved the great variety of products that greeted me when I opened my box. It was definitely a healthy surprise! The best part? It was all gluten free AND healthy non-processed snacks, I love it! All the snacks are vegan, natural and gluten free. Healthy Surprise is so sure you will love your products that they have a 100% money back guarantee. That is always a nice assurance to have with a company. Healthy Surprise really goes above and beyond to make sure their customers are getting the best possible snacks out there for them while also making sure they are completely satisfied and happy as well. Here are some of the treats we tried and what we thought about them.

Olomono Nut Co. Mango Chipotle Zinger Almonds- These sweet and spicy whole almonds were an excellent snack! They were the perfect size to take along in my purse for on the go and tasted great. My little boys even liked them.

Mrs. May’s Dried Apples and Pineapple- Yum! I loved that the only ingredient was apple or pineapple and that they were so crunchy and naturally sweet. My little Madden especially loved these.

Bobo’s Maple Pecan Bars- Oh my goodness! This is breakfast in a bar. The delicious taste of maple french toast in a moist, chewy, perfect size package. They also have a peach flavor I am now dying to try.

Alive and Radiant Foods Tarragon Dijon Kale Krunch- Mmm…these savory little veggie chips were flavored just right. I was very impressed with the flavor and wonderful crunch. These are an excellent addition to a whole grain, gluten free sandwich when trying to eat better.

Mrs. May’s White and Black Sesame Strips- These little treats were very crunchy and just lightly sweetened. They were small and great for a quick, nutrient dense snack.

Raw Revolution Chocolate Coconut and Spirulina and Cashew bars- Nice and chewy, lightly sweetened, these were nice, raw foods snack or meal replacement bars. The ratio of good fats to carbohydrates was just right to be a balanced bar.

Healthy Surprise features 4 different monthly subscriptions starting at just $33 dollars per month. If you are interested in signing up visit, and use coupon code: GFFRENZY

It is valid thru February and is good for 20% off, enjoy!!!

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