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Gluten Free Creations Feature & Review-Valentines and St. Patricks Day!

Gluten Free Creations Bakery is a great, local dedicated gluten free bakery, and now cafe as well, here in Arizona. (Don’t worry, they ship all over! 🙂 The owner, LynnRae, truly cares about the gluten-free, wheat-free and allergen-free community. She offers so many of her services for FREE to help educate people on living gluten-free. She is very knowledgeable on avoiding cross contamination and will do everything in her power to keep even the tiniest speck of gluten out of her bakery.

I have tried MANY of the products they offer and they have some really great things! I have to say, their fresh snickerdoodle cookies are some of the best I have ever had. Seriously…they are awesome! Also, the NEW Wunderful bread is delicious and can be enjoyed without a toaster. The bagels were excellent for breakfast sandwiches. The pizza crust was perfect size for an individual serving and tasted great, especially from Barro’s who now offers gluten free pizza using her crust. The cinnamon roll cupcakes featured here are so yummy! They really do remind you of (what I remember) a cinnabun!

Today, I am here to tell you about the yummy Valentines offerings Gluten Free Creations has. We recently enjoyed their Molten Chocolate Cakes and the Strawberries and Champagne Cupcakes. Both were very tasty but I have to say that the chocolate cakes were my favorite. They were so moist and full of rich, chocolate flavor. I loved the textural difference of the cake itself and the chocolate ganache filling. Yum! They were so cute shaped into little hearts and would be a great lovers treat. The cupcakes were festive and fun with the pink frosting and little heart rings in the top. This classic Valentines flavor is one that many would enjoy. There are other great Valentines themed treats offered by Gluten Free Creations Bakery. You can check them out here.

To get you thinking about St. Patrick’s Day since it too, is just around the corner, Gluten Free Creations is now offering gluten free freezer meals. One just happened to be themed right with the holiday. Reuben Casserole using corned beef, saurkraut and their gluten free “mock rye” bread. It was full of flavor and definitely an Irish themed dish! I especially loved the Irish Soda Bread that was served along side of the dish. The bread came in a lovely scone shape with plump, delicious raisins. It was perfectly sweet, but not too sweet to be a dessert. It was so tasty nice and warmed. These meals are easy to take to work or on the go, so be sure to check out what is available at their cafe!

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